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  1. Yup, so glad i didnt ruin my right leg or at the very worst, both legs...
  2. My left leg is the injured leg. Tbh, i see the "slight" inconvenience to that type of transmission and the noise from the straight cut gears but id definitely swallow that to keep driving what i want.
  3. I need enough leg movement to be able to brake with my right foot, so i should really be good to go when i can start walking without crutches. Straight cut gears + h pattern dog engagement = perfectLY dailyable transmission, none of that wimpy automatic stuff!
  4. Nope... Or atleast it dosent look like it at the moment seeing as i need crutches and a support brace to walk.
  5. Well, first i need to pass a few health requirements to get a new lisence that is restricted to automatic transmissions only. Id prefer a h pattern dogbox tho
  6. I want a car... But as of right now i cant legaly drive a car, my lisence is probably gone for good unless i apply for an automatic transmissions only lisence. Long story short: dont fall out of a 2nd story window and land on yer leg. (Perma fucked left leg now because of that)
  7. There Are legit mazda miata coupes. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-mx-5-coupe-is-an-iconic-production-car-you-never-knew-existed/ Lol, yea no... The ae86 is a good car but its far from perfect.
  8. True... Too much power is too much. I mean, the ae86 is the perfect car, perfect amount of power, perfect engine, perfect gearbox, perfect suspension, etc.. like why did the automotive industry not just stick to that?
  9. I have been drooling over the new retractible fastback miatas, if im shoveling out cash for a car it'd have to be one of those in graphite gray. It would be super illegal but id love to turbo lsx with manual swap it too.
  10. Broken engine? Electrical issues? THE SOLUTION IS HERE! https://www.flyinmiata.com/miata-performance-parts/v8-conversions.html an ls will fix all your issues, heck with a turbo or blower it might even salvage a broken marriage.
  11. So id just get a volcanic repeater to carry.
  12. Oh.... But i assume that it would be expensive and that you'd need to jump through hoops to get it? But if you have a class 3 ffl and concealed carry permit could you carry an MP5, folding stock, short barrel ak47 or full auto glock?
  13. In combat you would save crucial time by not needing to pull the charging handle so it makes sense there.
  14. Why not "just" get the full auto? Making the assumption that you live in a state where this is legal
  15. But hey, if you miss once just scatter more bullets in their general direction Also get two aa12s, their recoil absorbing ability is aparently good enough for you to dual wield them like pistols... I would instantly keel over and die if i broke into a house and saw someone with two full auto shotguns pointed at me....
  16. For Home defense id recomend him an aa12 with a big drum mag (Dont take this seriously, the aa12 is a fully automatic 12gauge shotgun developed for the military)