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  1. The word you're looking for is more along the lines of "asshole", not "pretentious". Yes, I am an asshole. No, I'm not doing this because I'm trying to impress anyone with my pointless opinions about our silly cartoons. Edit: Frankly my posts *should* annoy you if you want a more detailed analysis or full-blown review or something, because they're only intended to be my basic impressions. They're far too short for anything more than a shallow criticism. But if people want something more rigorous, I'm open to it.
  2. Well yeah, you don't need to be "smart" to know when your inner bullshit detector is going off, do you? That's one of the clearest signs to me whether a show is actually trying to entertain you, or is just trying to distract you enough to let you entertain yourself. If the show knows its limits and tries to not set off your BS detector, or at least revels in the BS for the sake of entertaining you, then I'm a lot kinder to it. When my BS detector is going off and it feels unearned (or worse: like I'm being asked to make my own entertainment) then I get harsh.
  3. This. People just wouldn't shut up about how original, creative and thought-provoking it is when it's really not; it's just a decent repackaging of classic junk into a fairly solid popcorn anime. The way some people talk about the thing made me feel sad. It was like listening to people who had never sought anything stimulating in their preferred medium of entertainment before. Basically the same thing as with those people who saw the Matrix and thought it was deep.
  4. Nah. Less experienced viewers consider it amazing, because it's full of Shaft-isms, children in dramatic situations, and the kind of faux-depth that most viewers like. Just don't fall for all the hype about it, and you'll be fine. It's not bad, it's just a bit weird, with stuff that evokes Pink Floyd's The Wall, and those fat-faced anime characters that not everyone likes. Don't expect to like the movies if you like the series, and vice-versa - most people who enjoy one a lot dislike the other, for some reason.
  5. I'd say watch the first one, then skim through and watch just the bits that interest you until the episode where the OP changes (ep13?)
  6. The *initial* episodes are similar. Not 50 of them. If it bothers you that much, skip ahead until you see stuff you don't recognize.
  7. Well I *did* say that the two anime were similar at the start, but that they differ after that initial run of episodes
  8. To be fair, it may be tough to classify us as "adults"
  9. That's just it. You have to keep your eyes open for the good stuff, not just roll with the popular opinion. And you have to find what joy you can in the rest, be it being critical, or trying your best to get back into a younger mentality. For instance, who here even knows about the Rakugo anime, or The Great Passage? They're fine anime for adults, but they go unnoticed because we're too busy ignoring them in favor of trying to focus on the popular stuff for whatever reason.
  10. That's kind of like asking if adults watch or read stuff based on comic books The answer is "yes". There are anime for kids, teens, and adults (though not as many for adults as the former). Adults tend to be more critical of anime, though, because they've seen it all before.
  11. You might also get a kick out of Chi's Sweet Home (and its sequels), Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki, Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko, and Kuroneko (if you can find it).
  12. The older FMA and newer one have a slightly different tone, but share a similar start because the older series was made before there was enough manga to finish adapting. Because of that the older series' story is kind of a mess, but some people prefer the tone, feeling the newer series isn't as mature in some way. I don't really agree, as I think the older series is only superficially more mature, and both are basically glorified shounen anime (just probably the best shounen anime yet made, and don't really just aim for that demographic alone). It's likely worth watching both if you enjoyed on
  13. Hey, we've all got our Game Grumps or whatever to cheer us up. Lord knows the latest few seasons of anime struggle to entertain as much
  14. I'd say "Psycho Pass season 2", but I'm not in the trolling mood (everyone seems to hate 2 compared to 1). So maybe watch the PP movie instead (I'm not sure if it comes after season 2, though). Or if you're still in an introspective mood after PP, try Mushishi?
  15. Well well. I didn't expect Konosuba to have two relatively decent episodes in a row. Or for Kobayashi to feel so lifeless. Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (4). disappointing. So... do I praise them for being able to at least remain thematically relevant with their extreme filler, or blast them for reducing this to a glacial sludge? In the end I don't think I have the energy to do either: this episode just sucked all the life out of me like some moe vampire. By the time the all-Kanna-all-the-time segment ended I couldn't tell where the pandering ended and the manga material began. Even fo
  16. Not a bad anime comedy showing tonight, though Demi-chan really struck out badly with me. Konosuba S2 (3). mild pulse. I was set to hate this episode when they began it by lamely repeating the "explosion montage" sequence from the first season, but thankfully they finally got around to doing something funny again. In fact, this just missed being a gem in my books. The first half was relatively fresh for Konosuba, with solid character humor that wasn't too aggravating. It all served as excellent setup for a punchline that they unfortunately dragged out in the second half. By the t
  17. Wait.. she was wearing clothes? (Double-checks). Well I'll be damned.
  18. Nope, but it's at the top of my backlog
  19. Nice to hear that you're still on that, Fred Turns out Gabriel Dropout isn't as bad as I would imagine. Not that it's particularly good, but it has some potential that they're flailing with. Gabriel Dropout (1). mild pulse. The first half of the episode was really shaky, but as they established their core cast it became a serviceable little mindless comedy. They struggle quite a bit with pacing and build-up, but at least they seem to understand the basic character dynamic and know how to deliver a punchline (when they have one). It's also not as phoned in as Konosuba
  20. Yep. Same here. Then I remember who's making the anime and feel conflicted
  21. Come on... how else would Akko get to fly around the world in 20 seconds on her new broom in a comedic, slapsticky kind of way? Plus she already fought a Godzilla-sized chicken with the power of nagging, so this is nothin'
  22. Sure, we'll see. I remember feeling about the same way with both of those series, just instead of "obnoxious harem crap" they had "obnoxious slice of nothing crap" (even if I prefer the latter). At least I feel a bit better about the shows I watched tonight. Little Witch Academia (2). on the fence. Here we get examples both of the screenplay's cleverness, and its lameness. For once, I'm going to focus more on the good, because Trigger have shown themselves to be competent with cliches, so that stuff doesn't concern me as much. Moreover, they're still improving their c
  23. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. I've got one more episode in me before I write it off completely (plus it's not like Non Non and Flying Witch were all that great either).