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  1. No. All you should hear is a click. Either you have some dust/sand stuck in your ram slots or your inserting the wrong ram ( like ddr3->ddr4) into the wrong slots.
  2. While cloning would be your best option, installing windows 10 fresh on the NVMe would probably be easier. Just depends on how much data you have on your ssd.
  3. How often is this happening? You're computer should be fine if it happens once or twice a week, but not if it keeps happening multiple times daily. You'll most likely run into some data loss issue first.
  4. Are you on a desktop or laptop? IT would be rare for the computer to stutter due to electric problems. The power supply usually regulates it pretty well. Unless you have some terrible phase power coming in, it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. nothing. There's barely any good glass screen protectors for curved displays. Your best bet is to get a good case that goes around the curves and a flat screen protector.
  6. pretty good other than that CPU... its from like 2009...
  7. Yeah 3 is more than enough especially if you wanna keep a positive air pressure inside the case.
  8. windows update for all the small stuff and nvidia's site for GPU drivers
  9. So I'm having this problem that I'm not sure if it's some setting thats wrong or something. Essentially when printing out a text email from my sent folder, when it actually prints with margins, it cuts off words. Is there any way to print a text email where the text wraps before it gets cut off in the margins? Is it because Gmail can't auto format it? It seems to not cut off anything when printing when margins are set to "none".
  10. or just buy a legit license for like 10$ on some website
  11. PCIE slot in your computer. Kinda like where the GPU goes but instead its just a card with wifi built in.
  12. umm why would you even want 1920x1200? Thats not really a standard and some stuff with be stretched.
  13. is whatever you're trying to put it on formated FAT32? cause FAT32 will only let you go up to 4GB in a SINGLE file. If it is then you have to format where you're gunna put it on to exFAT