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    Tom is a Door reacted to kilgore_T in Is this it? This is life?   
    add love, travel, psychedelic drugs and children to that mix and you are onto a winner (not necessarily in that order)
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    Tom is a Door reacted to RejZoR in Is this it? This is life?   
    The real circle of life...

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    Tom is a Door reacted to Falkentyne in Is this it? This is life?   
    "This being it" means having a job where you are simply thrilled to be working there.  Where basically you are excited, either meet good people or do things that are as fun and challenging as the videogames some people enjoy, or so on.  Having to number crunch at a desk job to make a paycheck at a job you do just because you have to do a job, can be torture. The difficulty is finding a job where you actually enjoy working and can have an influence.
    Often, being "this is it" requires you starting and managing your own business doing what you enjoy, so you can set your own schedules, are flexible with your rules, and then can get into what really makes you enjoy life--finding ways to invest wisely and create or innovate, which is how you get rich.
    Most people just have to suffer just to survive and hope they can unwind for the weekend.  Now imagine if you have a job you actually hate, like janitorial work, cleaning toilets or flipping burgers, or construction.
    Now plumbers and electrical engineers can make a hell of a lot of money, as you always need licensed reliable people for those.  And some people enjoy being lawyers too and getting rich.

    But I can't say anything that hasn't already been said by people much better off and far more knowledgeable than I am, so anything I say is probably just spam at this point anyway.  Just find what drives you and try to steer your life on a path where work bridges what you enjoy.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to wasab in Is this it? This is life?   
    USA gdp is 62,518 per carpita meaning everyone earns $62,518 USD annually on avarrgae. But because wealth inequality here, top 10% earns more than half of the wealth so we need to take away over 50%. Thus the average income should actually be somewhere in the $30,000-$40,000
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    Tom is a Door reacted to NineEyeRon in Is this it? This is life?   
    You have to make something of it.
    My weekly routine was get up 7am, play some PC games and go to work for 9, finish work then either go to golf or rugby practice. 2 nights each a week on weekdays so one night off. Weekends was rugby match and golf competition. Evenings finished with some PC gaming and weekends I didn't have matches or competitions I played PC games all day. I also cooked and ran a lot to keep fit.
    The less you do the less you can do, you have to do something to have the energy to do more of the body just goes into a cycle of doing less and less.
    Draft up a routine, make sure its achievable and then commit to it.
    Now I have a child and have MUCH less time I still jog 30k a week and do things, if not my body will just shut down into a cycle of work, netflix, sleep, work, repeat.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to fpo in Is this it? This is life?   
    You can also be a hobo. 
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Sauron in Is this it? This is life?   
    Depends on the job you do, some are more stimulating than others... if you don't like your job, make sure you use the stability it provides you to pursue your own interests in your free time.
    You said you're 22, so I assume you're in college...? In that case, if at all possible, I'd look for a job that really pushes the limits of your preparation as soon as you get your degree. If you're studying CS or something along those lines, systems analyst is not that job. At some point you'll have to settle for what you can get, but now is the best time to aim high.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Teddy07 in Is this it? This is life?   
    Yes, that is it. I am always tired after work. I do some stuff and go no later than 10 pm to bed. Next day same shit.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to N1tro199 in Is this it? This is life?   
    I don't agree. Where I work, the CEO and VP's are working more hours than we are. I get here at 7 and they're already working. I leave at 16h and they are still here. The travel for work and have so many meetings. Yeah it looks like it's a cosy job, but we have no idea how many hours they've put in their work to get there.
    Don't mixup rich kid youtuber that buys a lambo with hardworking millionaires that got there through blood, sweat and tears.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Gale in Is this it? This is life?   
    Yes, that's pretty much life for a lot of people. You actually have it better than most.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to PFTW1995 in Is this it? This is life?   
    I think that there is fulfillment in taking responsibility at least to some degree. And like others have said, enjoying your hobbies/passions is important, entrepreneurship is a great option if your willing to do the work, maybe you could make your passion into a business! Being debt free is a great idea also, so you can use your hard earned money for what you want instead of sending it to the bank. At the end of the day life is what you make it, what are you going to do to find meaning and purpose? Because you will need it to brave the storms of life.
    I personally hated working the 9-5 format, I was always looking at the clock counting the seconds until quitting time. So I could go home and "just live life and play video games."
    I'm one of the lucky people who has a passion for their career, I'm an owner operator truck driver, so now instead of "just wanting to go home and live life" I get to live life every day out on the road.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to MandoPanda in Is this it? This is life?   
    Life is not a video game or a movie. But you can find a hobby or go out on the weekends to the mountains or the beach or something. Life is pretty much just one giant grind if you think about it.
    One of my favorite quotes:

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    Tom is a Door reacted to Noctus in Is this it? This is life?   
    What exactly were you expecting lol? You're 22 right? Surely you had a reasonable guess to what work is like???
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    Tom is a Door reacted to RyomaSJibenG in Is this it? This is life?   
    welcome to the club
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    Tom is a Door reacted to dizmo in Is this it? This is life?   
    If that's the way you choose to look at life, then that's what you're going to get out of it.
    Generally, one needs to work to provide for themselves and make themselves feel useful. Especially if you're male.
    You don't have any hobbies or interests outside of the 8 hours you spend at work?
    If all you do is come home and plunk yourself down in front of a computer, then yeah you're going to feel rather meh about everything. Get out and live.
    Nah, school days were the best. No bills, nothing really that important to worry about. Your body recovered and healed quickly. More resilient. Better metabolism.
    So carefree.
    Mentally taxing activities can be just as physically tiring as physical activities. Sometimes doing nothing is the most draining of all.
    What exactly were you expecting? Life is what you make of it, nothing more. If you're not willing to put in work to make it more exciting, you're going to be bored.
    Honestly, probably better not to. You'll spend more money and get food that's likely worse for you.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Canada EH in Is this it? This is life?   
    Suckee or Sucker
    or should it be Sucked or Sucker
    Big Fish or Little Fish
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Tog Driver in Is this it? This is life?   
    Yeah, something like that, if you're not careful. you can try to find a job you like, and that way it doesn't feel like work.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Zusafek in Is this it? This is life?   
    I'm a truck driver. I work around 14 hours a day according to my log book. On average I'm actually working 24 hours a day for 21 days at a time seeing as I sleep in the truck also. I don't have set shifts. I don't have access to most basic things normal people do. Been doing this for nearly 18 years now. If you enjoy your work it's not so bad. 
    Oh and welcome to what the real world is. 
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    Tom is a Door reacted to dalekphalm in Is this it? This is life?   
    You have evenings and weekends to make yourself something other than your job.
    Or you need to change careers and do something more flexible that allows you to pursue other interests.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Psybadek in Is this it? This is life?   
    I work longer hours than that and different shifts and still find time for other things too do. It's all about how you utilize your time.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to William Payne in Is this it? This is life?   
    What you described is how work works. Some people are happy to just go to work and do their job and do what makes them happy in their own time. 
    My advice to you is to ask yourself what do you want from your life. I will be 31 this year and I can tell you that unless you are one of those people who can seperate work and life. I say find out what you love to do and what you want to do with your life. 
    Without money you can’t do anything, but you need a job to earn money. Your desired lifestyle will determine how much money you need to sustain yourself. 
    Money requires work. 
    There are are two types of workers. Those who are happy to work 40 or more hours a week for an employer and shut off completely when they go home. 
    The second kind are the hard ones, they want to work but they want to come up with their own ideas, make their own decisions, be a part of something or even create something. 
    That can be tough as an employee as often times all your boss wants you to do is come into work and do your designated job and that’s it, nothing more. 
    In that case you have to start looking into self employment and finding a way to have your own business. 
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Tristerin in Is this it? This is life?   
    Depends who you are.  Anticlimactic is a choice.
    I live for the 4 F's in no particular order:
    Im 34 at the moment - Ive never felt more alive. 
    So, whatever it takes to get there - if punching the clock 5 days a week (and I do that as well) is what it takes - that's EASY.
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    Tom is a Door reacted to Phentos in Is this it? This is life?   
    Such is life as an adult in the modern workforce.
    I work as a desktop support tech on a variable shift, and while my shifts screw with my sleep patterns, I don't regret my choice in career paths, though there are times when I come home and I'm so wiped that I pass out. 
    The thing that matters the most for quality of life and minimum stress is to minimize your debts. Not having to stress out about money and making payments takes a HUGE load off your shoulders and enables you to have fun with your money and life instead. I'm halfway done with paying off my student debt atm and I own a "hand me down" car that I owe nothing on, which cuts out two sources of debt so that I can channel that money instead into moving into a nice place in few months.
    Being in a serious relationship with someone you have a lot in common with and reciprocates your feelings completely does a lot to improve your overall emotional and mental well-being too. You don't have to get married or have kids even. Just to be in a relationship like that is good enough (for me). Unfortunately I haven't achieved that mark yet...
    I'm currently studying for my CySA certification as I hope to branch off into a career in cybersecurity at some point over the next couple of years. And that would bring a nice increase in pay and hopefully a more consistent work schedule.
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    Tom is a Door got a reaction from DimasRMDO in Is my pc list good?   
    You might wanna get a big hdd too. For games and video clips