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  1. The company is Korean apparently. Do what you will with that knowledge.
  2. The reviews seem surprisingly solid for a budget mech keyboard. If you really don't have the budget for it, I say pull the trigger. To get into the "nice" range of mech keyboards you are looking at $100+ easily.
  3. Looking for a cheap mechanical keyboard to use at my new job. Needs to be full size because I need the numpad. I'm not necessarily concerned with what kind of switches it uses as long as they aren't clicky. Any suggestions?
  4. Dualshock 4 master race. The Xbox controllers are trash.
  5. This year is going to be much higher than average. In total I'll probably have dropped $500 but on average I'd say maybe $200-300.
  6. RX480 should do it in just about every game save maybe Witcher 3.
  7. I found it guys, with the help of Reddit. It's called Memories of a Broken Dimension. Really cool game, here is a youtube video of it: A Mod can close this thread.
  8. I don't think so, but it could have been released or gone into early access by now.
  9. I'm trying to remember the name of this obscure game that I tried out a while back. I'll try to describe it as best as I can. but keep in mind it's a weird game. It's an indie, obviously, and a demo exists for it. EDIT: For clarity, this is a 3D first person game. Except for the first part which I talk about below. The game starts out as one of those hacking simulator type games. If you type in certain words the real game will start. You can't really see too well in the game. The whole thing is black and white and you can only vaguely make out structures around you. The
  10. It basically comes down to architecture and clock speed. Right now the 6700K is the best. While it's still largely unconfirmed if >4 cores has a meaningful impact in DX12/Vulkan games in real-world scenarios, it's a good choice and you have no real reason for getting anything higher unless you want a multi-GPU setup. The reason why the 6700K is the winner for now is because it has the highest clock speed out of all the high-end i7 processors, while having the requisite number of cores to run demanding games (4). You'll notice that CPUs with more cores also have lower clock speed
  11. You can get both Metro Redux games for 10 bucks, and have $15 left to spend on whatever you want. JK there is a bundle available so you can get both games for $7.50.
  12. You can underclock your CPU in the advanced power options menu under Maximum processor state.
  13. Really? I had a super easy time of it, to the point that I re-installed it many times to test different thermal paste applications.
  14. I regret not getting a water/hybrid cooled card. The noise it makes when playing intense games breaks immersion so hard that I don't even bother anymore. Other than that I probably should have gotten a little nicer mobo too.
  15. Holy shit didn't even see that. Bruh.
  16. Spending more on your mobo than on your CPU? Get a cheaper mobo, bump it up to a 6700k, and get an aftermarket 1080, preferably with a custom PCB and better cooling solution.
  17. They are trying to strengthen their hold on the mid/low end market by releasing powerful GPUs for cheap, basically blocking nvidia out of that part of the market. So now people will buy an RX480 instead of a last gen or low end 1000 series nvidia card.
  18. Pretty much all shooters have big jumps in framerate. Obviously the game is going to push out a ton of frames while staring at a wall and push out way less in the middle of a combat scenario.
  19. Are you asking about overclocking your monitor? I wouldn't recommend it unless the manufacturer advertises that it's overclockable.
  20. Yeah dude 80FPS! Yeah right http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-pascal,4572-6.html OP, I would suggest turning down shadows, turning off AA if you have it enabled, or slightly lowering the draw distance.
  21. Scalebound looks cool, though it was apparently shown off in 2014 I didn't hear about it.
  22. I think your expectations are too high. 780ti SLI should crush 1440p any day of the week (yet you say it's "not very good"), and a 1080 will certainly do the same and more. You basically need to decide if you want to drop $600 for a small bump in performance, less heat, and less power draw. If you SLI your 1080 you need to go 4K or you're wasting your money.
  23. Judging by benchmarks, it wouldn't get you a huge performance boost (assuming that a 780ti is roughly similar to a 980), unless the game doesn't support SLI. You'd essentially be replacing your two cards with one marginally more powerful card that won't get held back by VRAM. It will consume a ton less power though and will fix your heat problems too.
  24. Grab the TI, but don't download any of the nerf drivers.