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    ian223 reacted to Middcore in Report: AMD's competitor to Nvidia DLSS, FidelityFX Super Resolution, to launch in Spring   
    In many ways I see DLSS as the more impressive and interesting feature than ray tracing.
    FidelityFX SR almost certainly will not be as good as DLSS at launch. DLSS itself was pretty shite in its first implementations back in 2019.
    However, unless it starts to become commonplace for games to actually support these features, they both fall squarely into the category of "perks". Wikipedia lists a grand total of 43 games that support DLSS, over two years on... but that list includes 10 titles that claim they'll support DLSS at some future time but have a date for actually implementing it of "TBA", and several games which haven't been released yet. Some are also games I have literally never heard of. 
    I'd like to think that FidelityFX SR will see more widespread support since historically AMD has been more into open standards whereas Nvidia tried to sell based on exclusive features, but AMD themselves seem to be moving more in the latter direction lately. 
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    ian223 reacted to D13H4RD in Intel caught fudging benchmarks in M1 vs Core i7 11th Gen comparison   
    The really funny thing is....Intel is really just acting like the spoiled, salty kid by pushing obviously skewed "benchmarks" like these. 
    The Tiger Lake CPUs are an objectively good product for ultraportables and it plus the 10nm SuperFIN process they're on is definitely what they needed after the disappointment that was Ice Lake. However, there's no denying that Apple's new M1 chip was quite the disruptor. 
    Mentioned it before and I think @Taf the Ghosthad a similar opinion but it's really a shame that many of Tiger Lake's strengths are basically hidden away under what's basically the marketing equivalent of a child throwing a tantrum. TGL-U is a better all-around processor than many realize, but shit like this doesn't help. 
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    ian223 reacted to Master Disaster in Intel caught fudging benchmarks in M1 vs Core i7 11th Gen comparison   
    Bob Swan, June 2020, Intel CEO at the time.
    Funny how benchmarks only don't matter when Intel cannot win them.
    Like the Apple M1 chip you mean? That's certainly more "purpose built" than Intels current 14nm++++++++++ offerings.
  4. Funny
    ian223 reacted to WereCatf in Intel caught fudging benchmarks in M1 vs Core i7 11th Gen comparison   
    Me checking Intel's latest "benchmarks" out:

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    ian223 reacted to bellabichon in "Look ma, no holes" - iPhone 12 rumoured to be portless   
    If this turns out to be true, it's a pretty terrible idea, IMO. Wireless charging is still significantly slower, and being completely unable to use your phone while it's charging seems more regressive than innovative. If anything, the fact that this design would be completely obtuse makes the rumour significantly more credible, given Apple's track record in the last few years. 
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    ian223 reacted to imreloadin in Last member of the Ryzen Crew, Ha! - Quad Core Zen 2 CPUs found   
    They already have that and it's the 1600 AF which gives them 2 more cores and 4 more threads.
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    ian223 reacted to Konrad_K in 4900HSlow - 4900HS laptop has a new competitor   
    Yes it is faster, but I'd say that calling this beast a "laptop" is a little far fetched. Yes, technically it is a laptop but it's way to big and to be comfortable to carry in a backpack and the battery life is most probably awful, and the large power adapter is probably as heavy as a modern thin and light. 
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    ian223 reacted to Blai5e in Intel Core i9-10900K 10-core Processor and Z490 Chipset Arrive April 2020   
    Mate, the 9900k does use solder between the IHS and the chip so it's going to be apples for apples.
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    ian223 reacted to Arika S in File sharing sites Openload and Streamango shut down by Anti-Piracy Alliance ACE   
    I was allowed to create an account.
    add payment info.
    set up a subscription.
    and when i tried to watch anything "this is not available in your region"
    if you can't show anything, don't allow people to set up a subscription....
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    ian223 reacted to Fasauceome in ninja's move to mixer brings more streamers but not more viewers   
    This is to be expected honestly. I remember how annoying it was to deal with the old problems twitch used to have, imagine people with the mindset of having to wait for years for the site to be any good?
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    ian223 reacted to minibois in Fine! I'll create my own GPU! With Anime and Pop Culture References! - Galax releases customizable RTX 2060   
    Actually, that's like.. Extremely cool.
    Kind reminds me of the old GPU shrouds too:

    Would be cool to see the return of that sort of stuff.
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    ian223 reacted to emosun in UserBenchmark Adjusts Algorthym to Favor Single-Thread Performance, Causing Strange Results   
    I like how slowly over the last decade cpus are adding more and more cores to solve the speed problem..... yet somehow theres this small very vocal few who think a quad core is the cpu of the future.

    I think userbench is catering to the mostly gamer user base as opposed to really measuring hardware speed.
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    ian223 reacted to Firewrath9 in Huawei Files Suit In its Fight Against US Ban   
    I think that Huawei is being treated a bit unfairly. Not allowing US Gov. workers to use huawei phones as their work phone is fine by me. Blocking US companies from working with them of their own free will is not okay.
    Not using huawei technology for infrastructure, fine by me, influencing other countries decisons, not okay.
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    ian223 reacted to LukeNukem9 in Huawei Files Suit In its Fight Against US Ban   
    I'm gonna be honest, I feel the US should investigate more before Huawei get cut off completely, But I haven't followed this deal completely so take my opinion like a grain of salt.
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    ian223 reacted to RejZoR in WSJ: Huawei's Yearslong Rise Is Littered With Accusations of Theft and Dubious Ethics   
    Everyone pretending this is only done by Chinese. Where in reality, EVERYONE does it. Only difference is that Chinese don't give two fucks about the final outcome where the rest plays it safe and just learns from it and then does things from scratch based on that info. The Chinese just copy it and slam it in a product. It's why whole product/brand copycat thing is a thing in China. And laws about that were very lax in China. Things are changing, very slowly, but it was going on for so long it's hard to change the mind set of Chinese businesses.
    Japan for example was no different and they were notorious to photograph everything from the west and then copy it. But Japan totally flipped over on that and have been doing their own thing for ages now without blatantly copying things anymore.
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    ian223 reacted to Bouzoo in Tim Sweeney to Steam: Don't want timed-exclusives? Match our revenue split   
    After he lied straight to our faces about exclusives, there is no reason to believe him anything. Also epic will sell games via sites like GMG who take 30% as Steam so yeah, don't believe him anything. He just wants to look like the good guy he never was. 
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    ian223 reacted to Arika S in Tim Sweeney to Steam: Don't want timed-exclusives? Match our revenue split   
    agreed, it reeks of "no, we're doing this for you guys, we're trying to help developers, we're not being anti-competitive, trust us"
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    ian223 reacted to Delicieuxz in Tim Sweeney to Steam: Don't want timed-exclusives? Match our revenue split   
    EGS doesn't do regional pricing, and as a result games are typically more expensive on EGS than on Steam for customers outside of North America. GoG did regional pricing until EGS started undercutting them. At that point, GoG released an announcement saying that they can't operate at a profit while continuing to do regional pricing at rates competitive with EGS, and so they're cancelling their regional pricing program.
    EGS' 12% fee isn't enough to cover transaction fees for all countries without having to add additional costs in some countries. So, that tells me that EGS couldn't possibly do regional pricing and keep their current fee system.
    From Valve's 30/25/20/0% fee system, they:
    Supply games for download
    Have developed and supports a comprehensive feature set that Tim Sweeney has said he doesn't plan to match
    Do lots of physical product R&D (Steam boxes, Steam link, Steam controllers, HTC Vive, etc)
    Do lots of software R&D (linux gaming, Steam features)
    Offers regional pricing
    Allows publishers / developers to print as many free Steam keys for their games as they want and sell them elsewhere, with Valve taking 0% on all of those sales - some estimates suggest that 30% of all Steam games are bought on a site other than Steam, in which case Valve would be getting 0% revenue from 30% of the games they supply hosting, download, community features, support, etc, for.
    With EGS's 12%/18% fee system, they:
    Supply games for download
    Here are some other interesting posts from the Twitter discussion where Tim said EGS would retreat from exclusives if Steam matches their 12%/18% fee:
    (for a large version of the image, click it, then click it again, then click it one more time)

    And this is another look at the claim that EGS is 12% compared to a supposed 30% on Steam. The entire thread has to be read:
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    ian223 reacted to DaJakerBoss in Intel's new CEO Bob Swan rips off the band-aid to reveal some of the chip giant’s issues Thursday   
    Zen 3 has never had a better opportunity to sweep the market, not to mention how much EPYC is taking off in the business sector. Here's to praying AMD gets it right.
    There's a lot of hype here and it's really really gonna be make or break. If it fails, it's over.
    Intel's on thin ice. The market security is gone, time to see how they hold up.
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    ian223 reacted to WereCatf in Facebook oopsie: 1.5mil people's contacts uploaded without consent   
    Well, you don't just accidentally write all the code for scouring through an email-account's contacts and adding them to a database. I mean, it's not like all the code for that just appears out of thin air, so.....
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    ian223 reacted to Derkoli in Facebook oopsie: 1.5mil people's contacts uploaded without consent   
    What can facebook do right anymore... *facepalm*
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    ian223 reacted to bcredeur97 in Youtube forced to step in.   
    official stuff like that should have comments disabled to begin with if I'm honest. People will say stupid things at every opportunity.

    and as far as free speech goes.. yes. but there are definitely far more effective ways to carry our your freedom of speech than blasting comments on a youtube livestream.
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    ian223 reacted to Froody129 in NVIDIA Fires Shots at AMD’s 7nm Tech - Claims "Can Create Most Energy-efficient GPU in the World Anytime"   
    "Well we have the ability to make a better product, but we don't because people are still overpaying for the current one" - what I got from his statement.