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  1. Thanks. Just wanted to check with other people, instead of emptying the loop and trying to apply thermal paste again, hopeing for a better contact.
  2. Hi guys. I have a Ryzen 5900X cooled by a custom loop (420 radiator + 280). The loop also cools the GPU (RTX 3080) I like to run my loop dead silent so all my fans are spinning at arround 500-550 RPM, and the pump is at 20%. Also my room temperature is around 24C As for the temps i'm getting during regural use 46C - 55C which look to be a bit high imo. Maybe my CPU is not making good contact with the waterblock? I've put thermalpaste in a X pattern, and turned the water block screws evenly in turns all the way to the end. Running cinebench, I get 74C with fans aorund between 850-950 RPM
  3. Hi Guys. I just wanted to check if any of you was able to fit a Alphacool XT45 radiator in an Evolx X case Looking at the Phanteks website it shows that the maximum clearance for front radiators is 465mm (page 18 - http://www.phanteks.com/assets/manuals/PH-ES518XTG.pdf) and from what I can see the Alphacool radiator is a bit taller. On this website it says 468mm but looking at the technical drawins it says 476mm. https://www.aquatuning.us/water-cooling/radiators/radiators-active/21151/alphacool-nexxxos-xt45-full-copper-x-flow-420mm-radiator http://www.alphacool.com/download/Alph
  4. Hi guys Looking to build a new PC with a B550 motherboard and a GPU suporting PCI 4.0. I also wanted to use a riser cable, but I heard there are some issues when connecting a motherboard that has PCI 4.0 with a 3.0 riser cable and a GPU with PCI 4.0. Any of you guys have any experience with this. Any tips in avoiding any issues? Thanks
  5. Hi guys. I'm looking for some DDR4 3200Mhz to 3600Mhz memory for Ryzen that has a silver or chrome or nickel colour to match with my build. I know there are the Corsair Dominator Platinum which I found have the top big in a silverish colour, but I was just wondering what else if out there. Just to be clear I don't mind if the memory doesn't have RGB. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. So, I did try the monitor with my old macbook air and connected it mini display port to display port and the resolution was 1440p. So I'm just going to buy a USB C to display port cable and I think that should solve the issue
  7. Would a USB C cable to Display port work?
  8. Hi guys. I have quite an old monitor (Samsung S27A850T) which should be capable of 1440p resolution, but when connecting my MacBook air 2019 trough USB C to HDMI the monitor only defaults at 1080p. Any ideas how I can get the monitor to run at 1440p? Thanks
  9. I like a keyboad to be quite minimalistic and mechanical keyboard aren't. They look quite bluky. Also they make more noise then a membrane keyboard, and the travel distance when pressing the keys is longer, and this to me feels less snappier
  10. Hi guys I am looking to buy a new keyboard (non mechanical) but I am strugalling to find something that thicks all the boxes. I don't really have a budget limit if I can find something with all the requirements bellow. Here is what I am looking in a keyboard: wireless a keyboard without the numeric pad (ten keyless, 60% or however you want to call it) high quallity construction good typing experience (Logitech keyboards are quite good imo, for example the K380 which I tried and really liked the typing feeling, but I find the keys too small. There is a
  11. I don't like flashy headphones. Like my PC setup it has to be 'clean'
  12. I think I might do just taht, get a bluetooth mic.
  13. I am actually considering going or at least trying the Audezze Mobius, or the Hyper X cloud orbit, which apparently uses the same driver as the Audezze but its a bit cheaper because of the materials used.