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  1. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Applefreak in Where to find old version of java?   
    Have you tried the classics like majorgeeks.com
  2. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to igormp in Tesseract OCR vs Firebase ML Kit   
    I'd go with ML-kit just because it seems easier to implement.
    For actual performance, you'd need to test both by yourself since I found no easy way to know if they used the same dataset for training.
  3. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Eigenvektor in lie to server about md5sum of a file   
    Yes, which mentioned in the first paragraph of my post
  4. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Eigenvektor in lie to server about md5sum of a file   
    Depends on how you're creating the file. To calculate the hash, the file is read from beginning to end and fed through the hash algorithm. If you're creating the file programmatically you can absolutely generate the hash while you're writing it to a file, by feeding the bits through the hash digest as you're writing the bits to disk.
    For example, the server can do this while it is receiving the file. As the file is written to disk, it can also send the stream through the hash algorithm at the same time. Unfortunately the sender can't do that because you need to present the MD5 to the server as a header before the file is sent, otherwise you could generate it as you're going over the file to send it.
  5. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Alex Atkin UK in Decentralized Streaming Service   
    Exactly, its like the complete opposite of torrenting where random bits of the file come from different people all over the world and it doesn't matter because its not time sensitive.
  6. Funny
    babadoctor got a reaction from kirashi in Decentralized Streaming Service   
    How hard would it be to make a decentralized streaming service like twitch?
    I was thinking that users who are closer to each other would share bandwidth and that would potentially lower latency.
    Any ideas?
  7. Funny
    babadoctor got a reaction from kirashi in Decentralized Streaming Service   
    What would be the difficulties?
    I can't imagine it's any different than regular torrenting, but with some minor modifications to how peers and seeders are chosen and some fixes to improve latency
  8. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Enderman in Decentralized Streaming Service   
    It's the fact that many packets need to be sent out and received in the same order even if they are not going through the same distribution servers, the fact that they need to all arrive in advance in order to avoid buffering, the detection and resending of lost packets, thousands of clients that all need to be sent the stream, etc.
  9. Like
    babadoctor got a reaction from CircleTech in LTX 2020 Cancelled.   
    Can tickets get rolled over to next year?
  10. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Eigenvektor in Set maximum disk size of docker instance   
    For a machine with data that you want to keep and want to be able to log into to do work, something like VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM/QEMU is the better option. Create a virtual machine, install a Linux distro and then use it like you would a physical machine. Start it, install updates and programs you need, remote into it, work on whatever you want, shut it down.
    A docker container is based on an image. An image usually contains only the essential stuff needed to provide the one service it was made for. The image itself is immutable. When you stop and restart the container it is back to its starting point (a bit like a snapshot + rollback in a virtual machine).
    If you need a cluster, start multiple containers based on the same image. You do not install updates inside the container because they would be lost when the container is restarted. Instead you create a new image with the new version and replace the old container.
    Think of Kubernetes like an additional management layer on top of containers (like Docker). Kubernetes is used to orchestrate multiple containers that work together (e.g. multiple services, each in its own container that depend on one another)
    This is where companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft come in: They provide a platform to run such containers which are then used to provide service(s) to customers. No one signs in to these machines directly to get work done. The machines are there to provide a service.
    (And yes, they also provide other services like hosting so you can also run virtual machines on their platform in case you need a "real" machine)
  11. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Sauron in Set maximum disk size of docker instance   
  12. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to jj9987 in Creating Files in Mounted Drive Requires sudo? Permissions problems   
    Check your folder permissions, where the file lies.
  13. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to SupaKomputa in Creating Files in Mounted Drive Requires sudo? Permissions problems   
    Only do -R (recursive) on folders not individual files.
  14. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Nayr438 in Creating Files in Mounted Drive Requires sudo? Permissions problems   
    The correct command is chown user:group file and group isn't needed unless its for a multi user setup.
    sudo chown -R $USER /media/2TB/
    Will give you ownership over the entire directory.
    sudo chown $USER aptpackages.txt
    will only give you ownership of aptpackages.txt
    If neither of those work, then the drive is mounted in read only and you will need to remount it.
    fdisk -l to find the drive
    mkdir /path/where/you/want/to/mount
    sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/pathtodrive /yournewdirectory
    chown -R $USER /yournewdirectory
  15. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to DominicNikon in i7 8700k OC at 5ghz at 90-95c under load. Too high?   
    90C-95C is hot anything over 80C is considered too warm
  16. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Sauron in i7 8700k OC at 5ghz at 90-95c under load. Too high?   
    95°C is just on the edge of throttling. In theory it's fine, if the CPU isn't throttling then you won't lose performance and it's not high enough to be dangerous. With that said this could be causing your motherboard's VRMs to overheat which could shorten its lifespan. Just to be on the safe side it would be a good idea to set your cooler with a more aggressive fan curve to keep it below 85°C. If it's already at its maximum then consider lowering the voltage (and/or the clock speed) a bit.
  17. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to piratemonkey in i7 8700k OC at 5ghz at 90-95c under load. Too high?   
    @babadoctor thats pretty impressive. anything about 80c for an extended period of time is bad. you might get away with being higher but its pretty unsafe
  18. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Spoiled_Kitten in i7 8700k OC at 5ghz at 90-95c under load. Too high?   
    The temps look fine, may be lowering life span a little but can live, recommend maybe trying to get a little cooler if possible otherwise your good!
  19. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to jj9987 in CIDR block notation question   
    Adding another useful link: subnet cheat sheet for both IPv4 and IPv6 - https://kthx.at/subnetmask/
  20. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Zergom in Find all IP addresses in a certain geographic location   
    Keep in mind IP addresses can change regions, and can be transferred in and out of regions. Services like MaxMind keep that information current, and are free to use for personal use.
  21. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Ed96win in CIDR block notation question   
    Take a look at this:
  22. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Electronics Wizardy in CIDR block notation question   
    Google subnet calculator.
    /8 /16 /24 are the most common, but you will see others. Just use a calculator for that like this one http://jodies.de/ipcalc
  23. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Windows7ge in ubuntu mount wont work   
    I've edited fstab quite a few times with no issues. I can't say how well it plays will unpluggable devices though (should you unplug it and plug it back in will it remount? I can't say.)
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  25. Informative
    babadoctor reacted to Rehmat in Ubuntu server 16.0.4 won't connect to internet after plugging it into different router   
    @babadoctorHi  there. Sometimes ubuntu forgets to ask the router to be assigned an ip. To resolve this first make sure that you have root (sudo) level permissions. Then follow this guide:
    Hope this helps