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  • Birthday Nov 17, 1979

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    CT, USA
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    Tech, PC Modding
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    Hi! I'm Steve,or as some of you may have encountered me as my alter ego "ABUSIV3"
    My gaming and online persona is ABUSIV3, and for obvious reasons my business front is ABUSIV3 CREATIONS.

    Although I am freakishly new to the forums here, I have been following Linus for a few years now. Before I found out about Mr Sebastion here I was a regular contributor on the Fusionmods forums.

    Anyway, I'm a relatively seasoned PC modder with a business plan.
    Hopefully soon you will all be buying *products* from me =]

    At this time, I am taking orders for custom case mods, and custom sleeving Via CL.

    However,In the VERY upcoming months I plan to fully market custom sleeved wire kits and some basic arcade controllers.

    From there I hope to eventually Create "made to order" arcade cabinets and custom arcade style gaming controllers and elaborate yet affordable at home gaming stations.. stay tuned!

    My history is in Mechanics, Carpentry and Electronics.
    All of my life being a skilled tradesman was a MUST in my family.
    Having grown up with power tools and a commercial work space at my disposal since I was a mere toddler, it was a natural choice to go into pre-assembly modification and second nature for me to see an item and immediately imagine what else it could be applied as.

    My goal is to bring that creativity to your home in a package you absolutely want and will make you the envy of your friends. I aim to bring the utmost level or product functionality to a aesthetic form normally referred to as form over function. My aim is to redefine that concept to include aesthetics on the same level of function.
  • Occupation
    Self Employed Contractor


  • CPU
    Intel core i7 3770k
  • Motherboard
    asus p8-z77i deluxe
  • RAM
    16gb corsair dominator platinum
  • GPU
    asus gtx 760 dc20oc
  • Case
    corsair air 540 artic white - modified
  • Storage
    intel 730 x1 intel 530 x2
  • PSU
    corsair 860i
  • Display(s)
    Asus VX238 (2x) HP 2009f
  • Cooling
    custom dual water cooling loop via bitspower xspc and ek
  • Keyboard
    corsair k95rgb recapped with max keyboard front print keys
  • Mouse
    corsair m65 white rgb
  • Sound
    corsair sp2500, astro a50 Halo Edition, Tritton Warhead Halo Edition
  • Operating System
    win 8 x64
  1. Listen, personally if it was me I'd already have made and posted it. but you asked us for our opinion. If it's something YOU feel passionately enough about to share, then if we dont like it nothing is forcing us to watch it and im sure there is a no loss situation .... lol... get at it. but none the less i stand by opinion that no, its something that can be resolved with a simple *GIF (lol) searched on google. but thats just an opinion. its a free forum.
  2. it happens. i too was apparently wrong as pny DOES have 980TI available, but lol im sure we were both referring to EVGA//ASUS =]
  3. Well i think you just answered your own question then. night mate, sleep on it im sure youll agree in the morning.
  4. to not argue, or go to far off topic, the most simple reference i can make is the difference between the blades on a corsair af 120mm and a corsair SP 120 THERE ARE A MILLION FANS im just trying to say he should use a "static pressure fan" of course all fans have some degree of static pressure- i cant believe that was your response. this is a good thread i dont want to troll anymore can we please let this go.
  5. extremely observant. hence why i could not resist the thread lol
  6. what is your gpu? there are usually indexes you can check for temps online, wont be as accurate as if you had the chance to benchmark before your screws snapped. the kraken will totally save your day. I recommend using the fan as a blowing fan or getting a corsair sp120mm pwm fan and letting that pull. Good luck either way. youll learn to love your case =] shes a keeper for sure lol
  7. bitfenix does this for style not accommodation they could simply have flipped the mobo and windowed the opposite door. i have the phenom. most sturdy case i have owned to date out of perhaps 30.
  8. your missing the time it takes to cool something passively vs actively, which is what we are basically discussing. pulling heat off something without a static pressure fan is moot. it doesnt happen. or gpu manufacturers would position the fan either way. however, ALL direct airflow at the pcb.
  9. which way the card is facing and the orientation of the fan has nothing to do with heat rising etc, it has to do with cooling the caps on the pcb you need to cool them directly the are too close to each other and get too hot to dissipate heat on their own therefore you absolutely need to have a fan blowing ONTO THEM. flipping the fan will be removing the ambient air. the fan will only PULL ambient heat off them not actually cool them. HOWEVER i think if you were to use a radiator fan with static pressure blades you might be able to position the fan either way and have good results. honestly
  10. regardless of outcome i have to admit i clicked on the thread just because of the initial question i was like: so my input, having ZERO experience cutting a mobo OR pcb. is DO YOU NEED THE MOBO IF IT FAILS? if the answer is NO then cut away sir. with nothing to lose why worry. experimentation is fun and educational. however, if you need this board FOR ANY REASON or would have to spend money to replace it for any reason, then no way dont cut it unless you know from the manufacturer (dell will never tell you crap) just my 2 cents tho, there is likely something in teh middle layer
  11. show me where the 980Ti IS available. saudi arabia isnt waiting. its not out yet.
  12. youll be pleasantly surprised w that case. i have built three rigs in that case and it has never let my clients down. great budget case. consider adding "nzxt sentry with mesh" for fan control, it matches the case exceptionally. def go for the 290, even if you have to wait a week or two for funding. worth it. out of two friends one has each gpu respectively. the 290 is just way sexxier than my other friends 280.
  13. your guide would be a single picture that is searchable on google
  14. i have the elgato hd 60 and lets say this IT LAGS. idc what ppl say it LAGS. PERIOD. so i bought an hdmi splitter off amazon for 30 bucks and split the source at the xbox, and send one ffeed to the elgato and the other to the display. seemless and NO lag. powered splitters work better.
  15. go with the recommended magnum. dont hate for the reference but thats what jays 2 cents "skunkworks" is in, and thats a gorgeous machine. im sure linus would approve.