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Status Updates posted by TVwazhere

  1. Blue Origin is launching a rocket today, practicing Astronaut Zero gravity in low orbit. 


    Should launch in 90 minutes from the time of this post, but winds may prevent launching today

    1. dual290x


      Those rockets tend to look like giant ass dildos.

    2. TVwazhere


      Launch on hold due to wind

    3. dual290x


      HA, the wind blew the dildo rocket! 🤣

  2. When you have to order multiple QTY 1 of the same thing six times instead of "QTY 6" on an order to get the best deal....


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    2. Energycore


      I wouldn't, but each their own

    3. dual290x


      TV just likes teasing people like his gay lover teases him.

    4. Energycore


      Someone say Gay Lover?


      I'm gonna have to make art of this.

  3. Am back after Christmas / New years vacation.


    This years ending to the new year was different for everyone obviously. I had a cousin get COVID which sucked but they are okay, and they remained isolated, and the people they were in direct contact (a high risk person at that) showed no symptoms which was good. This was also the first year I spent the Holidays with a significant other, which fortunately due to her very close proximity meant we have been able to have each other in our personal bubble. Yesterday was also her birthday, so I semi-surprised her with a new activity: Axe throwing



    Of course, she was only good at it once she got the large, scary, black gothic looking axe to throw 😂

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    2. sub68


      well hello and that looks fun

    3. TVwazhere


      It is. Can recommend as a fun activity.

    4. sub68




  4. I am thankful I am skilled enough to swap contact lenses without a mirror or a clean surface other than fingers. This morning I switched around my contact lenses, which one is a slightly different prescription than the other (it didn't always used to be that way) and I didnt notice until I got to my work computer and noticed text was just a bit fuzzy around the edges. 


    My eyes are a teeny bit dry now but that's okay. They'll lubricate soon enough

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    2. piratemonkey


      Would you recommend contacts? I'm kinda getting annoyed with wearing glasses and headphones, and kinda just wanna ditch my glasses in general

    3. TVwazhere



      Would you recommend contacts? I'm kinda getting annoyed with wearing glasses and headphones, and kinda just wanna ditch my glasses in general

      Yes, and no.


      At age 17, I went to an amusement park for a school field trip. I sat with my science teacher the very first roller coaster ride of the entire DAY (the first run of that right) she held her hands up the whole time and at one point hit my head, which caused my glasses to fall off. Needless to say without being able to read the science paper without being about 6"(15cm) away from the age, she let me off the hook. When I got home I said "Mom, I wanna try contacts". Days later I was practicing putting them in and out and within a week I could do it in les than fifteen seconds, and within a few months I no longer needed a mirror. I still have a pair of glasses, and I still wear them on weekends, but it's nice to have options. 


      So, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, but there's a catch. There are brands of contacts (insert 1-800-CONTACTS meme here) and they affect everyones eyes differently...... Everyone except me apparently because I've gone through at least five different brands (likely more) of contacts over ten years and all of them feel perfectly normal on my eyes which is HIGHLY unusual based on my understanding. Additionally, you have to check for astigmatism, which is the shape of your eye being slightly distorted due to the eye muscles puling back on the top/bottom of your eyes. This doesn't affect glasses users but can affect the shape of the contact when resting on the eye, causing the same prescription between glasses and contacts to have different vision results. If the astigmatism is severe enough, contacts are NOT an option at all. They have Astigmatism correcting contacts for cases that are mild (my right eye currently uses them while my left does not) so it's not the end of the world if you do, just be aware. 


      TL;DR consult with your eye doctor, or any eye doctor. Surprisingly, I've had great experience with WalMart eyecare centers in both customer service and supportive knowledge from the staff on things from insurance providers to eye care. 

    4. soldier_ph


      I plan to get my Eyes lasered once I'm fully grown out, am on my 3rd pair of glasses now and have had glasses since 2014 I think.

  5. Weather report: 


    Lots of frozen water where there used to be grass 




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    2. TVwazhere


      I can mention for those who are jealous that this isnt a common occurrence. I believe in 2018 we received only about 10" of snow fall for the entire year, as most day when it precipitated, it was rain due to being over 32ºF/0ºC

    3. dual290x


      You can f#cking keep that sh!t.

    4. Captainmarino


      Quite the difference in just about 30 minutes drive. Up here in Glens Falls, we got 33.5"!

  6. image.png.7c9c025957021fe5fe533aeb25fd914c.png

    1. Den-Fi
    2. Den-Fi


      well.... it means I got bumped down.... so not super nice, but still.... nice.

  7. Disgusted by the fact that I paid $30 over MSRP, but it's better than paying $280 for a used one with no box or cooler....


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    2. TVwazhere


      My dumbass decided to "wait" until black friday because I thought I could get deals. Didnt know there was a shortage of CPU's and GPU's looming, and th money I saved on PSU, storage and ram were washed away and then some by overpriced GPU and CPU :( 


      If this build wasn't one for a friend due by Christmas I'd 110% wait till after December is over. #FirstWorldProblems

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      How did you solved/decided on the GPU?

    4. Captainmarino


      I almost waited and then saw it for $165 and pulled the trigger back in July. Got a 1660S for $220 around the same time. Haven't really seen either of them in stock or at those prices since. They've been folding 24/7 ever since.

  8. image.thumb.png.29deeccef195b9300a0a89144548e752.png

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    2. TVwazhere


      I used to play league but I avoid it now. It's too toxic

    3. Tristerin


      Try Eternal Return, its new, League style PVP/graphics/movement and button combos but in urban/biomes where you have to loot, craft, eat, drink, survive (all generate XP, in those areas of your characters build) while 17 other players are doing the same to last to #1 - they restrict areas down similar to Warzone/Fortnite/etc by restricting biomes until everyone meets in a random spot on the map for final battle (or however many survive)


      My wife and I, and my gaming group, are enjoying it immensely.

    4. James Evens

      James Evens

      Can mods go rouge? aka. banning other mods O.o 

  9. How to hurt me in 20 words or less



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    2. dual290x


      F#ck you @ragnarok0273, you pretentious cungwn.ioasfj

    3. ragnarok0273


      I enjoy annoying people.

      As long as it is in good fun.

      And the title of my next post might be as bad as that.

    4. GenericFanboy
  10. Why am I dumb and only just now following you 🤦‍♂️

    1. Den-Fi


      Wait, so you've been missing out on his monthly nudes DM this whole time?!?!?!!?

    2. TVwazhere
  11. MSI marketing team: Okay we need to show that our GPU doesnt spin its fans when below 60ºC. We have a lot of photos of the fans not spinning, so we need to show the fans spinning for above 60ºC....

    Employee: Well, we could reset up the photo booth, maybe spin one of the blades with out hands to get the blur effect to make it look real to the camera for the best representation

    Manager: that's a good option, yes... but it will cost $$$ to do....

    Guy kicked back in chair: Just put a digital blur layer over the fan


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    2. Spotty


      Those $340,000 worth of RTX cards weren't stolen from MSI. They were rescued.

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      Why is there website still not working ....

      I like there support but continuous website problems and let's say problematic conversations with reviews make it complicated.

    4. DildorTheDecent
  12. image.png.1977660e98172a62608c72cdd2da1473.png

    Cause for Concern? | Invoice 911

    1. Den-Fi


      Normal Delivery: Dec. 16th

      Faster Delivery: Dec. 16th, but the driver is out of breath because he ran to the door.

    2. piratemonkey


      I actually laughed at that one den

  13. *in discord with owner of RGB Build 2019, who she calls Kingston because of the SSD*


    "So will Kingston be able to run Cyberpunk 2077?"

    Well.... The GPU is a bit under powered so you might have to turn down some settings

    "The recommended specs are the GTX 1060 and the R9 Fury"

    Well the good news the 1060 is about the same as an RX580, but you have a 570....

    "Oh, that's nothing! it's only like ten whole numbers off!"


    1. Den-Fi


      So THAT's how it works.

      I've been getting ripped off!

    2. dual290x


      ... mother f#cker! Those b@stards! *pumps shotgun* "I'll be back."


      three days later* "Breaking news today, the computer company Nvidia dealt with a security threat where a man only wearing underwear, a ball cap and cowboy boots walked into the US headquarters and start yelling obscenities saying "You ******, I'm out of ****** ****** bubble gum, you greedy ********". He was only apprehended after he ran out of ammunition with a shotgun attempting to create quote "as much **** destruction as possible." This is mug shot we were provided.

      Random mugshot from Cincinnati. : funny

    3. dual290x


      When you see your uncle on national TV

      Leonardo DiCaprio Pointing Meme Is All of Us Right Now | The Mary Sue

      "I know that mother f#%ker. He owes me a twelve pack and a carton of Marlboros!"

  14. Mismatched Builds only applicable because of numbers:


    3800X and 3080

    5600 and 5600XT

    2600 and 2060

    6700 and 6700XT

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TVwazhere



      970 and 970

    3. Techstorm970


      @TVwazhereMake it a Phenom II 970 for good measure! 😂

    4. TVwazhere


      I was thinking i7-970, that's even worse (better)!

  15. Another reason to dislike RGB: I cant find "normal" RGB!!! (thats any good and inexpensive)

    1. mahyar



      that's why i was forced to design my own rgb controller

  16. Buying a GPU is hard :( 



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    2. Letgomyleghoe


      1. download buy bots

      2. get a fuck ton of proxies

      3. sit and wait 

      4. you have a new gpu at a decent price voila

      5. realize you forgot to use the proxies 

      5. realize you forgot to turn off the bots

      6. realize your ip is banned from every major retailer

      7. cry

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      I don't get the last one.

      Reconnect and Deutsche Telekom gives you a new IP. Static IPs cost extra.

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      some of us plebs have static ip, I believe it's by ISP in the us, I had no option of static or dynamic, so I'm stuck with static.

      when I move I hope to get an ISP that has an option for sticky IP.

    1. Den-Fi


      👀 I feel like I'm missing some context. 😅

    2. Den-Fi




      Aesthetically pleasing numerical sequence.

      Yes, pretty nomber.

    3. paddy-stone


      Random happenings, but I find that I look at the clock at 22:22 fairly often :D


  17. FB_IMG_1606707143614.jpg

    1. Letgomyleghoe.


      I feel like I already saw this on the pcmr subreddit

    2. soldier_ph


      Meanwhile Intel is like: Hey guys ! We still exist 😦

  18. Hate that  CPU and GPU prices are out of whack. Right now the only decent thing (I think) I can find is an MSI ventus 1650 super for $200, I was tracking a 1660ti @260 for a while but I was like "I should wait till black Friday"


    Meanwhile the 3600 is so terrible I'm considering a 2600 or a 3700 x because the 3700x and 3600x ARE THE SAME PRICE



    1. wkdpaul




      My brother wants a GPU upgrade for his older son's PC. He wants new, but I told him that for an old PC like this (Dell workstation with 2nd gen Intel I7), he should look at used GPUs to get more bang out of it.


      a 1650 (non-ti and non-super) here is around $200 CAD (his budget), but with that, he can easily get a 1060 6GB and have money left for RAM (only has 8GB) and an SSD (he's not sure if there's one already in the build).


      For $200 CAD, there's really no options for a new GPU :(

    2. givingtnt


      I'm looking at a PC upgrade that for same-level components is literally double the price of 6 years ago :/


      and literally nothing on my list is on sale .-.

  19. Starting January 1st, 2021, we will be handing out awards based on new higher folding badge thresholds. These new values have been decided due to the increase of power a GPU can provide; this has made it much easier to achieve badges in recent years. Anyone holding a current badge will be grandfathered in! This means you won't have your badge downgraded after the new thresholds come into effect. 


    F@H Badge Thresholds

    In order to be rewarded with the Folding @ Home badge, please note the following requirements. (subject to change)

    • fold_mem.pngContributor - When you have contributed more than 21 WUs 5 Million Points, you will qualify for this badge, to show your commitment to LTT and the team. 
    • fl_bronze1-F6.0.pngBronze Contributor - When you have contributed more than 1 Million 25 Million points, you will qualify for this badge. This reflects your serious support of the team. 
    • fl_silver1-F6.0.pngSilver Contributor - When you have contributed more than 25 Million 100 Million points, you will qualify for this badge. This reflects your serious and continued support of the team.
    • fl_gold1-F6.0.pngGold Contributor - When you have contributed more than 100 Million 500 Million points, you will qualify for this badge. This reflects your dedication and continued support of the team and your very generous donation of resources.
    • plat.pngPlatinum Contributor - When you have contributed more than 500 Million 1 Billion points, you will qualify for this badge. This reflects your dedication and continued support of the team and your very generous donation of resources. You are now a legend! 
    • image.png.546c4fca7972d2dfb653b0c93ad89efa.pngDiamond Contributor - When you have contributed more than 1 Billion 2.5 billion points, you will qualify for this badge. This reflects your insane dedication and continued support of the team and your extreme donation of resources. Tales of your folding adventures will be whispered through the ages; you are now mythical.

    If you wish to have your current points reflected in your badge, please submit your request before Jan 1st 2021.


  20. Hey I remember you!


    1. TheEpicDuck


      Well well look who finally decided to show up. I've been waiting for you.

    2. TVwazhere