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  1. UPDATE 3.0 I ran out of time on Tuesday, so I'll keep this short.... This first phase is complete, the build is hooked up on my desk and I'm happy to say the 750watt PSU is working a charm with the RTX3080FE suffering zero power issues under HEAVY load. ... Really I wanted to buy the Shock Blue controller and shoot it with one in the shot, but they ain't cheap... so it'll have to wait. It's an awkward angle but there it is, MODZERO SHOCK. ... Always gotta share those backside shots.. lol.. So proud to have Samsung on this one, 4TB of total s
  2. UPDATE 2.0 Let's see if I can bring this up to date with this post then maybe look at what's next (for this build). At the end of the last post, I'd just about completed making all the fan cables and routing those to the OCTO controller. So really, with no great mods planned... Once I've made all the power cables, it's done... pretty much. ... I went with MDPC-X Blue Carbon and Liquid Carbon sleeve (here). I'd asked Nils about the Microsoft Shock blue and he'd recommended the carbon combo. It contrasts well with the Noctua blue bumpers and I'm hopeful
  3. UPDATE 1.0 Progress! yay! I think I'll probs get this near done (first stage at least) in this post. So I'll probs SPAM the life out of it on FB (sorry folks). The most time-consuming part of this project is the cables, it's the same with every build. Buying custom-made extensions are great! and I recommend Pexon (here) if that's what you want to do. However, making all the cables yourself so you have that truly custom fit and finish is what I feel (at least partially) separates modders/builders today. Anyone can build a PC and hide all the mess. Take a tight space and make it look
  4. MODZERO SHOCK Hey folks, I'm back with another b(uild)log... I'm not sure where to start with this one... I was finishing up with MODZERO DYNO (here) feeling unimpressed with the final build thinking 'ughhhhh ATX sucks, I wanna get back in another SFF case'. Parvum has always been my 'goto' chassis of choice but as I'm still actively developing MODZERO SEVEN (here) I started thinking of all the other epic chassis on the market. I've always liked the NCASE M1, the LOUQE GHOST S1, Dan Case S4, and the Formd T1! I'd no concepts in mind, no real drive to do anything new or extreme with a
  5. Hey folks, I finally got round to doing something with these extra shots I took. I'd wished they'd come out better. This paint is awesome in natural light, my mistake was publishing the final shots using a black background. Looking back, I should have taken it outside. A few of these are cool. Enjoy. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I'm heading back to the wonderful world of ITX next. I've two builds on the books with a third and fourth planned for later in 2021.
  6. UPDATE 6.0 - IT'S DONE! Well, It's finished and I'm really interested to hear what you think of it. I'll jump in and share some photos then I'll give you my take on how it turned out. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Overall, I'm pleased with the results. I set out to do something a little outside of my norm. I picked a bold colour scheme and ran with it. Now, has it worked? No, I don't think so. I'll try and explain. The paint is amazing! it's a
  7. WOW it's an effort to scroll to the bottom of this log!! :D ... I've edited my finalshots down to 88, I'll get that down to 24 fully edited ones and post 6. J.
  8. UPDATE 5.0 - IT'S SO CLOSE Well, it's the next day, I'm back with another slice. ... So I filled it up, bled it and booted. Faught the awful Gigabyte RGB software and didn't feel much better about using the Razer software suite just to set the case RGB either. On the plus side, while all the RGB was cycling it gave me some better ideas on what colours to set. But I'll get to that down the bottom. Did anyone notice that the bottom run in the above shot is now different from how it was documented in the log? Well, I said I'd come to regret that double female 90' fitting and
  9. UPDATE 4.0 - THE LOOP It's been over two months! crazy! Well, I'm back and we're almost finished here. Go make a cuppa as this one is looong and picture heavy! ... This is where we left off, just about everything in place but waiting on a re-supply from EK. ... The goodies came in. So let us take a quick look. That's mostly the new Torque extenders, but I needed a few more fitting too. ... Some black accent rings. I'd originally planned to go chromed rings, chrome fittings. However, I chose some black tubing by Corsai
  10. UPDATE 3.0 - HOW TO LOOP, NO I'M ASKING YOU? Back again with another nudge in the right direction. Gonna be picture heavy but convey little progress, so strap in. haha In update 1.0 (seeing as update 2.0 was just a gallery) we left off with slight mods to the vert GPU mount. So I guess we can take it from there. ... The Aorus Xtreme is a monster! with the block on and sat vertically in a position to allow enough clearance for the SE360 + 25mm fan it all but blocks out the CPU block... and you'd not know I have a chipset block on there either... Bu
  11. Yeah me too, but then again the Grand Tour hasnt delivered either. But anyway... thanks Maybe, $650 US. Much of the hardware and cooling was provided. I've covered the cost of the paint work, the MDPCX supplies for all custom cable work, the fan controller and M2 SSD. Its a rough approx. J.
  12. UPDATE 2.0 - OH NO THEY DEEDNT! Sorry for the delay, turns out it editing photos with a three-month-old baby strapped to your chest just isn't the way to do it. I'm trying hard to push this project forward, almost everything is in hand now so truly its just a case of carving out the time to move it along. Let's meet the hardware!!!! ... AMD UK - RYZEN R7 3700X (LINK) Yeah, that box is empty! haha! The truth is I've had most of the core hardware much longer than the cooling. Then Half-Life Alyx came out.... and that's why they created test
  13. UPDATE 1.0 - IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Sure feels like its been a while, the last three builds have felt the same. It's getting harder and harder to find the time, organise and pull everything together. I'm closer to 40 than ever (funny how that works), married, two kids (under 3), a dog, a mortgage and a job to keep it all moving forwards. I adore PC hardware, its the one constant that has stayed with me my whole life. It's an absolute pleasure and a true privilege to have the support of these industry titans! It's been six years since I started modding under the MODZERO name and trul
  14. Thanks, build logs are dying out for sure. But I still get a kick out of doing em. It's closer to a retro beige than white. My photography isnt great, couldnt get the color tone right in the edit. What do you mean 'Warped'? It's straight and true for sure! Does it really look warped in the photos? J.
  15. UPDATE 8.0 - MODZERO ASHEN V2.0 COMPLETE I love building PCs, well, I love building the PCs I choose to build. The older I get the harder it is to find the time, pull things together, the longer it takes to finish these types of projects. As time goes on new modders/system builders enter the game and raise the bar (awesome), its never been competitive amongst each other, but often your skills will be reflected by your sponsorship opportunities (makes sense). I have always built around the products I want to use. It is those, that are often the focal point or the inspiration behind