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    zeiferlance reacted to atrash in Chrome uses more power than it needs to   
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    zeiferlance got a reaction from FlamingDefibs in Thermaltake introduces metal key caps   
    Nice! Now i have easier access to metal keycaps... needs something to pair with my CounterStrike keycaps. 

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    zeiferlance reacted to brownninja97 in Thermaltake introduces metal key caps   
    Thats pretty god damn awesome if ya ask me
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    zeiferlance got a reaction from Kamina in Thermaltake introduces metal key caps   
    Nice! Now i have easier access to metal keycaps... needs something to pair with my CounterStrike keycaps. 

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    zeiferlance reacted to SolvingJunk in AdBlock Plus being sued by German Companies   
    If websites didn't use outrageously obtrusive adverts, we wouldn't need ABP. I have ABP disabled on any websites I use often and don't bombard me with ads (LTT, YouTube, TekSyndicate, Escapist, etc...). But when news sites have an ad page before you go to the article page, a pop-up ad video after you click past the ad page, followed by flashing ads (some with sound) in the article, I have to block them. And they deserve the lost revenue as far as I'm concerned.
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    zeiferlance reacted to qwertywarrior in AdBlock Plus being sued by German Companies   
    I personally wish add block will always exist, but that's just me
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    zeiferlance reacted to ThyFeared in Elon Musk is donating $1 million towards the Nikola Tesla museum   
    This is awesome and so is your profile picture ( Can't wait for episode 2 )
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    zeiferlance reacted to BobbyG2 in Nanopixel displays with 150 times higher resolution – and they’re flexible, too   
    Chop, chop, AMD and nVidia. You got work to do.
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    zeiferlance reacted to Katsu-K1L in You can now control Google Glass with your mind   
    Browsing porn hub with my mind
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    zeiferlance reacted to mvitkun in ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY   
    Did he ever upload the videos from HighLANder?
    BTW these (signatures) are my favorite things about it, if this doesn't count though then I'd say the IPS display .

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    zeiferlance reacted to LinusTech in LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!   
    NCIX: n/a
    Amazon: http://georiot.co/30oN
    The G3 from LG is the first phone I've used with a 2560x1440 display. That's a lotta pixels! Not to mention the rest of the top-of-the-range specs!

    Alright, now onto the good stuff. LG is giving us TWENTY FIVE G3's to give away! All you need to do to qualify is post your favourite thing about the G3 from the review above in this thread and you can be selected at random to win one of these phones!
    Please note that they are retail units (in the video I said pre-production, but this has since been changed) and they are Korean unlocked global units, so you will need to verify if they will work correctly on your carrier! To my knowledge they will work on AT&T or T-Mobile, but I got no data - only get voice and SMS on my carrier (Bell) so YMMV.
    Either way you can still enter to win one, and you an always use it as a portable gaming device or whatever... I mean, it's a G3 man! The wifi will work! Best of luck to everyone!
    One entry per household.
    The giveaway is worldwide and closes July 6th and the winners will be announced on Twitter, so make sure you're following @LinusTech! 
    shinta86  thefurryman  bigboco  xollen  Christian B  Muhammad Mokhtar  CH Fung  MoSLegend  DigitalGeometrix    Alex.arvidsson   Crook   L_AyMent    Swedishgodkiller  Sawce  gdemirdas  Xjmhd  storthode  Ober1kenobi  Frankz  Koriander  davidvu396  444Duarte  Jogostar  Tannerschoch  JasonRoGo    UPDATE:   The winners who have been struck through did not respond in the allotted time period, so seven phones have been redrawn.

    The new winners of those seven phones are:   Echodamus    sillikony michaeldeve    HaydenMadeEm TechUpdate    lukepwnsall    fahzan007   Please respond to the message from nicklmg to claim your prize
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    zeiferlance reacted to cluelessgenius in Ubisoft: Far Cry 4 is "packed to the gills with women"   
    hope they incoorporate that boob physx
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    zeiferlance reacted to Jogostar in Ubisoft: Far Cry 4 is "packed to the gills with women"   
    Now they will complain that too many women get killed in FC4...
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    zeiferlance reacted to Jogostar in Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar Games   
    Isn't that like REALLY old news?
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    zeiferlance reacted to brownninja97 in *price update reduced by a lot*Its time Zalman gets serious with the H1   
    The prices have been changed the led version is now £100 while the non led is £80. Not sure why this is but its cheaper so yay ignore prices below.
    Well its a brownninja thread, what you thought there wouldnt be music, jesus whats wrong with you. Anyways get some tea, this one is awesome.
    Onto the case
     This photo is pretty bad but that is brushed aluminium and then rubberised metal around the aluminium and then mesh.
    Well firstly the front, you might notice that its got the front panel a little flared and the vents on the top are all open. Well its not always like that, also its calls lambo mode*cough@Slick*cough*. I was going to do a feature list but well i was beaten, such a shame. Moving onwards however they did miss a few things
    But this might help you understand some of the fancy features


    So the list says that there is a 200mm fan which is either led or non led(can be switched for dual 120mm), thats all good and nice yeah whatever, it then comes with two 120mm at the top, the metal bracket has a rubber clip on if you want to change for better fans, there is then a 120mm at the back next to the IO shield. Zalman also throw in another fan but they leave that you to mount where ever you want to mount it because why not.

    Lets talk filters, the bottom of filters by two fan filters(magnetic) and there is another filter behind that panel at the front and in case you are wondering if you dont like that brushed aluminium(a small demographic) panel then you can take it off for more air-flow. Also rubber feet, yay. Also means the psu will not slowly be murdered due to lack of air. They also have rubber on the psu mount because it is needed for some psus

    Onto the meat and veg, the drive bays can be removed or you can shove in a total of 6 3.5 drives or 7 2.5 drives. With both trays out you can still mount a 2.5 drive or throw it behind the motherboard tray. Hdds are mounts at the back with rubber mounts, tooless of course.
    As for water cooling support, 240mm at the top, 240 in the front if you ditch the bays and the 200mm fan and 140 rad in the back. 
    The wierd looking bracket in the middle can be removed or you can shove a fan onto it, up 120mm is recommended but you can probably go bigger then that. It also has a clip which can help against gp sagging, havent seen it in action yet.
    It supports to a 350mm gpu which isnt a problem, ive never seen one that big before 
    It also supports up to a 160mm cpu cooler(for example the nd-d14 is 160mm and the nd-d15 is 165mm) That could be a problem for a few people.

    I wouldnt really call this hot swap but they included a fancy cable just because they can. Remember cables in the back, this is 2014. 

    Finally the front IO, but they forgot the fan system, go watch that video above or not, whatever, anyways its a pretty nice fan controller(supports up to 6 fans) which controls rpm etc and a nice feature is that it can turn fans off if needed, this is great as its normally in expensive cases.
    Thats all she wrote and that people is how a case overview is done, not one picture or a link to a video. 
    Hitting the market at (scroll to the top)
    NON LED version(just has no leds)
    LED version 
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    zeiferlance reacted to GoodBytes in Windows 9 Preview Expected For End of the Year   
    No. But usually Microsoft has deep discount for Windows at release. For example, Windows 8 PRO was 40$, and included media center + codec pack add-on for free.
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    zeiferlance reacted to Admire in ASUS ROG SWIFT 1440P 120HZ MONITOR RELEASE DATE   
    Stop ruining our pessimism!
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    zeiferlance reacted to LogicalDrm in CSGO Idle Servers   
    No you won't. VAC is Valve's controlled system. Server admins could send data over if they suspect cheating. But since idle servers are private style admins only have power to ban you from that server. Killing would in that case be against server rules but not really cheating.
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    zeiferlance got a reaction from Legion in Mechanical Keyboard Club!   
    next month, these awesome looking Starcraft II keycaps.   

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    zeiferlance reacted to Altecice in [TechReport] AMD Gaming Evolved Adds Recording/Streaming Capabilities   
    Did you ever think for a second that you are on a tech support forum. So many of the posts are about issues people are having. Im sure there are just as many Nvidia issues as AMD. You are the one being immature by saying what you did, Stop being Biased Mr ASUS GTX770 DCUII .
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    zeiferlance reacted to Altecice in [TechReport] AMD Gaming Evolved Adds Recording/Streaming Capabilities   
    Idiot... Nvidia fanboy much?
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    zeiferlance reacted to BallisticPeanut in CSGO Idle Servers   
    I've only used Idle Servers maybe twice, but I never heard you could get VAC Banned  :blink:
    I always thought that you were supposed to kill the idle players for certain achievements.
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    zeiferlance reacted to flibberdipper in Ubisoft Explains Why Watch Dogs On PC Had Hidden Graphic Options   
    Face it Ubisoft: You've done fucked up and people hate you almost as EA.
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    zeiferlance reacted to H4X3R in 2000W Platinum Consumer PSU, aaaaand EU Only OFC   
    Very good PSU brand (i'd say in 2nd place after seasonic).
    Good that i live in europe (won't be buying this though).