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    Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2@3.6Ghz (OC)
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    MSI 790FX-GD70
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    8GB Patriot Viper III 1333@1600Mhz (OC)
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  1. Intel CPU's can generally handle higher temperatures compared to those Vishera AMD CPU's, such as the FX 8350. Because Intel chips can reach higher temperatures, they do, as they are rated for it... especially unlocked chips. The last time I benched an 8320 MYSELF (because half of you here are just stating opinions, very few of you actually have hands on experience) it ran 55-60c under load. That's perfectly fine/average and in most cases lower than similar Intel chips. I've seen I series processor go MUCH higher than that under load. I don't know where you got your information from but on ave
  2. I'm sorry I should have been more specific, by the way I was in the middle of revising what I wrote when you replied back 17 minutes ago so please read that again. The games are poorly optimized, especially GTA V (At the moment) is what I meant its not a your end specific problem, sorry. And by settings yes I meant things like MSAA, Shader Detail, Global shadows, etc etc. To bring it into perspective, your PC is MUCH better than mine, yet we are playing the EXACT same titles (Far Cry 4, GTA 5, Dead Rising) and I'm getting the same relative FPS, though I am running medium-high settings
  3. Forgot to quote you, sorry for the double posting seen below.
  4. Its a complete waste of money in the gaming department unless your planning on 4k sometime down the road. Again, its mostly a novelty/something to brag about to your friends. Only %30 of the systems I see running cards in SLI or Crossfire actually need it/are being used for a purpose that demands all the available resources. I've gotten into a TON of arguments with people over this in person, and in almost ALL cases, to settle the argument we'd unplug one card and boot up his favorite game, and in all cases it made zero notice-able differences until you turned on an FPS counter. And at that po
  5. 144p....? It may not be double, but the card would be able to buffer more data therefore allowing it to render more frames, increasing the FPS... SLI wont necassarily "double" your FPS either, as previously stated depending on the game you usually see a %40-60 boost so if your running at say 45fps, %40-60 percent of that is only another 18-27fps. Not another 45 or "double". Please watch the entire video as I really think you have not.
  6. Actually VRAM is extremely important for per-pixel rendering per frame. VRAM will effect your FPS. Linus explains here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Utv144XeHag
  7. In a roundabout way of thinking, the secondary card in SLI or Crossfire just provides relief support, as in its only used as an overflow or extra for the existing primary card. If things get busy and it could use some help, the secondary card will provide it. The cards do not run simultaneously/in sync or as doubles as most people think. And that's an EXTREMELY basic way of putting it. I'm sure someone will come and flame me for not being extremely technical/correct. In my opinion, no. Unless your getting into video editing or heavy heavy computing (E.G Bitcoin mining etc etc). Than its ge
  8. While I agree that $1000 may be a little close to $1200, none of those part picker prices include shipping and taxes. Also, some of the prices could be for used items (Amazon). This system, while it may be "outdated" in your opinion, would cost $1400 to build brand new. And THAT'S being generous on pricing. Not to mention, It'd be even more in the real world where most people still shop in person at retail stores, not online. With that new value established, $1000 may still be a little high, but it doesn't necessarily warrant your kind of a response... Its obviously a feeler post/he's not dead
  9. I dont think he has a clue at all about anything he talks about let alone you being lucky. Glad it worked out.
  10. That one is my bad though. I thought it was used, but it appears to be new as you correctly stated. It's still sufficiently old enough tech (since it's non-upgrade-able) that I would have suggested something newer, but if it's new it's a good deal still. Please, ask your people. Lol. Those were honestly just suggestions I've heard and come across amongst the tech community from my peers and mentors. I've never actually had a problem with HQ chips and throttling myself. I've never had to turn it down or apply any of those fixes. In my opinion, their fine. It seems to be common in certa
  11. I'm not necessarily sure how it does it, whether its by "circumventing the power limitations" or not. But it does help to stop throttling. Not only does reducing the turbo frequency from max to 3.2ghz help but I also meant to imply that you could reduce the maximum processor state for the current power plan from %100 to combat what you specified. Do you mean second hand as in the Graphics Card is not the best or the item is used? From what I can see on my end it says "New" in the items posting. Not to mention, in my opinion, its Graphics Card is quite good. 3GB of GDDR5, sure the core
  12. I disagree with your opinion but I do agree with some of what you've said. However, Its marketed as a mid tier gaming laptop, capable of running AAA games at 60FPS+ and it has the reviews to back that up. I do completely hear what your saying about throttling when using turbo frequency's on HQ chips, it is common, your right there, but you can easily use throttlestop to avoid that AND if you don't max it out (e.g run it at 3.4ghz) it will usually be fine/not bottleneck your GPU at all. The frequency of you RAM can also have a big impact in that department. Here's some benchmarks in regards to
  13. I completely disagree, for that budget you could get something quite good. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Asus-G750JX-17-3-FHD-Gaming-Notebook-i7-4700HQ-32GB-Ram-256GB-SSD-2TB-HDD-/331488629302?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d2e431236 That's pretty beastly spec wise in my opinion, given the price, especially.
  14. Given that your asking Laptop or Desktop, I'm going to assume that a budget and price over performance isn't the main concern. My answer is Laptop as I get the impression from your question that you wont be gaming in the same place at the same desk all the time. You WILL spend a little more to get the same hardware/performance in a laptop, which is why most people are asking for your budget, but given the question I think your already leaning towards a laptop. If you want a desktop rig you want a desktop rig there is usually no conflict. If your questioning it and thinking about getting a Lapt