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  1. Exactly As long as the CPU you want is compatible with the motherboard there is no problem
  2. Exactly Great cooler at a great price and with a proper fan curve can be almost silent
  3. The ferrite core is there to reduce noise in the wires Both power and data signals generate noise from the flow of electricity and can cause interferences with each so this ferrite cores are used to reduce that
  4. Go with 2*8GB Always go for the least amount of DIMM's for the same capacity, it leaves the possibility for an upgrade
  5. I've had a similar problem The windows update was all day trying to install updates without finishing them but then I rebooted and the updates installed fine After that my computer takes too long to Hibernate or Shutdown I would love some answers too
  6. If you plan on installing several games go for at least a 240/250GB SSD
  7. What is the goal of this build? I'd go with a smaller SSD and get an HDD for mass storage Apart from that it looks good
  8. If it just for gaming you don*t need the 4770K, you could go with a 4670k and spend the extra money towards a better graphics card
  9. 220558367e5db78842ced47b673e4a43 300d7c890d4b743cdfaf7da25aa89493
  10. If you are having problems then try and reinstalling the most recent drivers
  11. Don't connect the crossfire bridge and check in the AMD Catalyst Control Center to see if Crossfire is disabled
  12. Check in the AMD Catalyst control center and see if for some reason it's disabled and if it's detecting the monitor Also try another cable to see if it is the problem
  13. The one thing that I would like to see in all graphics cards is a backplate so that it would preserve a nice overall aesthetics Since they spend so mush time designing a good looking graphics card t woud' be much trouble to continue that design to the back of the card
  14. Thank you for sharing, it's an awesome builld and these two pictures are just perfect LINK1 LINK2
  15. Check with LinusTech if you can sell it on the forum store
  16. I mean the SATA connector if it has any bent pins that may cause a short or if by any chance the wires were connected incorrectly to the connector
  17. Try to check if there is any short in the PSU connector or switched power cables
  18. The PCI risers could work The main goal would be to get more airflow to the graphics cards especially the top one because it's the one getting hotter
  19. Try swapping the top card for the bottom one, sometimes one GPU runs hotter than another You can also try and adjusting fan curves on the chassis fans for a little more air flow
  20. I think that reinstalling has solved the problems at least for now Whaler_99 thank you for the help
  21. You can always use fan splitters and control them from the motherboard headers
  22. The temperatures are normal, the CPU is around 65ºC and the GPU is always bellow 55ºC Yesterday, I got the same problem of the CPU slot not folding but worst was that the PC froze and on reboot the progress went from 70ish% to 0.00% Once the current WU finishes I'll try uninstall and reinstall F@H