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  • Birthday Apr 29, 1992

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    Building and doing repairs on pc´s as a hobby.
  • Occupation
    Working at a storage, where the company sells tools and machines for construction work


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    ASRock z77 Extreme 3
  • RAM
    4x Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1333MHz 4GB -.-
  • GPU
    2x GeForce GTX 650Ti BOOST 2GB
  • Case
    CM Storm Scout II Gaming Gunmetal Grey
  • Storage
    Seagate Barracuda® 1TB & Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB
  • PSU
    Cooler Master GX - 650W Bronze
  • Display(s)
    Samsung 24" LED SyncMaster
  • Cooling
    Custom water Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Mad Catz Cyborg V5
  • Mouse
    Trust GXT 25
  • Sound
    Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card and Medion 2.1 Aktiv Sound System
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1 pro n 64 bit
  1. reinstallet windows 10 now fully updated and that update thing for my grafics card did not came back so stable for now
  2. So windows 10 suddenly got me in one of those loop update traps -.- What happens is windows ceeps installing a display driver for my gtx 650, and after a restart, the system will go black screen, red screen, yellow screen, or any random color after 5-10sek im able to se everything on my desktop for those 5-10 sek. When this happens i boot up in safe mode, uninstall the driver, restart normally then install the nvidia driver, the system will then work until next time i close and start the pc. I have tryed the microsoft hide updates program. It cant find the automatic display drive
  3. my 1tb hdd has 11015 power on hours time and only 18 reallocated sectors Yours got 140 reallocated sectors with only 547 power on hours thats just way off
  4. SSD look s good but that hdd is new and got so many Reallocated sectors thats just not okay i would call the place u got it or email them about this, but im not sure its something that would couse the errors u got
  5. also is this your ssd or hdd? What dose both drives report ?
  6. Reallocated sector count failing is bad. Your drive has a limited number of spare sectors it can replace bad sectors with, if SMART is reporting a large number there, then presumably you are nearly or completely out of spare sectors, which means soon new bad sectors will not be replaceable, and the errors will become more visible backup and replace the drive as soon as possible. SMART won't always alert you in advance to a failing drive, sometimes it says all good but it aint always all good
  7. i cant really tell ofc could u try with some other RAM? If u have any
  8. Actually that sounds like something is wrong with your motherboard
  9. Could even be your sata cable? try taking ram and sata cable out and palce them in again.
  10. Some RAM sticks are just unstable on some motherboards could be the manufacturer settings for the ram could be the bios changing settings for the ram could be all sort of things What i would do is RMA the rams and tell them that they are unstable with your sustem and get some other RAM, not the same kind ofc.
  11. WOWOW carefull u where close to doing damage with these temps ! look the board temp and cpu temp too high Have u tryed to check your HDD with crystal disk? could be a bad drive
  12. It did work for my pc but every pc has its own mind!!