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  1. Ok thanks for the quick answers
  2. I own a i5 9600k and use it on a Asus Z390 motherboard, that we all know has PCIe gen 3, and i am using a gtx 1660 super right now, and was thinking about getting a RX 6600 XT, but i have heard from a friend that it will run slower than in many tests he has seen, because it only runs with pcie 8x and not 16x lanes that most graphicscards do today, if i run it on my asus motherboard, i hope that i wont have to upgarde my CPU and motherboard to fully be able to use a RX 6600 XT. so is that true that i will loose alot of performance if i used it on my motherboard???
  3. I just today a couple of times had a video on youtube "freeze" on me for like 1 or 2 sec, but have not had anything happen while gaming so maybe i should try an uninstall that windows update KB4549951
  4. The BIOS update or the windows update seem to have worked, just played 6-7 games of Apex Legends and no lag at all, and i also found out something about the windows update KB4549951 could cause your system to "freeze", so maybe the update i downloaded fixed that i wil try some PUBG now i see if that works, and than watch some Linus Tech Tips videos after that
  5. i have updated the bios now the one that was on the motherboard was 1302, the newest one is 1502 the drivers should all be the latest ones and windows just had one update, i will try and play some games in an hour or two,have some stuff i have to do at home to keep the wife happy i will get back to you guys with if it helped to do the stuff i did.
  6. Got a new computer a short time ago and it performance is better than I expected, but have a small problem with it, and that is that sometimes the computer lags where all like stops for about 2 seconds, and then continues fine, it happens in both windows an when i am in any game and when i watch youtube. I have not changed anything in the BIOS, i have the different programs installed for controlling the RGB and a program fra Intel called Intel Rapid storage something There are the following things in my computer: i5 9600k ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F
  7. Does any of you know if the Asus ROG-G751JT-T7004H screen has G-Sync??? Have found one for sale where i live for very cheap(one that has been in for repair), and i read some where it should be possible to enable G-sync on the screen and some say it is not....
  8. do you have a link to were i can see it is only single fan
  9. Thanks than i will keep looking, dont want to buy it and it than overheats all the time
  10. Do both of them only have a single fan??????
  11. My wife has allowed me to use some money on buying a laptop, and i found the ASUS ROG G771JW and the ASUS ROG G551JW on sale at the same price, the have the same hardware inside, but i really dont wich one to choose, does any of you know if there is any difference in how hot the get, and if the 17" one maybe makes less noice or stuff like that. and i think i some where saw some one saying that only the 17" version has a dual fan config (one for the CPU and one for the GPU) sorry for my n00b questions, but i dont know much about laptops :-) and yes i have tried to gogle it :-D
  12. I all ready have most settings on low and only one on Ultra in BF4 to be sure to get over 100fps all the time, because i have a 144hz screen for my computer at home
  13. what i want to ask you guys and girls about, is if a gtx 850m 2gb GDDR3 is good enough to run games like CS:GO and BF in 1080p with medium(maybe some on low) settings at at around 100fps all the time Specs of the laptop are: Asus G550Jk-CN445H i7 4710HQ GTX 850m 2gb GDDR3 16 gb ram 700gb SSHD Thanks for the help in advance :-)
  14. I think he knows how to connect it the right way
  15. i have a friend who has a Asus Strix GTX970 that for some reseason only can display a resolution of 800x600, any of you ever heard of that problem before, and yes he has tried to uninstall and install drivers and stuff like that
  16. Just got my Asus Xonar DGX sound card today, first of all i had problems installing the drivers, but now it looks like the are installed. And when i want to install the audio center software, it just wont start installing from the CD, and i cant find the software any where on Asus's site, maybe one of you can help me???? It's this card i got :-) http://www.asus.com/Sound_Cards_and_DigitaltoAnalog_Converters/Xonar_DGX/
  17. Nice prices you can win in this giveaway This video from Jay is so funny: Techquickie:
  18. Its true Nintendo came first http://lolsnaps.com/news/89559/0/