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  1. i have the same question i dont know what thickness to use where. Did you manage to figure it out?
  2. Life is hard and then you die

  3. So I have an LG v30 and I'm using a cheap case and I recently started gaming on my phone. If I'm using the case my phone runs significantly hotter which I know is bad for the battery and maybe other components I'd I'm gaming long enough especially if I'm charging. So I don't know if that's my case, but I can't afford to go around buying cases and test so I think an investigation is in order maybe. Or if I'm missing some kind of in your face general knowledge someone tell me please.
  4. So I use SOLIDWORKS alot, (also MATlab and a few similar softwares), is there any benefit to having intel vs AMD CPUs. I am shopping.
  5. why does this phone have DDR5 when its not in computers yet?!! Is it even real? https://na.redmagic.gg/pages/red-magic-5g