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  1. Here you go fam: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2025135/my-pc-doesnt-see-the-new-second-hard-drive.html
  2. Depends on your mental fortitude. Stalking the web page can get you a card if you're persistent and quick, but you could always just wait a little and get it with no struggle.
  3. He's saying that you need a 4 gig card because if OP got a 2 gig card he would hit the VRAM limit all the time.
  4. It really depends. If you like weird japanese games the possibilities are endless. If you're a normie you pretty much have to stick to Zelda and Pokemon.
  5. It really doesn't matter. As long as there is a market for ludicrously overkill hardware, there is a company willing to sell it and to push it even further.
  6. Fam the FE isn't even worth it in the short run. Just wait for aftermarket and custom PCB cards to drop. They don't cost as much and your ears and eyes will thank you.
  7. It's basically trial and error anyway. OC your RAM, fiddle with the timings a bit, if it crashes change the timings and try again.
  8. You can't skip the POST, it's the part of startup that tests to make sure everything is working. You might be able to shorten it by choosing fast POST in your BIOS but you can't get rid of it completely.
  9. Did you try a CPU benchmark? A synthetic benchmark will push your CPU much harder than any game will.
  10. The sword slam is extremely telegraphed. Wait for it and doge to the side. As for him reviving his brother, you have to hit him in the back so the smaller brother dies. This can be done with both large and small weapons as long as your positioning is good.
  11. Its happened before. There is no rule that says they can't jack up the price as much as they want when a new product with extremely high demand and little supply launches. Buying a card at release isn't a great idea for a number of reasons, but if you need the upgrade you need the upgrade.
  12. I second this actually. I have a G1 980ti and I won't be getting another 3 fan card. 3 tiny fans means that each fan has to spin up to a higher RPM to achieve the same cooling effect, and the gigabyte fans are LOUD at anything over 60% speed. I'd rather not play an immersive game with the soothing sound of a jet engine in the background. Obviously not a problem for light games, but anything remotely intensive will push you to that limit quickly. Next GPU upgrade I get will be a hybrid/water cooled card. If I were you I'd go for the EVGA.
  13. For a handful of games, faster RAM can make a difference, even when using a dedicated GPU. These are pretty few and far between, but I would look up how faster RAM performs in the games you plan on playing. If your computer isn't for gaming, ignore all of this.
  14. The "K" nomenclature is pure ass. If you want to talk about a resolution, use the p nomenclature, followed by a descriptor like ultrawide or curved or something so that people know immediately what you are talking about. Whoever decided (erroneously) that 1440p should be called "2K" needs a baseball bat to the knees.
  15. How did you become a wizard who can design and simulate new types of processors?
  16. You should be able to plug your display into your mobo so you can reset the settings on your video card.
  17. I agree but we all know that marketing is just another word for lying.
  18. Honestly dude, as a retail worker in an electronics store, he's 100% on the money. People ask me every day what something costs when every price tag is right next to or right below every item. People ask me what brand a computer is when it's in very obvious contrasting font right on the front. People walk into the store and ask me where the TVs are despite the fact that the entire back wall is plastered with huge, bright TVs at all times. I'm betting that a majority of normal consumers would be fooled by that graph.
  19. Either way you need to wait. Right now is pretty much the absolute worst time to but a 900 series card. Either save more money and get a 1070 for a huge performance bump, or wait for the RX480 to get a marginally better card for way cheaper.
  20. Honestly just get a pentium with integrated graphics and a 4GB RAM stick.
  21. Try looking for mods that support higher aspect ratios/resolutions. If the game supports it, try changing the rendering software, that can sometimes give you access to higher resolutions.
  22. If you could drop $100 Billion on anything you want related to driving humanity forward, what would it be? Assume the money would fund the worlds leading figures in whatever field you give it to. Try to be as specific as possible.
  23. Adjusting for inflation, that figure becomes $430 USD. Remember that GPUs in those days were dinky little shits that consisted of a small PCB, a chip, and a single cheapo fan attached to said chip. Now throw in all the extra manufacturing costs that modern GPUs have, plus marketing and R&D, while also considering the much larger market and the gap begins to narrow.