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  1. Hmm. The CPU fan seems to be going pretty fast, but the GPU fan I'm not so sure. It's only an RX 560 so the fan probably isn't that fast to begin with but I'm a little skeptical. Maybe it is running as some other default fan speed that is less than 100%?
  2. Good call, didn't think of that. I think I will try to RMA the mobo and see what happens. I think it is either the PCI-E slot or the RAM slots.
  3. That's my suspicion. Would the fans still spin if it was the motherboard though? Or could it be something isolated like dead RAM slots or some other unrelated circuit not working for some reason?
  4. Unfortunately I have already tried rotating the RAM. None of the combinations work. Either both sticks are dead, or something else is at fault.
  5. Cable works, I used it when I tested the GPU on another computer
  6. Recently assembled a new Ryzen system but upon powering on... nothing happens. All the fans are spinning, components are heating up, but nothing appears on screen as if the monitor is not receiving any signal from the GPU. I did pop the GPU into another computer and it definitely works. If I recall, GPUs will still provide (crappy) video even without drivers right? Not sure what the problem could be since I have no way to test the other components. The speaker is no help either as it does not beep at all when I power on the computer so I have basically nothing to go on. Admittedly
  7. It seems like its pretty easy for him but when I built my intel system that arm was very stiff and definitely left an impression in my finger from pressing it down. The arm on my AMD mobo offers almost no resistance at all, its like night and day.
  8. That's gotta be it then. The arm basically falls into place it's so flimsy. I'll have to RMA the board and get a new one. I think the CPU is making some sort of connection though because it does warm up, but I guess it's not enough.
  9. I can swap the GPU into my other PC but I don't think that's the problem. I have a suspicion that the CPU slot is defective. It seems that after I take the CPU out and re-clamp it down I get further in the boot process. The computer will actually produce beeps sometimes. I think the tension arm is possibly too weak, it takes almost no effort to close it, but I really have no experience with AMD boards. Is it supposed to be that easy?
  10. The computer should boot even with no drive, right? I unplugged it to eliminate as many variables as I could.
  11. Building a budget PC for my wife. Upon completion of the build I turned it on and... nothing. The machine will not post. I am not sure what is wrong because the speaker is not making any beeps, and everything appears to be working. All fans are spinning, lights are on, keyboard is detected, etc etc. What could the culprit be? Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of being able to test each individual part because my PC is from the DDR3 era so basically nothing is compatible. The only things I could conceivably test are the GPU and power supply, which I do not think are the problem.
  12. Bump because I don't want to create another thread
  13. I recently moved and the only ISP available in my area is Optimum. So of course the modem I own doesn't work, and I don't want to get charged $10 a month to use their ancient technology. Any recommendations for a solid modem/router combo that will work with Optimum? Don't need anything excessive, my apartment is about 800 square feet and I pay for a 100mbps connection. Any help is appreciated!
  14. To me, the Surface Book falls into the same "obviously overpriced" category that the Macbook itself falls into, so that's out (I would buy a Surface Laptop if it didn't have fucking Windows 10 S though...). I would consider an XPS more carefully if I didn't work at Best Buy and see it get trashed in almost zero time. It just didn't hold up AT ALL to the customer abuse while other much cheaper laptops did. The thing was out of order more than it was working. I know it's not a typical usage scenario but it was still off-putting to see the premium of premium devices fail so easily.