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  1. So I got a nasty issue. It started when I clicked the option to boot to safe mode with DDU because I wanted to get rid of some old AMD driver scraps that I guess I didn't fully delete. When I got back to the login screen - it just freezes and my keyboard and mouse turns off. Then when I hit the power button to turn it off - it shows that it is shutting down so it isn't frozen at that point but I have not successfully been able to get past the login screen. Specs: Core i3-4130 Asus motherboard GT-1030 12gb ddr3 (8gb G.Skill Sniper, 4gb AMD ram) Boot drive:
  2. Didn't this unit come from Vinita, Oklahoma? My apologies on the bump, but nice to have extra info on this siren.
  3. Welp I tried another power supply and it worked after unplugging the graphics card, turned on. Then I plugged in the graphics card, and it turned on again. So I connected the original PSU, and it all works now! I don't know what causes this, but honestly since I'm going to get another month or 2(hopefully) without dealing with this, I'm happy considering I built this machine that is falling apart on Jan 2nd, 2015.
  4. Not sure if I can do that considering I bought it from a third hand seller on Newegg... And I didn't pay for warranty. Also I'll try testing with a 20 pin PSU(second best PSU I have) and see if it even powers on my PC when I can.
  5. Actually I just tested the PSU on another computer(in other words a bare motherboard that had a C2D cpu and 4gb of ram) and it works. Seems like a motherboard issue... DESPITE THE FACT I REPLACED THE MOTHERBOARD A FEW MONTHS AGO.
  6. I can try replicating this issue on a PC with a core 2 duo using my PSU, but I don't have any other PSUs that has a graphics card connector.
  7. Ok so let me explain this issue. A few months ago I replaced the motherboard for a unrelated issue and I got a ASUS H87m pro(I think). Here is issue, and it has happened before. When I unplug the power supply for one reason or another, and plug it back in, the computer won't turn on. It will take a few hours to be able to even do anything, until then the motherboard light turns on(as it does upon being plugged in) but nothing happens when the power button is pushed, not even spinning fans. Last time it happened, I had to wait over night, and it worked again. I'm assuming this is what is going
  8. Well tonight my ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 killer fried. Ima buy some Z87 motherboard as a cheap replacement but I have one concern.... How will this affect Windows 10 licensing? Will I need to get a new license? How do I get around this?
  9. I'll try, but I don't have any 99% iso, again, Is there any chance, because after all the memory card still exists. I am just bummed because it took time to get those photo's. :l Is there any other way?
  10. Its been dead for weeks, I think its too late at this point. It also sat in rice for over week so, it being wet isn't a problem. I already took it apart, and unfortunately, I don't have any iso, and all that matters to me since I'm already using another phone is that I get the files off of the internal storage of the dead phone :l
  11. What kind of software do you recommend? And I have 1 idea, to look into my usb devices.. but I don't know which one would be my phone. The best thing I see in device manager is.. http://prntscr.com/cfv823 And nothing happens when I look into it. The software needs to work with phones that are dead... or won't be detected, because the ones I find initially seems like for phones that work but with accidental file deletions.
  12. How would I do that, since last time I plugged into my pc, it doesn't show any external device. Yeah, it was Internal storage..... unfortunately. Right now I can't find the phone, and I'm turning my house upside down looking for it. Edit: Found it.
  13. I really want it fixed as I had to travel quite a bit around my state to get the pictures on the dead phone. Any way, even through soldering and making it a USB drive(BIG stretch) that I can get the pictures off of it?
  14. Yeah it is completely dead. Took it apart, put it back together, sat in rice for like a week, doesn't do a thing, except vibrate when I plug it in. I have pictures on the memory card that were fairly recent at the time I wish to get off, is there any way to do this?
  15. -nevermind, already answered right when I posted this-
  16. So if I tried 70% on the PCB that is exposed, would that be fine? Or would I have to use 99%, because I don't have any of that lying around.
  17. I really don't want to take my phone all the way apart, is there any other way? :l EDIT: Also, would 70% work on the PC. that is exposed without the back off?
  18. Well I only got the back off my phone less then a hour ago. And the rice couldn't reach the moist inside of the phone. Also, the light on the top of my phone that shows up when its plugged in(a tiny white light), turns on when its plugged in.
  19. My phone is a Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. Well I know i shouldn't have but I left water on my desk, I went to lay down, I couldn't go to sleep. I got back up after like 20 minutes, and notice my water was spilled(I blame one of my cats), and I cleaned it up naturally. I forgot my phone was on the desk.. it didn't splash on my phone mostly but it did get inside the case.. and I forgot to get the water out of the case, so it seeped into my phone. Right after the incident, the phone kept on trying to turn on, and doesn't turn on, keep on trying.. until the loop ended. Now when you try to turn it on,
  20. Half of my digitizer on my Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 doesn't work. The screen shows everything, but the touch only works on half of it, and yes I already made a post on it, rip phone. I'll try to send it into RMA, hoping it is still covered by warranty, but it probably isn't since the damage isn't my fault.

  21. That is horrible. It seemed AS IF it was a disconnected plug, since its literally PERFECTLY half of the touchscreen not working.
  22. So.. I have a Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3. I fell asleep with it. When I woke up, it was wedged under a heavy part of my chair, half way. Now when I got it out, exactly HALF of the touchscreen won't work. The screen shows EVERYTHING, but just the touch on HALF of the screen won't work. What could be the problem?