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  1. USD, Newegg seems to be out of K70s. But the Strafe seems to meet my criteria.
  2. But it still has this thing I want a frame where the entire bottom of the keys are exposed to the top half of the switches
  3. I'm trying to look for a Cherry MX Brown keyboard that doesn't have a recessed frame. For example, something like this: I'm aware of various Corsair options, but I'm trying to stay under $110. I'd also prefer Newegg links
  4. Yes Windows 10 2x SSD, 1xHDD OS is on SSD Sure, hold on
  5. Basically, if I have any game open, everything else on my system slows down. My mouse cursor gets choppy, I have to wait a bit before a window opens/minimizes, and I can barely watch videos on YouTube if at all. Everything just lags. The game itself is fine. Recently, I've acquired the budget to get a new GPU and I plan to get the 6GB GTX 1060, but I'm wondering if that's what I should be putting my budget towards. I thought it was definitely my GPU, because it's absolutely pathetic but then my friend brought up the possibility that I might have slow drives. How can I determine what's causing
  6. Ah. Sorry, but isn't that negative pressure? with 3 outtakes and 2 intakes? I thought neutral or positive pressure was always the way to go.
  7. I was actually thinking the 200r or the 300r, but my friend seems to be very adamant on the P400
  8. Huh. Wouldn't 1-2 outtakes on the top be better? since the hot air rises and the outtakes would just move it out through the top faster because the hot air is headed that direction anyways?
  9. Speaking of fans, how would I go about hooking up multiple fans? I'm planning to get a case to have 2 in the front, 1 in the back, and maybe like 2 in the top but my motherboard (some old MSI Z68) lacks in many fan headers. It doesn't have many at all. How should I utilize more fans when I don't have enough headers?
  10. I'm actually not sure which one it is, I'll have to get a closer look whenever I get back to my PC. Alright thanks dude I just thought 84 was really concerning for some reason lmao
  11. Dual Yesterday and also a couple days before that because me and @Stardar1 were opening up my case and I just said why not and I dusted everything as well as I could
  12. That is how I have it configured. Blower on bottom, ACX on top. I haven't used afterburner, but I've used other software (OpenHardwareMonitor I think?) and bumped up my fan speeds to 75% which was something like 3000rpm iirc. It stayed at 84. Will Afterburner help me push them further?
  13. My current GPU setup is 1x EVGA GTX 660 with a single fan (blower style), and 1x EVGA GTX 660 with 2 fans (ACX). The entire thing is in a case with very shitty airflow, and very shitty air circulation with an i7 2600k at 4.2Ghz. Whenever I play Overwatch or an equally or more intensive game, one of my GPU's stays around 60 degrees Celsius, and the other one goes to 84 degrees at load, which kind of concerns me. Should I be concerned? I have OpenHardwareMonitor and Speccy and they both say my GPU and motherboard are extremely hot. Would getting a new case with new fans make a wor
  14. So just a couple minutes ago my computer decided to upgrade to Windows 10 from 7 without my permission. Whatever I guess. Everything's gotten set up but I just opened task manager and saw that the speed displayed for my 2600k was 5.12-13Ghz. When I OC'd this thing, I set it to 4.2Ghz max. Why is it running at 5.2GHz at 20% load? Please help I'm actually terrified lmfao.
  15. Would a 123v1 be sufficient for what I would want to do? casual streaming, i mean edit: actually I think I'd prefer an i5 but there's no locked i5 that's over 3.4Ghz~ ish. I don't know if I should still go for it because I know that having higher clock speed is nice for streaming and I just want it to look nice when I do stream so edit2: also yeah 4460 is 3.2ghz and the 4590 is 3.2 how is the 4590 compared to the 4460? Is it even worth getting it? or if I'm gonna get the locked i5 should I just go with 4460?
  16. "A little over $300" it's $20 away from 400 lol but I supposed a 123v1 could work... doesn't streaming require higher clockspeed though? Is the performance like that of a modern i5/i7 w/o the OC option?
  17. Nah beacuse to be honest, besides for Rainbow Six Siege, the other games I play could honestly probably run fine on integrated. I don't really want to upgrade my graphics for the sake of 1 game. Plus I dont' see myself staying with it long-term like with my other games.
  18. I was actually considering an AMD chip but RIP the core performance
  19. Yeah but any mobos that I get for this chip are used and old. I've gone through 3 and this is the only one that didn't have a dead RAM slot but the OC is wonky and there's no I/O shield which bugs me so much it's not even funny lmao I cringe at the thought of flies and spiders going through that open gap and into my case and dying inside my GPU or something
  20. Shit dude that thing is $100 on Newegg lmao other cases that look like it? I like the look
  21. Well I'm not looking to upgrade graphics
  22. Saving up for buying something like an i7 later is one of the most impractical things for me. I have to emphasize how casual my streaming habits are. Would a 4460 or a 4590 be a significant downgrade?
  23. 2600k, sketchy used motherboard w/ no I/O shield, 32GB RAM, and a 660, and a case that has really nice i/o but it's just annoying because the airflow is really shitty and the cable management is non-existent. I don't really think I like my processor. Sure, it's an unlocked i7. But it's pretty old now and takes up a lot more power than a more modern chip. I stream occasionally and it's almost always fast-paced games, so it's nice to have enough CPU power to keep those games at high enough FPS while not making my stream looking like a powerpoint. I don't stream seriously at all,