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About wkronbaek

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    Too lazy to game
  • Birthday Oct 14, 2000

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Well, Computers... (Duh)
    Computer games, Board games
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    Producer & Ideas at Name Pending Games


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    Laptop thingy
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    4 GB
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    500 GB
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    HD 681 Evo, Monoprice 9927
  1. I'd build an awesome computer with it!
  2. Nice giveaway! I cant come up with anything besides the fact that LTT is amazing keep doing vids
  3. In what way is this better than the Moto G? Moto G is same price, and has both a more powerful processor and a 720p display.
  4. Favorite about Z2: It has a really nice design Favorite aboud dbrand: Their skins are both cheap and pretty.
  5. The worst part about this is that they've apparently downloaded the video and it put it in their own video player
  6. Favorite thing must be the buttons on the back, seems really nice.
  7. 1. current laptop, not the best but been strong for a year and a half now 2. Moto G, love it 3. Monoprice 8320 - getting replaced soon but they were nice for when I couldnt afford better 4. Casio Illuminator wristwatch - I feel naked without it in public, It's gr8 5. Can't really come up with anything, my generic mouse? It's better than a touchpad and lasted a couple of years I guess.
  8. Shall a Ford Corsair be the official LTT car?
  9. I think I'll go IEM then, seems like a better choice for me. So, best IEM's for 100£?
  10. I wear my current monoprice 8320's about 10 hours on some days, and I still rarely notice them being in my ear. I much prefer the comfort over over-ears, although that may just be me. I know the e10's are amazing value, but If I have more money that I wanna spend, wouldnt I be able to get a btter pair of headphones?
  11. Heh. How big a difference will it be? I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of sound for convenience.