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    Intel core i7 6700k
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  1. Hello! I need to send some personal items from the USA to Greece for family relatives but from what I've read so far anything worth over 60usd must be clearly mentioned in order to be taxed extra. More specifically I want to send 2 iPhones 1 MacBook 1 iPad 1 canon DLSR with its lenses and some clothes, I have no problem splitting them up in different packages. I did some research and found out that I could send them as unaccompanied personal goods by using a company such as sendmybag.com or mybaggage.com, some say unaccompanied personal goods are not getting taxed while others say
  2. Hello, i am new to the photography-cinematography game and I am still learning how to properly use photoshop lightroom etc. so I look for some quality unedited photos that I could use in order to experiment with so far I have used some relatively raw from some sites with stock photos but in every site with stock photos that I have looked so far most of the photos are edited, do you know any site, forum or even facebook page that has free unedited photos, link it bellow. Thanks for your time!
  3. Hello, i am starting to get into photography and cinematography and I really like it but sadly my current monitor is not the best for colour grading either for photos nor for videos, sometimes when I finish editing my photo and I am pleased with the result I go ahead and post it but sadly when it gets uploaded it look a lost worse than expected. So I am thinking about investing a second monitor just for this (and the flexibility it gives you of course) I wouldn't like it to cost more than400-500eur since I am a starter and I don't need it for really important work just yet. I would like it to
  4. Hello, I am thinking about buying some bitcoins and because its the first time i would like to know the best and most efficient way to do it, if you have any suggestions please tell me. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, for some reason when i start up my pc i have 2 users to choose from and the windows by default choose and try to log into the one i dont want so everytime i have to manualy switch to my main user and it starts to get a little annoying after a while. I tried to delete it but i cant seem to be able to find it the only user that is shown up in the control panel>user accounts is my main. Do you have any idea on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  6. the reason i want it with swiss mechanism is that i dont want to look like its a fake one
  7. Hello, i want to buy a replica for my brother just to prank him before giving him the actual watch but i want reccomendations about replica sites because according to the reviews i cant seem to find a legit one, (i want the watch to look like real and not like a chinese toy and if i could find it with a swiss mechanism it would be realy cool) thanks for your time!!
  8. I bought it on eBay and I'm sure that you can change the cable
  9. Hello sadly my left ear cable of my pair of sennheiser ie80 got damaged and as a result sometimes it just doesn't work right and I am going to replace it but I need some help. How can I take the old cable off the headbuds in or edit to replace it? I Googled it but the only thing I found was articles about which cable to buy. Any help appreciated
  10. Hello guys! I am looking for a new decent-good microphone up to 80usd do you have anything in mind? Thanks for your time!
  11. what if i contact the g2a shield support and ask them about the options i have, do i have a better chance to get something out of it?
  12. so can i get a refund from steam (but it is a gift)
  13. Hello guys! Recently i bought a game from g2a but because it was late at night i mistaken it for a different one (i wanted the h1z1: king of the kill and bought h1z1: just survive) because i am an idiot i bought it from a user not from g2a itself and received it as a gift is there any way that i can get a refund? Thanks for your time?