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    Building PC, anime and gaming
  • Biography
    Pretty new to building PC but I guess that's fine lol
  • Occupation
    Being in your fridge


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 4590
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte H97M-D3H Micro ATX
  • RAM
    8GB Kingston HyperX Fury Blue 1600Mhz DDR3
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX970 Xtreme Gaming Edition
  • Case
    Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Windowed Mid-tower ATX case
  • Storage
    1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD
  • PSU
    Thermaltake Toughpower 550w gold semi-modular
  • Display(s)
    AOC G2460PQU
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper 103
  • Keyboard
    Logitech Wave
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Chroma
  • Sound
    Headphone only
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 64 bit
  1. Yeah but you can also get the Deathadder and the blackwidow chroma in a bundle for $6 less then what he paid just for the keyboard.
  2. My friend bought a BlackWidow Chroma for a ridiculous $300 at JB HI FI when you can get the keyboard and the Deathadder Chroma for $294 at mwave. Epic fail.
  3. Got my GTX970 top out at 1560mhz . I guess thats pretty good.
  4. Nope. The game just crash and the screen goes back to the desktop. No error messages.
  5. Hi, it's been a while since I last posted on this fourm but anyway, recently when I'm playing at this FFA DM server in CSGO my game just crash. It was happening before but I didn't mind because the crash wasn't too frequent. Now my game just crash more often. Is it the problem with this particular server or a problem with my hardware? I've downloaded the lastest driver for my GTX970.
  6. Second one has better GPU, tho also has a lower resolution the first option, there's probably not much difference you can see and it also adds a bit more fps than on Full HD display.
  7. I was thinking of getting that as well. Sonuds fishy at less than $300 tho.
  8. I suffered the same problem b4 but it got away really quickly. I think it's called performance anxiety where u get really nervous. Play few matches with a trusty friend.
  9. I did the same thing when removing the screws from the mobo. Had no affect on the mobo what so ever.
  10. Oh, his system won't be ever likely to survive something like 3 years. Saw reviews and a lot failed in under 3 years.
  11. Cooler Master V550 is the soild choice here. If your friend doesn't want to listen to you, go let him get that crappy PSU and see what will happen