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  1. How is that so? Future proofing is such a hoax. DDR4 shows very little perfomance gain and USB typc C boosts Mobo price by quite a bit. Even then Skylake has marginal improvement rate and if you have discrete GPU you shouldn't care about the improved integrated.
  2. I mean i'd refuse too... 1514 is really high and the card only makes promises on stock speeds.
  3. http://www.overclock3d.net/articles/gpu_displays/amd_s_revised_r9_fury_x_-_pump_whine_issues/1 Overclocked says its fixed as well. + you can always open the Fury to check if you have the <<fixed>> pump now since it doens't damage the warranty.
  4. If elecrtricity is heap where you are it really doesn't cost that much, maybe 5-10ish dollars per year max. A 850 PSU's more than fine....
  5. You can probably find one on R/ hardwareswap for that price.
  6. So i just acquired a 295X2 and I love it. The only problem is that under load the fan can get somewhat load and I'd like to look and get 2 fans (instead of 1) who could be quieter (or just perform better). I know the NH-F12 is really popular but I wanted to know what's the best fan out there (no regards to money).
  7. Or you know, don't just casually drop a 650$ US GPU. If i were AMD i wouldn't send him shit again. Send a free flagship GPU and you just drop it and be like <<lol>> holy smokes.
  8. 80 Mhz on base 1000's like 100 on base 1200. Agreed it's not a lot but really that's probably the way it should be. Both OC'd 980Ti and FuryX are similar. The only thing is that reviewers usually get GREAT chips from Nvidia. Now even if you get a shoddy chip you really don't lose anything.
  9. For OC? Cmon now. You on the other end are arguing cards" heat output who would cost a combined 1500+USD$ really matters. As if people who can blow a grand a half on GPUs cant afford decent AC.
  10. if you wanna OC G1 Gaming's the best 980TI so far.
  11. ? They're binned. You pay more for the binned chips. It's not like they have their nefarious marketing plan where your GPU is actually snake oil. There's no hiding it's a premium card and it comes with a premium cost.
  12. ? Of course they do. I'm just saying complaining about Obamacare while living on military money sorta hypocritical. I'm all for universal health care. It's a right not a privilege.
  13. Unpopular opinion: US Army's a giant welfare system for people with no real skills.