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  1. I am looking for an RTX 3080 variant of both of these laptops. It will be my main machine when I go to university in September. The webcam of the Razer is a plus but the G15 has that AMD chip. The problem is that the G15 hasn't been in stock in my country like not even once, while Razer Blades are available on Razer site (Europe). Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Soon I will be heading to university in a different country, so my trusty old rig will need to stay home. I am looking forward buying a laptop that will be my primary machine. I was waiting for the RTX 30-series launch and was ready to go out and buy the Razer Blade 15 but after seeing Linus's today's video I am also taking into consideration the Asus Zephyrus G15. I will be (hopefully) a Computer Science student, so I will use it for notes, maybe some machine learning and other heavier tasks but also gaming. In terms of specs I will probably go with RTX 3080 and QHD displ
  3. Hello, I recently bought a new 6 TB HDD as I needed more storage. I wanted a 7200 RPM one so I opted for Seagate Exos 7E8 6TB. I moved my entire library on it (about 2 TB), but I heard it make really loud noises compared to my old Baraccuda. I thought they would disappear after a while but after 2 months they still occur. Is it normal for a enterprise HDD to be that much louder or should I be worried? VID_20200814_160206.mp4
  4. Hi guys, I am in a market for a new mouse and my two 2 only requirements are: a) it needs to be wireless and b) it needs to be white I currently own a G502 and it fits me really well. I planned to buy a MX Master 2S, but the size of back and forward buttons I kinda don't like as they are the only additional buttons I use (and I use them a lot). So then I started thinking about G305 ans G703. I liked the G703 more but cannot find the white version anywhere in stock (I live in Europe). So now I am staring at the G305, but I fear it will be a little bit too small for my hands. D
  5. So it looks like Vivo's built in AI is making the screen look worse than it really is. In fact after it is temporarily disabled (by installing a third party app) the screen is on par with Note 8 display, which is really impressive if we're taking into a count its 91.24% screen to body ratio. We know that it affects the YouTube app and stock gallery app (so presumably mostly stock apps) and we don't know if it is happening to both chinese and international versions but we surely know that it is really sketchy. Image comparison to the Note 8: Source: https://forum.xd
  6. Hi, first of all, do you want Apple exclusivelly? Becaused based on your use cases, I would recommend the Note 8 more than an 8 Plus or the X. There is no such thing as the notch on the X and if you want your phone for a longer time, I highly recommend to buy something with edge to edge display. But if you really want an iPhone, then get the X. It is the first iPhone with Face ID, which I think is not worth it, but it looks like Apple will never bring Touch ID back (headphone jack, ehm), so getting it now will help you adapt better. Also, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is not really worth
  7. Hi, I´ve got a problem recently. I had my trusty Intel i7 6700K set at 4,7 GHz at 1,325 V for over a year now and I went to update my BIOS. I have an ASUS Z170-A motherboard and everytime I update it, I´ve got an error message saying that overclocking failed. I always fixed it (still not sure how, I always did it (I guess a CMOS reset)), but this time is something different. When I start my computer it doesn´t boot, like it starts up, but I´ve got no signal. Also I can say, that on the motherboard there are 4 LEDs, all next to one component (CPU, GPU, RAM and bottom of motherboard), when every
  8. No, don't get me wrong. My friend changed my password (he knows it, apparently). But I don't know his password, so if I would found out, and it will match with the one his PC, I will be able to get some sort of revenge ?.
  9. Hi, I'm on a computer, logged in and I want to know its password. How can I do that? I'm registered, admin and everything. Thanks!
  10. Its a dual chamber design case (I think you know that), I think NCIX did a full review, so check that. Also for white fans, I think Corsair ones (White LED) or Enermax Cluster Advance (for all white design (LEDs can be turned off)). I don´t think having a AIO for CPU and AIO for GPU is the best thing to do, but if yea, than I would rather go with hybrid. Hope I helped
  11. Hi, can you guys please help me? I´m trying to cut this song, but my skills are (as I can see) bad. So I´ve reached if you can help me with this. The file is 1:09 minutes, but I need to cut it to 1:00 or less. I need to cut out something from part which is before 0:30. Audacity file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qs2pbz5t4gfdgbc/Bakermat - Teach Me.aup?dl=0 MP3 file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xe7etqnf11dwgz9/Bakermat - Teach Me.mp3?dl=0 Thanks
  12. I'm going to new school next year, so it will be awesome to have a new laptop. I would like New Razer Blade 14, just because I always wanted to have no compromise gaming experience (if school gets me boored ???), even in such a thin formfactor. Also that graphic looks amazing (i absolutely love that dotted world map!)! Thanks!
  13. Tomorrow I will build my friend a pc. He will have an Pentium G3258 with stock cooler. If I will remove the stock thermal compound and replace it with my MX-4, will it run cooler. Also what overclocks and volts you achieved with Pentium G3258 on stock cooler?