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  1. i recently upgraded from an Ok setup, Current rig:https://pcpartpicker.com/list/s9VQ8Y Old Rig: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tx4Q8Y The issue right now is, that my GPU spikes whenever it wants to, almost. Just having wallpaper engine up on my desktop, with nothing else really open is enough for it to spike close to 100% with high power usage, which didn't happen ever on the old rig. https://imgur.com/D9ImHsl I tried running an MSI kombustor test, got a bluescreen as soon as i started it. https://imgur.com/zJv7ELt Now I'm seeking help as I've listened to my IT friends,
  2. I've had my computer since early February of 2016, and I'm now interested in getting an upgrade, since I've started to work and get my own money, that has also introduced the freedom of buying my own games, where i now see i need better parts to run them as smooth as I'd like. Currently, I'm rocking an AMD 860K with no overclocking + Hyper212 EVO. Video Card is an MSI 750Ti, not sure what the exact model number of it is, but it has 2GB ram and 1 fan that cools it, rather small, i would say just as wide as the cooler, but a little longer. Also using a 480GB SSD from Kingston, A40
  3. https://www.1a.lv/datoru_komponentes_tikla_produkti/komponentes/pamatplates/filter/283-171579 But some information is in Latvian, but i gave you a link where the motherboards are filtered by AM4 sockets EDIT: https://www.1a.lv/datoru_komponentes_tikla_produkti/komponentes/pamatplates/asrock_ab350m_pro4 i think thats the one you mentioned, its 69euro. (The one i chose was 45) i think i can get up to that tho.
  4. I found these 4 motherboards that are about 15eur more than what i chose. ASROCK B450M-HDV (56eur) GIGABYTE B450M S2H (58eur) ASROCK AB350M-HDV R3.0 (59eur) GIGABYTE GA-AB350M-DS3HV2 V1.1 (61eur)
  5. Alright, ill see if i can manage the price increase for the b series boards. Thanks Just to make sure, will the stock cooler do fine during the summer with ambient temperatures being 28 average? sometimes 32.
  6. Sadly, the bracket is out of stock for my country (Latvia), and i'm pretty sure the fee would be close to the cost of the cooler. I've chosen this motherboard because of the price, i just need the system to work, nothing more. For not too demanding games like Rust, Path of Exile and very rarely, Arma 3. EDIT: And no, i haven't purchased the motherboard or the cpu yet, it's just what i've decided on. But ill seek the ab350 or x370
  7. I'm interested to upgrade my CPU, for which I've decided on a Ryzen 3 1200, and an A320 chipset motherboard, now I'm curious if my current Hyper 212 EVO air cooler (1fan) will work with this motherboards socket with the bracket i have for my current FM2+ one. Current motherboard: A68HM-P33 V2 New motherboard: ASROCK A320M-DVS R3.0 If i cannot, would appreciate a recommendation for a new cooler for this socket, not planning to overclock, just keep it warm to the touch.
  8. Didn't work, because i already looked at the drivers on the website (i linked that same page), they're for windows Vista or 98.
  9. I bought a very small usb dongle, that would provide my Desctop PC Bluetooth, i assumed it would just be plug-and-play, but in reality, it's been a real bugger to deal with. At first, i thought just updating the drivers for it was all they needed, appearently not. The manufracturer doesnt have any for win10(64bit) The product page on theyre website i got from the QR code on the package itself http://esperanza.pl/esperanza-usb-adapter-bluetooth-2-0,181,422.html i tried a few methods i found that were for fixing bluetooth, like scanning the C drive, using CCleaner to clean the reg
  10. I have the results from the diagnostics test, and it's a PASS, so I guess it's a problem with something internally?
  11. Installed WD Data LifeGuard diagnostics, and am running an extended test currently, on my one single 1TB drive. Estimated to take 1.5hours to complete, will reply when done.
  12. That one? Yes, only in Path of Exile it crashes, most of the time suddenly. And while having the game open for now, i hear no unfamiliar sounds.
  13. About a year. bought it pre-built from a company in my country. Would have listed the specs for it here, but they updated their gear and that list is now gone.
  14. Hello, My name is Kristian, I'm from Latvia and currently have a pc mainly to play Rust or Path of Exile. I've come across a weird issue recently where while playing path of exile, my game simply crashes on itself, and I doubt it because of my systems specs (Will list below). And a few minutes before writing this post, my computer froze completely, for the 2nd time, but this time my headset was spewing sound repeats as if 1 note was played really quickly on repeat, and also changing the pitch, till shortly ~10 seconds later, it stopped and the red light on the pc stopped blinking. I'm assuming