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    intel g3258
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    ASUS Z97-A
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    Nvidia evga 750
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    Wd blue 320gb
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    Benq 15.6
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  1. for gaming and the fix the fan kraken x62 and olso have case cooler master h500P
  2. i want to upgrade this pc ! https://pcpartpicker.com/list/TgQxrV who new parts recommend me ? * ONE NEW GPU - I also believe that I sell this pc and build a new one more updates
  3. yes i wanted to buys parts of 9th gen intel or the amd ryzen
  4. if I think about selling parts or the complete pc to build a new
  5. I like to always have the updated pc .1080p of my monitor 1920 * 1080p, I use it to play, I work I am an engineer in computer science
  6. hi friends i want to upgrade my pc is = Procesador I7 8700k Motherboard z370 gaming 7 aorusMemory RAM 2x8gb :16gb corsair led blue 3000mhzpower supply 650w supernova gold g3Storage 1tb seagate barracuda, 256 gb ssd m2 samsung fan cooler kraken x62 Monitor asus vz229h Cooler master h500p mesh white case Monitor asus vz229h add: gpu evga 11gb fw3 1080ti
  7. If the cooler has 4 years of use. The resolution of 1080 does not matter so much I just say xq my monitor is it. I have seen more new ones than kraken x62 but I do not know what to throw or if I buy that
  8. I would like a cooler that came out this year The reason is that my cooler is already having high temperatures and the fans sound a lot And the graphics card already sold
  9. in resolution 1080p . i have 500$ for gpu and cooler
  10. That is what I thought but I see that the cooler kraken x62 is something old I would like to know other more new options