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  1. If you do decide to donate, don't do it until you find out exactly where your money is going. Some organizations are shady at best and will just eat your money.
  2. Not enough 12 year old. Xx_420_Technolobe_n0sc0pe_xX
  3. Yes. Getting eye raped every time you go from a dark cave to outside is not pleasant. I turn it off in every game.
  4. Totally misinterpreted the title. Thought the car was equipped with bio weapons that can be deployed on attackers.
  5. Still waiting for those surveillance drones disguised as insects from DBZ to be a thing.
  6. It totally does, unless one of your magic psychic stasis tank people doesn't agree with the others.
  7. Right there with you my dude. Dualshock 4 master race.
  8. Even the best 980 can't stand up to the worst 980ti.
  9. At the end of the day it's not a huge deal. It's in the bottom corner so I'll rarely notice it. I just don't want this to be a bad sign of things to come.
  10. Will do in the morning. It doesn't look completely dead, just kind of greyish. I'm trying out some ghetto software that flashes your screen lots of colors really fast. Supposedly it can work to fix this sort of thing. Not really hopeful though.
  11. Trying to avoid doing that unless it's a last resort. Not trying to void my warranty.
  12. I just noticed something strange on my display. It seems like I have a dead pixel, but it exists in front of the rest of the pixels. I did a quick test to determine this. I put the crosshair in paint exactly on the pixel I believe to be dead, then moved my head. The dead pixel "moved" out from under the crosshair, in the same direction I moved my head, as if it existed in front of the rest of the pixels on my monitor. Is this normal? I just noticed it today and I highly doubt it's been there for more than a few days. Is there some sort of fix? I'm wondering if I should try to invoke me war
  13. Money, that's really it. I sold off some old MTG cards but I don't play anymore and the emotional attachment was gone.
  14. "And what do you do?" "I... I'm a model..." "Oh wow what do you model?" "Rubber grommets..."
  15. Fallout 3 really isn't a pretty game to begin with.
  16. You pretty much got it. It depends on the game and how many of them were made before/after it went platinum.
  17. If I could pull it off I'd wear those everywhere, even funerals.
  18. Refresh always. You can't really run 4K anyway with just one 290.
  19. That site is jank incarnate. Even if they offer a legitimate service, it sure as hell doesn't look like they do.
  20. You ain't need a new CPU. You'll most likely be good through another GPU upgrade even.
  21. How to get your thread locked: By luke8733