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  1. 8 minutes ago, shadowbyte said:



    I actually like that enough, but I worry about sag in the middle. Also it's a bit shallow at less than 26". I've actually considered picking up a solid top from a kitchen table and then attaching some of the Bekant sit/stand legs on it with some bracing underneath to prevent sag. Not sure what the weight capacity on the sit/stand legs are, though. 

  2. Just curious what to do for a large desk. I'd like 7 feet long, with at least 30" depth.


    Wife and I just bought a house, and I finally have my own cave! It's a 20x14 room, and I want a nice long desk that doesn't look like a picnic table. ...I may or may not currently be using a picnic table. Don't judge.


    I've been told to look for a Galant/Bekant system, but I'd rather have a single seamless surface. Plus, the Bekant isn't nearly what the Galant was, since I dislike rounded corners.


    What do you use/recommend?

  3. 21 hours ago, Moress said:

    yepp, my AIO pump only lasted like 8-10 months. Honestly ditch AIOs and either go custom or stick with a nice Air cooler

    I have an H80 that's been running strong for 4 years. It was on mine for 3, and now on the girlfriend's gaming rig. It's an old Asetek design (the round one) and those are super reliable.

  4. 21 minutes ago, ScootsMcgoots said:

    In about a month, I'm going to pay off my contract with Verizon ( it would normally end in april)  and purchase a Nexus 6P.  Can I just put S6's SIM card into the Nexus 6P and get service etc?  

    I did this exact thing in November. I had to cut down my SIM from my Verizon phone (Note3) but it worked flawlessly in my 6P until I switched to Google Fi.

  5. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B016NHRIU8/




    Phanteks PH-F140MP are going to be the best low-noise, high-static pressure fans I've worked with. Better than Corsair, Noctua (haven't tried 0ld_Chicken's recommendation, though) Fractal.... If you want low noise, and have a high fin density, put these Phanteks in a pull config and you're super set. As long as you're running at 85% or less, they're silent. Full throttle you can hear, but only barely. 

  6. The Hyper212 could keep your cpu cooler at a higher overclock, yes. The advantage to the AIO is that any heat generated by your CPU is exhausted directly out of the case, and doesn't rely on an additional fan to push the heat out, whereas the Hyper212 will increase your case temps.


    This is an Asetek cooler rebranded by Thermaltake, so it should be good quality.

  7. 3 hours ago, bughtoo said:

    that game is not that good, not worth it sorry

    I'll disagree. Is it as good as Warcraft? No, simply because it doesn't have the monthly fee, so they can't afford to keep dumping money into it.


    I put 200 hours into the original game right at launch, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I didn't do any expansions, so I'd imagine they're going to add even more content.


    I'd say this is definitely worth the money.

  8. 11 hours ago, Wh0_Am_1 said:

    Try the NF-A14 IPPC3000 they spin at 3000RPM vs. the LTT edition (standard) NF-A14's 1500RPM.

    The last thing I want is a jet engine in my case.


    I have the 2000RPM industrials, too (ordered the same time as the LTT edition fans) just as a failsafe if the temps get ridiculous they'll go full throttle. They have TONS of airflow....at the maximum RPM which I can hear in the hallway of my apartment when my PC is behind 2 oak doors. That's not acceptable to me.

  9. I will verify that the 140mm Noctuas aren't all they're cracked up to be. I bought into all the hype here. Wish I hadn't. (Still no ragrets on buying the LTT Edition fans, though!)


    I just replaced mine with the Phanteks PH-F140MP and they're WORLDS better at pushing through my 45mm radiators. The Noctuas worked, but needed to be at fairly high RPMs (and therefore noise) to make decent airflow. They might be fine for low FPI 30mm rads, but not my HardwareLabs 45mm.


    I run the Phanteks PH-F140MP at 70% or less, and they're nearly silent at anything under 80% in my Fractal R5. 

  10. I don't usually use cheap fans. But back when I had a failure, I ran to my local Microcenter and picked up a Cougar. It worked REALLY well for the price. I was really surprised.