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  1. Yeah download the drivers when the system won´t boot.....I did both the battery method and jumper method with a screw driver still no boot
  2. I have tried the onboard graphics nothing, I have not had problems with the GPU it was the PSU.
  3. To be honest IDK how to do that. I don't really even know what CMOS is.
  4. I just got my replacement PSU after the last one fried. It didn't take anything with it since the PC was running smoothly before I removed it. Now I plugged the new one in all fans power up (case fans, cpu fans, gpu fans, psu fans. I feel the HDD spinning put not video output. I have been without my pc for a week and was hoping to get it fixed today.
  5. Well Partitions would probably never be created automatically since it never had an OS installed on it. I know that drives with a Windows OS installed on them have either a hidden partition or shown partition on them but I am pretty sure that regular mass storage drives without an OS have no use of that.
  6. He wanted to reinstall all his games etc on it so no need to completely wipe everything.
  7. Formatting a drive removes everything. There will be nothing on it, it will be like new.
  8. Just right click the drive in my computer and choose format drive.
  9. With some further visual inspection and smelling. It was not the GPU where the smell was coming from but the smell coming from the PSU that was rising. Posted some pics if you can spot something wrong about it. Won't open it up because of warranty etc. I thought warranty was only one year but god bless the European Union. Quoted from this page http://www.corsair.com/en/support/warranty Special Warranty Period in the European Union In the European Union, the minimum warranty period provided by the reseller is two years. The minimum warranty period provided by the reseller for refurbish
  10. Yeah that's what I thought, Thing is I have not even had it for 2 years, only got it May 2015
  11. For 3 days now I have had a minor smell of burning. I initially thought it was just some dust in the CPU Cooler heatsink or the GPU heatsink so I ignored it for a day. 1 day later I started getting worried so I powered it down and opened it up and was met with an extreme burning smell. It was coming from the GPU and PSU but mostly the PSU. I diagnoised the noise coming from the PSU without a doubt since my strix fans do not even spin at idle. The temperature and GPU load is perfect at a steady 40C at idle. The PSU is loud ALL the time no matter the load. I removed the PSU and GPU from the case