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    Raboo got a reaction from Ben17 in README: How to respond to a no POST or no power up situation   
    This will help a lot of people
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    Raboo got a reaction from Anonymous12556 in Build Log | Project Zero [Rebooted!]   
    Can't wait
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    Raboo reacted to The Belgian Waffle in Lightest weight OS available   
    Windows Vista is the lightest of dem all
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    Raboo got a reaction from monjanger in Upgrade from K7XX?   
    I just got the Philips X2, if that's the sound signature you want then get them, you won't regret it.
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    Raboo reacted to smogsy in The Man-Cave [99.9% Complete]   
    you reminded me i needed to update this thread!
    just an update of what it looks like now days
    Whats changed?
    New 4K Pansonic HDR TV > http://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/viera-televisions/led/tx-65dx902b.html
    New AV cabinet with no roof for good ventilation
    Router mounted above TV for good 2ghz/5ghz access
    Sofa pushed back

    not much changed here

    Display cabinet (also fitted with spotlights)
    Displaying Developers that make good games fiorst before money
    1 shelf: Diablo Book,Witcher 3 Diary Witcher 3 Art Book,
    2nd shelf: 3 WoW statues
    3rd shelf: Film Snacks (soon to be Witcher Statues)

    27" ROG swift +  Acer 34A

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    Raboo reacted to W-L in Forum is laggy on Chrome. (Mobile)   
    -Moved to Bugs and Issues- 
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    Raboo reacted to desertcomputer in American Truck Simulator™ Review (PC)   
    Might buy if more states are added and during a sale. 
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    Raboo reacted to FrontsLeader in Free : The Crew + Past 2 years content - Without Wild Run & Season Pass   
    To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ubisoft, The Crew will be available for free on PC on Ubisoft Club, from September 14th to October the 11.
    all the free content and features that have been added in the past two years will be available to players, such as:
    The graphical overhaul The photo mode & camera mode PvP modes: Blitz Brawl, Crown, Eliminator race All the cars and specs that have been added outside of the Season Pass New missions This does not include The Crew Wild Run expansion, nor the Season Pass.

    Source : https://twitter.com/UbisoftClub/status/773536567105323008/video/1
    Source : http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1490182-The-Crew-Ubisoft-Club-–-Ubi-30-Giveaway
    Thx to "robotprobot" for the new source and infos
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    Raboo reacted to manikyath in Where to buy Windows 10 License   
    the issue with places like kinguin and g2a is pretty simple to explain:
    you are buying a real key, your hands are "clean".. mostly.
    the issue is that you just know there's something wrong with it. just like you know buying a closed box iPad for half price off craigslist will usually get you a real iPad, you just know that it's stolen, which is basicly the deal with these websites.
    the key is legit, the source where it came from is very often not as legit. there's plenty of ways for them to get their keys cheaper, ranging from the tricks with buying in other regions, to making bulk deals, to straight up credit card fraud.
    now, the issue is, this last one is the most profitable one, and the issue is just kinda that when you use these websites, you are most likely at least indirectly supporting this practisce which could eventually harm the company you just spent money on, or in some cases even innocent middle men who have no idea it's happening / no idea how to fight it.
    and in my opinion the worst part of it all: when you get a key from these sources, you're pretty much guaranteed that not a single dollar of that money went towards the person who deserves it the most: the developer. if you want a new version of the software you're using in the future, buy from the source. if you dont want to see a new version of the software you're using in the future, dont use it.
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    Raboo reacted to nicklmg in 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY   
    Y'all are bae. That's why we've partnered up with Razer to give away one NEW Razer Blade 14, and one NEW Razer Blade Stealth (full specs listed in the announcement video), with a custom graphic designed by our very own Edzel Yago  .
    1. One entry per user. Duplicate posts and posts from duplicate accounts will be deleted before a winner is drawn, to leave one post per person.
    2. Winners will have 72 hours to respond. If a winner does not respond within that time, a new winner will be drawn.
    3. This is a worldwide giveaway with no age restrictions. Shipping costs will be covered by the shipper, but any duties/taxes/other fees upon delivery will be the sole responsibility of the winner.
    Alright, now that we've got that out of the way, OMG THIS IS AWESOME HOW DO I WIN ONE???:
    1. Comment below letting us know which Razer laptop you would prefer to win. Feel free to make it fun - what would you use it for? Why do you prefer the Blade or the Blade Stealth?
    2. This is not a REQUIREMENT for entry, but you should definitely follow Razer on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube page. In addition to providing the laptops for this awesome giveaway AND sponsoring our trip to PAX, they work with a plethora of other incredible creators in a number of spaces, and release cool content with some of them on a fairly regular basis. Please support them on social media and Tweet at them thanking them for this giveaway!!
    3. Check back in one week. Entries for this giveaway will close on Monday, September 12, and winners will be chosen soon after. Winners will be messaged by me here on the forum. Do not accept any other form of communication as legitimate, and do not share personal information with anyone who asks for it unless you can confirm that they are a legitimate source.
    That's it!! If I've missed anything, feel free to let me know.

    Alright, we have selected our winners!!!
    @Plavi and @willp3, you have 72 hours to respond to the DMs I am sending you right now. If we do not receive a reply in that time, new winners will be chosen! Since both said that the Blade would be their choice, it's on a "first replied first served" basis. (for clarity - what this means is that the first winner to reply will get their choice between the two laptops, and the second winner to reply will get the laptop that the first winner did not choose. This does not mean that we're only giving away one laptop...)
    Thanks everyone.
    Alright, so @Plavi has officially claimed the New Blade! Congrats on winning

    But, unfortunately for @willp3, he did not respond in time to claim his prize...

    Our new Blade Stealth winner is @ted542! Check your inbox, you have 72 hours to reply
    Both laptops have now been claimed. Thanks for participating in this awesome giveaway, and please be sure to keep an eye out for giveaways in the future!
    Please don't report posts in this topic - all duplicates will be handled before drawing, so if you have double posted, don't worry about it.
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    Raboo reacted to paprikman in HD518 vs SHP9500 vs AD500X   
    For that price get 9500, no doubts. This thing will blow you away.
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    Raboo reacted to Donut417 in LG G3 in 2016   
    I have a G3. Its getting kinda slow. I play Candy Crush Saga (Damn it I got bored one day). The game chugs a lot. For texting, callings and web browsing I dont notice much. I think I might be a ram limitation. Honestly considering how old the G3 is, Id look for something newer. I heard the G4, G5 and V10 are all crap so Id stay away from those, this is coming from a T Mobile employees we talked to when we had to send my sisters V10 in for Warranty. 
  13. Funny
    Raboo reacted to SageOfSpice in What is daisy chaining?   
  14. Informative
    Raboo reacted to ThinkWithPortals in What is daisy chaining?   
    Daisy chaining is the ability to plug, for example, instead of 2 monitors into your graphics card, you can plug one monitor into your graphics card and the other monitor into the first monitor and have the computer work with them all.

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    Raboo reacted to minibois in Free copy of Rayman Origins (on Uplay)   
    You can get Rayman Origins for free on UPlay in celebration of Ubisoft's 30th birthday.
    Link: http://ubisoftclub.com (it's the button on the left in the news section, with a Splinter Cell picture on it)
    For me it didn't show that I had the game on the website, but once I was done downloading UPlay and logging in, I had the game.
    Video announcement from Ubisoft themselves:
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    Raboo got a reaction from minibois in Free copy of Rayman Origins (on Uplay)   
    Thanks, I have always wanted to try Rayman origins.
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    Raboo got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in LG G3 in 2016   
    I forgot about the xiaomi redmi note 3, It will be on my watch list when I upgrade. 
    The screen and the age of the phone killed it for me, I will look for a newer phone instead of the g3. Thanks. 
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    Raboo reacted to Techicolors in LG G3 in 2016   
    i had the lg g3. the screen for it is terrible, mostly due to one of the first flagships pushing 1440p. that is remedied with a removable battery but the screen itself is quite dim and dull-looking. 
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    Raboo reacted to pinksnowbirdie in LG G3 in 2016   
    I wouldn't think it'd be that bad for what you're doing. However maybe look at something a little newer?
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    Raboo reacted to david cassar in LG G3 in 2016   
    Personally for your uses I'd stay with the moto g and wait a year and see what new phones will come out. If you don't mind importing a xiaomi redmi note 3 pro would be a very very good upgrade and performs similarly to last years flagships.
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    Raboo reacted to david cassar in LG G3 in 2016   
    I'd wait like a month because xiaomi are going to be releasing some new phones in the coming months.
  22. Informative
    Raboo reacted to nicklmg in Nvidia GTX 1080 and 1070 Launch Recap   
    Amazon: http://geni.us/48wL
    NCIX: http://bit.ly/1NmJJ4p
    Luke, JayzTwoCents, and... a horse?... talk about the GTX 1080 and 1070 launch!
  23. Informative
    Raboo reacted to StevenSensei in How safe is Windows BitLocker?   
    Microsoft stores a copy of the encryption key on their servers. As Matthew Green, professor of cryptography at Johns Hopkins University puts it, 'Your computer is now only as secure as that database of keys held by Microsoft, which means it may be vulnerable to hackers, foreign governments, and people who can extort Microsoft employees.'"
    It also means that any police agency could simply request your key via warrant and decrypt all of your data without any problems at all. 
  24. Agree
    Raboo reacted to pspfreak in How safe is Windows BitLocker?   
    I personally wouldn't just it, its closed-source. I've never used it, but usually its not good to be closed-source in this situation, because Microsoft could of possibly put a backdoor into it for the FBI or the likes.
  25. Informative
    Raboo reacted to TheMcSame in [Origin] [FREE] Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)   
    So yeah... NFS MW 2012 made it to on the house...