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  1. Surely hope so Thanks bud. Hope not to disappoint Thanks Shiv78. Following posts will be shorter and with lot less pictures
  2. Thanks all for the comments. I'll try roughavoc
  3. Hi Everyone Time to start a new build log. This time we'll have the Cooler Master Mastercase 5 as starting point, the idea is to end up with something that will somehow resemble the Batman Tumbler, will be trying some new materials and hopefully all will come together in the end. Always exciting times when you get to play with some new stuff... :D:thumb: A huge thank you to Cooler Master and MSI for joining the project, it's without any doubts a great feeling to have such prestigious companies believing me and my crazy projects. Witho
  4. Hi there guys, been a while since my last update but I'm back with quite a bit this time. Hope you enjoy it... Cabling will definitely be a pain in this case an pretty much all cables will have to be made of a specific length, to assist with the cable/hose management I have decided to create some custom cable and water cooling hose clips. Here you can see some of them just before having the bottom edge sanded Before and after... The hose clips ready to be drilled so that I can fit the threaded inserts ...and with the inserts in place. All n
  5. Hello again Be quiet! was again extremely kind and sent me a couple of their noise absorbing kits. This stuff is so amazing that I've done a brief overview of the product. Shown on the last 3 pictures Very thick but very easy to cut to size with a stanley knife ***be quiet! noise absorber kit*** Hope you enjoy it, will be back soon with more updates Mod on!!!
  6. Hi guys!!! Time for a long overdue update, sorry for the delay but been really crazy at work and the work on the desk takes the little free time I'm left with. This update is not about the desk but about the need for a headset holder. As I didn't really like anything that it's currently available what's the only thing I could do? Correct, my own one! Time to do some CAD work This shows some of designing involved, not all parts are shown on the picture. *** Really like this picture*** The last few pictures show the assembly of the heads
  7. Time to mod again and it's time to do something about the not so great looking power cords that come bundled with the power supplies. Two great power supplies deserve two visually striking power cords and that's what I'm aiming for... Some of the materials and tools needed... A few other bits and pieces... First, used some dark gray 8mm Teleios to sleeve the cable. Both connectors in place. Repeat the procedure and voila!!! Two power cords Ready to rock with the LEPA G1600 and the be quiet! power zone 850W Mod on!
  8. Hi there guys The painting of the F3nix desk continues and is reaching the final stretch. The trays are now being painted a silver marble over black base. Here are some pictures of the result. On to the deep red candy parts now and clear coat to finish off... Black base coat And the marble effect... Mod on!!!
  9. After so much time spent doing the case feet I have decided that due to the weight of the beast and for ease of access to the back the best thing to do would be to have it on wheels. Bit of a waste but better in the end, plus, can always use them on my next mod After some research I ended up ordering these from Israel. Tell you what, there must be a bit of each country in the F3nix, lol, or almost... Decided to go for all black caster wheels, the four in the front are lockable Took the change to install the under desk RGB led lights whilst it looked like a turt
  10. Hi guys There's been quite a bit done before painting the beast but nothing really worth showing as it was mainly fine tuning of some of the parts. As such, decided that it's best to fast forward this a bit and show you the painting process. After some research decided that I'd go with some silver marble and deep red candy effects, had some conversations with Paul at Specialist Paint that definitely helped choosing the right combinations to get the right effects. I'm linking their website as I believe most of you will like what they offer. http://www.specialistpaints.com/c
  11. Thanks a lot guys . Much more to follow
  12. Talking about connections and cables. It makes me think about all the cable combs currently available to the public, well, I really like that but I guess I'll have to give it a bit of the F3nix treatment I won't bore you with pictures of the CAD designing but here are a few ones of the finished article. They went down so well that I have made a few to some people that asked for them... The big brother... ...and the whole family. 24, 16, 14, 8, 6 and 4 slots available By the way, there are still a few available Mod on!!!
  13. I'll have a couple of boxes at either side of the desk to keep cabling a bit tidier and hide some of the connections. Forgot to take some pictures of the first few cuts but can still get a good idea of how it was done. First top done and designing the 2nd Ready to cut... And the final result The boxes will screw onto the plates shown which in turn will be secured to the F3nix enclosure Like this... Mod on!!!
  14. Right, difficult to explain this but must admit that I am over the moon for seeing my build nominated to MOTM. When I started it I never thought that would develop into what it is now, this is my first mod ever and I have really and truly been developing my skills along the way, the planning/designing has changed so many times that it's hilarious, I must have done two of everything, lol. However, I do think that it is difficult to visualise where I am going with this as such have decided to post some pictures that will enable everyone to have a better feel for it. Hope you like it and