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    I don't sipp, I succ
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    AMD FX 8350
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    MSI 990FXA GaMiNG
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    8gig crucial low profile
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    GT 210 with gtx 645 2gb
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    NZXT. S340
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    WD blue 1tb
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    Corsair builder series 600 watt
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    2x acer k222HQL
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    Cooler Master Seidon 120 V2
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    logitech g19
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    Steelseries Rival 100
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    logitech X-230
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    windows .1 :C

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  1. Hey, long time no see... I'm about to start a class in engineering, for which I need a laptop to run Solidworks. I've been out of the computer scene for such a long time, that I am a little lost. Can anyone update me on mobile Quadro cards? Thanks for the help!
  2. I recently bought an MSI RX470 4G, used. I replaced my GT645, but I got no display, I did get display when switching back to the GT645, even with the RX470 in the top PCI-E slot. The fans don't spin but the lights do go on I tried a different PCI-E slot, updated the BIOS (MSI 990FXA gaming), tried resetting the CMOS, removed all but one RAM stick, Disabled fast boot, Tried a different PCI-E-power cable, Something to mention is that the card does the exact same thing without the PCI-E power plugged in, as well as the seller said that it does
  3. That's true, but I just found out how much motherboard cost for that thing! Hell no. 2700 it is. Now for some GPU's ?
  4. The gaming performance seems to be great anyways, and since I do a lot of other things except for gaming, combined with the fact that I can actually find this on the used market here, In going to buy a 2700.
  5. So a 2700 is a better option than a 3600 for multitasking? Also I've seen that a 1900x threadripper goes for the same amount as a 2700, should I do that instead?
  6. Sounds awesome. I remember fearing the death of AMD because they were so far behind. Before Ryzen they had FX from 2012. You were better off on an Android ?
  7. Wow is AMD on par? I get why they absolutely dominate the market haha. I remember when my 8 core 4ghz FX was comparable to a 2c 4t i5 from an office pc ?
  8. So is it worth the extra cost? I'm coming from an FX-8350, because I like the extra power. To be able to watch YouTube while gaming, while running a server.
  9. So I used to be an avid pc enthusiast. I used to know all the processors there were. But then I went on a 2 year(ish) break. Now I left when Ryzen was introduced first. And now it looks like Ryzen dominates the market? And why the hell are RAM prices so fricking high?! Ok my real question: what's the difference between Ryzen gen 1, 2 and 3? I want to build a €800(ish) pc. Thanks!
  10. Alright, the verdict is that the PWM controller is broken :(.
  11. Ok that I might be able to do, I'll report back later
  12. I tried using another unmodified extension (from the other fan pack, so with the resistor I presume), but that didn't work. And the legs just came off, so no legs just resistor. Edit: those are the cables mentioned above.
  13. So I am not using my fans in my case, but in the top of our wood burning stove exit pipe (or something like that) and I soldered the connectors of the noctua extension cables to a long cable, and did the same at the bottom. The only thing is that I accidentally cut of a resistor, and now the fans run at full speed all the time, no more PWM! How do I fix this?