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    Keyboard Harrasser at Convergys Philippines
  1. Nice! Now i have easier access to metal keycaps... needs something to pair with my CounterStrike keycaps.
  2. I'm with @mvitkun the signatures on that makes it really awesome! as for the specs, I'd go with the brushed finish
  3. been a while since I laughed out loud coz of a news.
  4. so I guess I still have a year til I switch from Ivy to Skylake
  5. na na na na! the time of the year has come again! With NV's 750Ti performance, let's see what NV has under their sleeves to match this rumored "Tonga"
  6. I see. I do it for the drops and yeah... the achievements too. lol! I used to do the achievements with Offline Bots before.
  7. lol! these guys sure knows where the sweet spot is.
  8. Hi Guys! So I just found out that there are Idle Servers in CSGO. Now I'm just wondering if killing other players will get you VAC Banned? I've googled about this and get different kind of answers so I'm hoping I'll get a feedback here from those who usually play in Idle Servers? Thanks ahead! :lol:
  9. oohhh! I thought my crappy internet service did that
  10. another 10 for this. who wants to go to the dark side?