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  1. You my friend are awesome ! I will have to snatch that build from ya It looks gorgeous and I does not sacrifice any performance. Thank you so much !!
  2. SO it looks like people are recommending me to swap the i7-4770 with a i5-4690? You guys definitely know more about computers than I do so I shall go with that swap and add in a SSD as well, its just a matter of figuring this all out now
  3. I wanted a clean White layout, just something that looks clean inside this white case. I like blue, white, purple, red
  4. I do plan on using this desktop purely for gaming since I already have a Asus ROG Gl77JM which will be used for all other applications. For peripherals I`m not worried about purchasing because I have 2 Acer H236hl 21.3 inch monitors, Corsair K70 RGB Cherry mx keyboard, and a Corsair M65 gaming mouse all from christmas . Alot of forums have recommended me to get a SSD but I dont have enough in my budget. I wanted a full tower because I do plan on SLI`ing another 980 into this build down the line. Also the extra room for my own water loop as well. Thank you for all the welcomes
  5. I am looking at purchasing a gaming computer with a $1500 budget with about $100 of wiggle room. I created this build and I was wondering what people on this forum thought? Hopefully my build is not too bad. Thank you in advance. I was trying to color coordinate with this build but as you can see I am terrible at it. I know there will be some opposition towards some of my decisions like choosing a H100i or the i7 being unnecessary, but I am open ears towards whatever recommendations people have. I just want to get the most out of every penny I spend. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mg9MrH