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Status Updates posted by Hackentosher

  1. wow has anyone noticed the discord desktop client dramatically increasing power usage on a laptop? I watched my power consumption drop from hovering around 20w to 5w. Not sure if it's just a coincidence, but it was a quick observation I made.

    1. kelvinhall05


      Discord is hilariously resource-heavy and although I haven't really used my laptop much (not like I'm leaving the house, lol) I wouldn't be surprised if I could replicate this behaviour.

  2. Who the hell approved this?


    1. Den-Fi
    2. FakeNSA
    3. Letgomyleghoe


      would of looked better with a one piece intake instead of the two nostrils, but you know BMW has to keep up with their quite dumb split intakes.

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    2. Hackentosher


      Yeah it's all good, might be able to use the offer as leverage with another company though 👀

    3. Hackentosher


      Oh another thing, the CEO wears flip flops around their open floor warehouse... Where there are shop tools and welders and bands saws and bigass batteries and other things that should make you think "huh I should be wearing steel toe boots instead of my lowly sneakers"

    4. FakeNSA


      Never a good sign.

  3. Wow, it's amazing what the XPS cooler can do when it's not held back by a layer of toothpaste for thermal paste. Been running various virus scans for the past hour and keeping under 90C on a 45W 6 core laptop cpu!


  4. Oh shiiit Altium has free student license now!!

  5. I wonder if the plastidip could have anything to do with it 


  6. Wow, Fusion 360's animation work space really uses the GPU. That's exciting, most of all CAD workflows I've encountered barely even look at the GPU, this is the most utilization I've seen in the tool in the 6 or so years I've been using it image.thumb.png.d46491745d9541c2a93da7f736ae4dd1.png

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    2. TVwazhere


      That's assuming you're us and are using Autodesk products that havent been updated to use more than a single core in twenty years lol. 


      Doesnt surprise that an animation workspace utilizes the GPU a lot. Finite Element analysis  and other forms of simulation are fully multi threaded which is good, but most things still only care about PIC and single core speed. 

    3. Hackentosher


      As far as I can tell modeling is also single threaded as well (which makes sense considering the linearity of the calculations that need to be performed, can't really work on a series of calculations out of order), which gets annoying when I start working with assemblies with a shit load of components or trying to manipulate a shitload of features at once. At least it's more intuitive than SW lol.

    4. TVwazhere


      I havent had an issue going between SW and Inventor but I've never had to use Solidworks for a job; just school. 

  7. Holy crap why are people spending soooo much money on computers? Are they trolling? Playing window shopping? It's fun to shop, but like I've stumbled upon so many posts today of people asking for help speccing parts for builds where money doesn't seem to be an object, or are looking to spend over $5000. Feels kinda weird. Maybe there was some hot stock tip I missed.

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    2. Jurrunio


      In the past we have flagship gaming CPUs at $350 and GPUs at $700. Now it's $600 and $1500. I'm not surprised how budget for such things also increased so much.

    3. Hackentosher


      But what percent of people are spending $5000 on a computer? The prices of parts have gone up, for sure, but has the number of people buying top shelf parts also gone up? You can still build a ballin gaming machine for $1-2k right? 

    4. Jurrunio


      I guess more reckon it's worth spending a lot on PCs? Now that home office is much more popular, spending more on something you use for long periods of time daily (i.e. a desktop) is far easier to justify than back when it's only used in the weekends.

  8. Zoom is awake this morning


    1. FakeNSA


      Make grades delicious again!

  9. Awe fuck my roommate thinks he might have been exposed last Thursday ://////// time to take advantage of university testing again.

  10. How much does keyboard sound matter to you? http://www.strawpoll.me/21017198 




    So it looks like in the PC enthusiast community, a fraction of which I believe to be hardcore keyboard enthusiasts, don't care too much about sound, but it appears it's definitely a factor in this mctiny sample size. I'm considering the bottom three categories as "no"



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    2. Hackentosher


      no no, something else. I haven't put anything about it on the internet yet. Just quietly working with my roommate.

    3. kelvinhall05


      You gonna show some stuff here, or do I have to go bribe your roommate?

    4. Hackentosher
  11. God I hate amazon as an institution, but I can't help but love The Boys. They've done a really good job with this one and The Grand Tour.

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    2. CircleTech


      My new paper RTX 3080 can render 1 frame. Not per anything, but just once!

    3. CircleTech
    4. soldier_ph


      For the price that one Gigabyte 3080 is at (over 80'000 USD) I could buy everything I ever wanted regarding Tech and probably still have a lot left to buy a brand new Tesla. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  12. I love how the electrical engineering department knows the math department at my school is shit, so the engineering classes spend the first third of the course completely reteaching what should have been taught by the math department.

  13. I haven't flirted with anyone in so long this is so weirdly funny

  14. Man nothing like having a cool idea and finding out it sorta already exists. I guess that means it’s a good idea and I need to beat them to market. 

  15. Man, there's nothing like spending weeks on a board, going over all of the complicated details, ensuring you got everything connected right and with the right support components. It's done. It's perfect. You click order, you try not to gag at the shipping cost that is 30% more than the merchandise itself, all is good in the world. 


    But then.

    As you're buying the components for the board that has now cleared review and has made it to production, you notice something. Something small. Something incredibly simple and easy to implement, but potentially disastrous if forgotten. A simple resistor, missing.


    God damn it.

  16. I don't like online university, but the discords that get setup for every class are always fire.

    1. kelvinhall05


      Wish my district would use Discord. I'm likely going to be stuck with Google Meet/Classroom. Better than Zoom, I guess.

    2. Hackentosher


      They're all grass roots. Someone in the Zoom chat just drops a discord link and the party begins.