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    cooljonathan reacted to Tiwaz in Upgrading My Current PC   
    that cpu is so weak, the prebuilt pc cases usually suck too as well as these PSUs. I would keep the HDD and build an entirely new system. My brother used to have a amd 780k which is basically an A10 without integrated graphics and it bottlenecked a decent amount with a gtx 960 that we had used back then. Maybe you wanna save a bit of money and get a new ryzen (dont know anything about them) or something like a i5 6600 with a H270/170 mobo and 2x4GB DDR3 and a gtx 1060
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    cooljonathan got a reaction from TomvanWijnen in The Massive LTT Poll   
    You're welcome NSA
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    cooljonathan reacted to zyntaxable in Which PSU Calculator do you trust?   
    They aren't doing that, the CPU is just not very powerful in single threaded/dual core applications and games. A high end card like the fuy would bottleneck as well. Your best bet would be going with an i5 or i7 depending on what you're going to use the pc for. 
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    cooljonathan reacted to zyntaxable in Which PSU Calculator do you trust?   
    You are aware that you cpu would bottleneck the 980ti, yes?
    I use pcpartpickers one.
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    cooljonathan reacted to OfficialJsP in Ghetto Gpu aio mounting   
    Yes.... But you will need to take the heatsink off of course to mount a AIO. Most GPUs have one heatsink that cover the whole card.
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    cooljonathan reacted to The Cool n00B in Fx 9590 .Should I buy it?   
    Never buy that CPU regardless of circumstances.
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    cooljonathan reacted to Paralectic in Fx 9590 .Should I buy it?   
    No don't ever but that CPU.
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    cooljonathan reacted to niofalpha in R9 390 or Gtx 970?   
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    cooljonathan reacted to Lays in [Finished] The Renewal - 1080mm rad, 6700k, Z170 Asrock OC Formula, 980 Ti Matrix   
    Small update, I did subzero for the first time on Friday with dry ice



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    cooljonathan reacted to Swndlr in Hyper threading   
    I cant tell if this is a troll thread or not...
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    cooljonathan reacted to Prysin in Overclock a FX-6300 on a 970M Pro3 Mobo   
    you are probs hitting either CPU limit (for that voltage) or mobo limits.
    the 970m Pro3 is a 4+1 phase 140w TDP board. It can deal with a mild OC, but do not expect more then 4.4 GHz even in the best of cases.
    Realistically, i wouldnt think that board will handle more then 4.2GHz at max.
    Do not ramp up the voltage much beyond 1.40v, as there IS a limit to how much that board can take, and there is limited information of what sorts of protective measures that board has.
    There is no confirmed sources of proof that states the 970m Pro3 will trigger CPU throttle to save its VRMs, so too high voltage and clock CAN burn your board.
    Don't push your luck.
    You get what you pay for, and while that board is an excellent entry board for FX, it is NOT a great OC board.
    Also, 45 degrees on air isnt that bad for FX, ive hit 55-58 on a 280mm liquid cooler...
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    cooljonathan reacted to Tro in Not going to try another gpu from asus   
    Ah look another one of those people that think a whole brand sucks just because they got 1 or 2 bad cards.
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    cooljonathan got a reaction from tech_splitter in Sony Z5 Compact Premium (1080p version) Miku Edition - Japan Only :(   
    Looks freaking ugly
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    cooljonathan got a reaction from zacRupnow in Sony Z5 Compact Premium (1080p version) Miku Edition - Japan Only :(   
    Looks freaking ugly
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    cooljonathan got a reaction from Swiftjanxxx in Sony Z5 Compact Premium (1080p version) Miku Edition - Japan Only :(   
    Looks freaking ugly
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    cooljonathan reacted to Imakuni in What's the point of F@h   
    It's also a nice way to hold up the temperatures in those cold winter mornings....
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    cooljonathan reacted to MegaDave91 in Upgrade Time: 4690k or 6600k?   
    Decide then
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    cooljonathan reacted to Zayzo in Good time to upgrade from 7870?   
    you have an i7 OP has a 6300
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    cooljonathan reacted to Jobbe03 in FAT Tablet/GTX TITAN X ?   
    That's fucking retarded
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    cooljonathan reacted to Shakaza in AMD HBM Supply Problem Might Be Solved   
    Great. Still, what reason would I have to choose the Fury X over the 980 Ti? They perform almost the same.
    AMD needs to make compelling options for consumers, but right now there isn't anything they do that NVIDIA can't. If they want to succeed, they need to do something that differentiates them from the competition, but I'm not seeing anything like that.
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    cooljonathan got a reaction from BigDay in Can I Get Away With a Corsair H60 + i7-4790   
    H60 would be fine
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    cooljonathan reacted to Lavish in Big system upgrade   
    They wont increase performance by alot, I would estimate about a 10% performance increase max. Skylakes main selling point is cooler temps and better power efficiency, but the cooling is bogus because it goes by stock cooling, so you wont see a insane temp decrease to the point where you will NEED this chip. If you can stand the wait though I would hold off, the prices on the older cpus are bound to drop after the release. 
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    cooljonathan got a reaction from Oberon.Smite in Big system upgrade   
    Or you could wait. Skylake is coming out soon, and even if you aren't getting the newer CPUs, the prices are bound to drop for the older ones
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    cooljonathan reacted to Zayzo in Bottleneck I7-4770   
    Not even close
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    cooljonathan reacted to Picky Peep in Rate my build on aesthetics!   
    You could turn the lights on so we can see it.