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Everything posted by JustCallMeVlad

  1. You'll NEVER get Haswell e to run st that speed unless you overvolt the memory controller. 3300 is for Skylake. Crap most Haswell e chips have problems over 2666
  2. What resolution do you game at? The whole 3.5gb issue is all smoke
  3. Semantics. Tonga is pretty much an optimized version of Tahiti
  4. Thought it was going to be out already. Want one to play with. Hoping Asus has the balls to release a matrix version
  5. Unofficial but damn were those cards monsters. 760 Hawk SLI 2 X GTX 760 Hawk's 1407/2004 Single 760 Hawk GTX 760 Hawk 1482/2004
  6. The better the CPU the better SLI/XFIRE will perform
  7. Were still waiting for that proof
  8. No stuttering whatsoever. I had 3 way and it performed great.
  9. He's probably playing mordor with mods. That's the only game that eats vram like candy
  10. If you're buying a Ti you want a classified or lightning le
  11. One game with vram over 2.5gb means Jack shit. Turn down the MSAA
  12. When did the 980 become bad at 1440p?
  13. Never ordered the devils. Didn't have enough power. 980s is accurate, have 1 295X2 not 2
  14. Wasn't asking for me. Just posting for some of the uninformed