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  1. We recently bought a "Nest Hello" doorbell to go along with our two google home minis, Nest thermostat, a few smartplugs and most importantly our Lenovo google home 10 inch display. In theory we should be able to stream the feed from the camera on the doorbell to the Lenovo display but whenever we try google assitant says "Nest is unavailable right now". We can see the feed through the home app and the nest app just fine however. I tried unlinking the thermostat and re-linking it and that didnt work. Im just at a dead end and cant figure this out.
  2. I can permanently download them. It's a bit of a hastle though because VUDU doesn't like to make the files easily accessible. They'd rather you use the "download " tab in their app of course.
  3. You can download with VUDU. And I don't think it's WIFI though I connected his Blu Ray player to the Acees point via Ethernet and that's helped so far I'm just waiting to see if it holds up
  4. My dad is a big movie collector. Currently he uses VUDU to have access to all of his roughly 1700 movies. Lately though he's had a lot of buffering issues. We have 150 Up/Down with Google WiFi that gets great coverage through the house on our phones and laptops so I don't think it's that. Would a NAS have these same issues or would it likely get rid of it entirely? Also, I'm entertaining the idea of building it within a normal PC case as he wants a cheap computer just to email and print and burn discs and stuff like that. Would it even be worth the price to go this way or should he just stick
  5. So, my father is fairly capable with technology. However when it comes to Internet and WiFi he just wants a simple and easy way to get our 150 up/down everywhere in the house. I told him Google WiFi would probably work. 3 of them separated somewhat equal distances. He is just skeptical that it sounds too good to be true and he'd get mad if I told him to but it and it doesn't work the way he wants. I also told him we should get Google home and he likes that too but isnt convinced. I would like somebody with these products the explain their experience with them in regards to my father's concerns
  6. I'm looking for a good wireless surround sound system for my home theater. Budget around $1000 US but cheaper is better so long as it's not losing much quality. Suggestions?
  7. That's what I've always thought but my school district has no idea what they are doing
  8. At my school we use Alienware X51 computers in the Coding classes. I am a assistant to the teacher and we've tried to fix the computers that are blue screening by removing the AMD gpu and using the integrated graphics but it did it again. So we are kinda at a loss. I could just re build the whole thing but I don't think that will work. I was gonna go in the bios to figure it out bit ran out of time. Anybody got anything?
  9. Yeah I did. It worked. Should have read that pinned threads first.
  10. My home and recent apps buttons are really small and stacked on top of each other. My back button is missing all together.
  11. Ok hows this https://pcpartpicker.com/user/megjake/saved/#view=2VMbvK
  12. I did't even realize I got the 4 gb one. Glad you caught that.
  13. I'm building a computer for someone for Christmas. I have most of it planned out I just want some suggestions/opinions and I also need a air CPU cooler that isn't the 212 Evo Here's the PcPartPicker: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/megjake/saved/#view=CyjZLk