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    Bobby Tables

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    Meaning of my title: http://xkcd.com/327/

    Ask me anything IT; Software, Hardware, Dev, etc...
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    Web Developer (Full Stack)


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    Intel Core i7 6850K @ stock
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    Asus X99 A II
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    16GB (4x4GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX 2133MHz
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    EVGA 980Ti FTW
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    Corsair 750d
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    Samsung 850 Pro 512GB + Crucial MX100 240GB + Intel 530 180GB
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    Corsair AX860i
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    Dell U3415W
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    Corsair H110i GT
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    CoolerMaster QuickFire TK (CMX Brown)
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    Mionix Naos 8200
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    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 + KRK Rokit 8 G3 + BD DT 770 Pro + Sennheiser GAME ONE
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    Windows 10 Ent.

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  1. Yep, to anyone needing the fix, Ducky fixed this in the latest firmware build. You have to check carefully and I'd recommend confirming with their discord first, but here is now I fixed my Mecha Mini DKME1961ST: Confirmed with the discord which firmware patch I required This is as the P/N DKME1961ST isn't listed on the Ducky Mecha Mini web page, only DKON1861ST and DKON2061ST are listed on there and have different patch versions A staff member on discord responded within 5 minutes confirming the following steps for my situation, you should do the same for yours
  2. Summary It has been discovered when comparing the AMD variant (G15) of the ROG Zephyrus laptop to the Intel one (M15), that the AMD one has blocked CPU vents and is being paired with weaker hardware. Quotes Apologies there is not much in the way of a written quotable source. Please see the sources below for better information! My thoughts I'm unsure as of yet as to if this is intentional, some people can get carried away and very heated with these things, especially the AMD vs Intel debate. My personal take is that there isn't enough in
  3. Yep, already had shipping delays getting the order initially, so not holding out hope for shipping back soon. OC say 3-5 days that they have to test the board in house. Then beyond that, no idea. Shipped it back yesterday and it arrived at their warehouse this morning, so hope I see some progress by next week. Hopefully it doesn't drag on for months, especially as I only had it built for 3 days. Kinda hope its just a replacement situation, as its within 14 days of purchase it may get treated as faulty goods under EU law (I think, looking at their support page). They also have a 14 day guarente
  4. Thank you! I really hope it goes well. Overclockers UK are dealing with it as its within 14 days of purchase. Although that board is out of stock everywhere, so I'm thinking I'm going to be without it for a few weeks at minimum. Sad times. Very sad times.
  5. My latest SFF-ish build! Love the H210 and amazed that its all metal construction. Really, really solid case - just that glass side panel that difficult to get off. I spent ages on the cable management and really enjoyed building a SFF-ish form factor. I've been really wanting to do a compact-ish build for a long time and finally I saved enough, and with COVID there seemed to be no better time. My previous build was a full tower LGA-2011 build with a 6850K in a Corsair 750D, which, although lovely - was just too big. I sold all that off over a year ago, moved down to Lo
  6. Original article: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-announces-4q19-earnings-second-gen-rdna-in-2020-quarterly-revenue-up-50-percent This is excellent news! And will hopefully spur continued innovation. This is also amazing news, hopefully they will have more cash on hand now to address their GPU division... I mean this stuff speaks for itself, well done AMD. This is a win for everyone, as hopefully this puts ever more clout behind their Ryzen and Epyc division to keep the competition fueled.
  7. Rig Name: The Suprisingly Average CPU: Intel Core I7 3770k @ 3.5GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti RAM: 16gb DDR3 @ 1600MHz (4x4)
  8. Okay, well, here's my progress so far for any readers in future: The main constraint of finding a suitable stand for this monitor was obviously it's weight. The size wasn't really an issue as long as the stand could hold the weight and keep it held, along with maintaining the ability to 'freely' move the display around on all axis. Firstly I went to good old Amazon to see if Duronic had anything suitable (gass or spring based) with atleast 2 arms, as I've used them before on other monitors at work and at home with great success. For the price you can't really get anythi
  9. Link to the article should be in the post. But other than that, looks interesting if nothing else. It will be interesting on how many slots it uses.
  10. I'm having a hard time finding a suitable monitor stand for the U3415W due to its weight. I'm looking for is a desk mounted stand (clamp base) that supports VESA 100 (not over due to the VESA mount being indented), has 2 actuation points on the arm (or more, as its going against a wall), has smooth movement (spring or hydraulic action?) in which will allow me to take the monitor higher than the original stands 115cm and have more flexible movement in the monitors 3D positioning. The problem I'm coming across, after spending quite a bit of time on Amazon UK, Scan, etc... is the weight
  11. I've kitted out my apartment with Hue, love it. Got it hooked up to ITTT as well, makes it all the cooler.
  12. I think they have the ZigBee and Bluetooth labels mixed up...
  13. I plan on doing the same thing for the same reason, although SLI 780's up to just one 980ti for me.
  14. You may laugh, but this has already supposedly happened... http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/01/is-your-refrigerator-really-part-of-a-massive-spam-sending-botnet/
  15. Cool, thanks! Just picked up the M360, good price on Amazon in the UK at the minute. Always thought the thing looked the best of all smart watches IMO, now I can finally pair it to my 6 Plus! (hate the design of the Apple Watch, so dissapointing...)