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  1. I used Custom Resolution Utility to set the resolution to 480p 120hz, and it seems to run it fine, but honestly I'm not sure if its actually running at that refresh rate. Is there any way I can know? I feel like if it tried to run it and was unable to the monitor would display an out of range error or something, but I'm not sure.
  2. yeah using nvidia control panel, and i temporary swapped swapped out the 380 for the gt 730. i made sure all drivers were uninstalled before putting in the 730 tho
  3. Hey, I was trying to set a custom resolution and refresh rate on my CRT monitor plugged into my GT 730 via the vga port. Was trying to do 480p 144hz, but I'm not sure if my monitor supports it because when I press test, my monitor has the error message. OUT OF RANGE 90.8K 144Hz. However when I try to do lower refresh rates that the monitor appears to support (480p 100Hz) the customized resolution does not appear under the list of selectable resolutions, despite it having saved. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Was talking to google wifi support for 2 hours and nothing they said fixed the issue. I'm trying to run a minecraft server on my pc. Everything seems setup except when I open the port 25565, the port doesn't seem to actually open. Everything seems to be set correctly in the settings, but when I use a port forwarding checker it says that its closed, and I cant connect to the server. Seems like many other people have the same issue on the google wifi router but neither I nor the support tech could find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated ;~;
  5. At what seems like random times my computer will freeze. Everything stops responding and the screen becomes frozen and I have to manually restart the computer. I reinstalled windows and the problem persists. This only started happening fairly recently, and I have no clue how to figure out what needs to be fixed.
  6. Welp, it was f.lux. Not sure why it was messing up my screen in the middle of the day but I ended it through task manager then restarted it and it fixed it. Whoops.
  7. The tint is not present once I launch a fullscreen video game, but when I'm on the desktop or chrome or whatever, theres a distinct yellow tint. Not sure what I did. R9 380 and Driver Version 18.3.3 btw. Thanks.
  8. Okay, so I re-ran the speed test and its properly detecting my ISP and my speeds are correct, but sites still act like I have a vpn running. Another update, the speed test thinks that I'm somewhere in California, which I'm definitely not. I'm rly confused >.> but private internet access knows exactly where I am. What the heckkk
  9. I have 1 gigabit internet with google fiber but im getting 8 down and when I try to access websites that block VPNs it says I'm running through one. I check my processes and I didnt see anything fishy but its possible that somethings running that I missed. My pc is plugged directly into the google fiber modem.
  10. Idk if it makes it sound better or worse. It just sounds different. I'm using standard apple earbuds, nothing audiophile grade, so idk if it even matters. How do you guys tend to have your equalizer set up when you listen to music on the go? I'd love to know.
  11. Yes I am. I updated my drivers recently, but I guess I need to again?
  12. It was a clean install. I wiped my whole hard drive and installed Win 7. Maybe I used the wrong terminology. mb
  13. When I play league and watch twitch streams, my pc will freeze up. The screen will just freeze, and the audio will freeze on the sound thats playing, so if someone is saying broken, the audio goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Idk how to troubleshoot this at all, but its caused me to lose games, and it's annoying.