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    atrash got a reaction from IHFyrz2812 in Noctua Redux "Cost Optimized" Fans   
    There is a handy thread in the air cooling subforum explaining all the details about fans and airflow etc2. I'm on the phone now so I can't give you the link but you should go find out there.
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    atrash got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Experiences with non-techies   
    No.actually their real quote is 'Apple invented smartphones,and mp3'.. LOL
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    atrash got a reaction from Tmn in Bose QC35 vs Sennheiser PXC 550   
    I have the PXC 550 and have been using it for almost a month now. Linus forgot to highlight the brilliant Captune app for the PXC 550 where you can adjust how strong you want the ANC,turn the Voice prompt on and off or even change the spoken language,adjust the EQ (plenty other options under this),and even play your songs through its dedicated music player.
    Also since these headphones are usually paired with a phone, why is there no mic test? You're missing so many things that could make this review a bit more in depth. 
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    atrash reacted to Razor01 in AdoredTV responds to PC Perspective's response to Journalistic Ethics Accusations and The Right To Reply   
    Ya hit the nail on the head right there.  Wrote this in other thread
    But going to Adored, its not even worth it, outside of sh*t fling, his channel gives nothing that other reviewers already give.  His content is crap, its based on what others say. I don't know how old you are, but do you remember Heraldo Rivera?  If ya haven't seen his show from the early nineties, watch it, you would be surprised how you can parallelize what Adored is doing now, to that show, its amazing.  It was a tabloid talk show of the lowest degenerates, guess what adored is?
    But here is the thing Heroldo ( akin to adored) doing it for one thing, views and hits and adored is being vindicated by his paying followers and their reactions to what is going on.  They only care about that, that is not journalism, that is sensationalism, or yellow journalism, which is extremely frowned up in the journalistic circles.  This is why Adored is made fun of by these guys in the past when he pointed them out in the past.  This time he took it a step too far, he directly pointed, with false accusations at people.  Which by all accounts is slander if damages are done.  And if physical harm comes to Ryan or his family members because of what he stated, oh hell ya that too can be pursued.  Now that is very hard to prove in the US because the accused must prove the damages, but if someone gets physically hurt because of it, that is easy to prove, at least that portion.  In the EU its even easier to prove, and the accuser must prove what he states is real, and if the other party is already uncooperative, its going to be damn hard to prove, if someone gets hurt because of the accuser stated, lol that is a walk in the park.  These aren't criminal charges but civil, so anyone thinking that can't happen and believe its not Adored's responsibility, should take note, it can happen and its not very hard to do if there are any damages.  Again a mistake he has made, he assumed its not his responsibility, in reality it is very much so, because he is the one that opened this can of worms.  His followers are the ones doing the actions based on his information which was false.
    Now back to Adored, he can't make a tech video with mistakes in it.  Why?
    1)  He can't do his own true reviews (lack of money or sponsors or what not)
    2)  He doesn't have the technical knowledge to do such videos to begin with
    3)  He is one arrogant SOB
    How do I see these three for him to fix
    1) he can't yet, he needs to make content that is on his own merits to help him get to the point he can, it takes time.  And if he continues down the path he is now, which he has been doing for years, since he started his channel, so I don't see him changing until he really gets hurt by what he does, he will end up being a pariah, just like Charlie of Semiaccurate became.
    2) Keep asking questions to the guys have been doing it for years, he did that before when he wasn't doing videos, why did he stop now?
    3) Personality issues, he needs to step back and make himself a better person by saying out load, "I don't know more than my peers". and believing it
    Being arrogant is ok, if he knows his shit, which he clearly doesn't. And until his arrogance is subsided, he will not be in a position to learn.
    When was the last time you heard someone start of a conversation, " I know more than you, so I'm going to correct you?" or have that type of mentality?  Ya already hate the guy already.  That is the situation Adored is in now.  so he is already 50% of the way to being a pariah.
    I can add a lot more to this, but I'll wait on how the discussion evolves.
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    atrash reacted to captain_to_fire in Apple has iOS 12 and macOS on track to be all about substance   
    Someone send this wish list to Craig Federighi and Jonathan Ive.
    Give iPhone/iPad users an option to group notifications in a per app basis that can be dismissed with a swipe and expanded/contracted with a pinch (something Android simply does better) Give us the option to use multiple timers Move camera settings to the camera app like adding a grid or changing resolution instead of going to the settings  Manual camera controls  Built in calculator for the iPad  Less clunky and more refined control center I think the upcoming S9/S9+ is worth checking out this upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
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    atrash reacted to Razor01 in PC Perspective accused of violating journalistic ethics *Update 2 with PCPer reply*   
    Adoredtv, the guy, Jim, who makes these crack pot videos, is a Ahole of the highest order.  He doesn't know how to talk to people.  He is not capable of doing anything technical by himself.  This is why he has to put others down to bring himself up. 
    All of his videos since he started doing tech hardware videos, bogus "reviews", have glaring amounts of errors.  He doesn't know how fabs work, he doesn't know anything about node sizes and EE, yet in many of his videos, he talks as if he does and he simplifies the work being done for his viewers to such a sophomoric level that its completely wrong.  Lets not even get into GPU technology and CPU tech and companies or future released products, those things are so off the radar for him its not funny.
    Anyone that supports his stances in his videos, and I mean all of them, any part of them, is in the same boat as he is.
    Adored doesn't have any journalistic integrity.  The proper way to do this type of reporting, is after doing a rough draft of the video or script, he goes and talks to PCper before making the final revision, the final revision should have the comments PCper responded to him, if PCper didn't respond to him in a timely manner, then the video he should state that PCper had no comment at the time of releasing the video.  We have seen this done by countless journalists in any form of media.  "no comment" or "no response". 
    He has done this in numerous videos, talking about Guru3d, Anandtech and a few others (there was a huge thing about Hardware Unboxed on Jim last year which spilled over to numerous sites).  His general summation is the people writing those articles or doing videos don't know what they are doing or are biased
    The person that really doesn't know what he is talking about is himself, not the others.  When you have one person accusing the lot of independent reviewers, the problem is not with them, the problem is with that person.  This is common knowledge anyone going against this statement should be ashamed of themselves. 
    Point to one or two or three videos about Vega and saying the guy isn't biased out of his ass, should shoot themselves in the leg, just on principle, and see if they bleed out.  If Jim didn't realize that Polaris wasn't going to match up well against Pascal when they showed it, that is just stupidity beyond belief.   He had like 4 or 5 videos on these things, then he had those 2 master plan videos, this is crazy shit.  All of these videos, he talked down to other review sites that stated the contrary to what he stated too!
    Only just before Vega was released did Jim get on AMD's case about it.  Because he learned his lesson, not to hype products based on AMD's marketing.  Guess what, he is about to learn another big lesson, don't talk bad about his own peers, when he makes even worse mistakes than them.  The PCper thing wasn't even a mistake, it was an oversight.  He took something that could have been done off line and PCper could have even stated in their article, "it came to our attention by....."  he would have gotten credit for it, it would make him look a hell of a lot better too, than go down the accusatory road.  But no, Jim in his mind wants to be shown off like a white knight.  He can't have it both ways, once as A hole always an A hole. He doesn't want to have others to improve themselves, he wants everything for himself, to make himself look better than others all the while he is the pig in the pig pen playing in the mud.  If he rolls around enough everyone else outside gets mud on them too.
    Its a sad world when people can't acknowledge where the problem is coming from, not only can't they acknowledge, people are supporting him and giving him money to do it!  This is a major problem, people with like minds gravitate to each other.  Jim has no unbiased mind and his supporters are not much better.  Jim is not very educated with what he talks about, his supporters follow that boat too.
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    atrash reacted to LAwLz in PC Perspective accused of violating journalistic ethics *Update 2 with PCPer reply*   
    Wow, he is even more of a horrible monster then I first though.
    Fuck AdoredTV. What a disgusting piece
    It seems like communicating and speaking to other people is something he struggles with. Maybe he has autism?
    By the way, he has put up the video again despite Ryan fixing what Adored asked for.
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    atrash reacted to SC2Mitch in Twitter erupts after man steals menstrual pads from Amazon's new cashier-less store   
    you're quoting the daily mail, sort yourself out
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    atrash reacted to Yoinkerman in PC Perspective accused of violating journalistic ethics *Update 2 with PCPer reply*   
    Won't take a phone call because it's dinnertime but swears up and down pcper isn't being on the up and up?
    F*ck off adored you're not worth the dirt on my boot
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    atrash reacted to dizmo in Ubisoft adds Predatory Lootboxes to Rainbow Six Siege and increases base game price by 50%   
    Haha, well this is a new low. You've completely fucked up this news post.
    The Outbreak Packs are for an event, they're not long term. You get 4 free loot boxes for logging in during the event. People that buy the $60 version of the game get 10 for free. Loot boxes will contain no duplicates. They only contain cosmetic items, nothing that will affect how you play the game. The $15 base game is still available. So they haven't increased the price of the base game.
      Seriously kid, if you're going to report on things, at least do it accurately.
    As for my view, I don't see a problem with this. If someone really wants to get all of the in game items, they can pay for them. They're simply cosmetic, and have no effect on game play. One of my good friends loves Siege, and has many hours invested. He bought the starter pack, and unlocked items as he saw fit. You don't have to buy the more expensive versions if you don't want to, but the option is there. What's wrong with that? Not only that, but if you only paid $15 for the game, then you can easily afford to spend some money on loot boxes if you really want the cosmetic gear.
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    atrash reacted to Cyracus in Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets In On Predatory Loot Boxes   
    No they don't, but I'm entitled to my own opinion on subjects, and I don't care if they offer cosmetic crap for people to purchase, nor do I care how they set it up.
    Well, being a parent, I'm not gonna buy my kids some cosmetic BS in a game, if they want to throw their money away on it I'm fine with that, and I can track how much they spend and use it to teach them about managing money. Oh and Wildlands is a M+ esrb rating, so it's targeted at 17+ so really more targeting young adults. "But parents buy their little 12 & 13 year old kids these games, so they're targeted too" you say, sure, some parents buy their kids games with a higher esrb than their kid fits, it's called parental discretion, but you can't blame game devs for that, and I know some kids find other ways around that, but again that's outside the devs control
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    atrash reacted to Trixanity in EU Antitrust: Commission fines Qualcomm €997 million   
    Right. $20 trillion GDP and it relies on a few billion here and there to stay afloat.
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    atrash reacted to dizmo in What Manufacturers Think of Mining 6 Months Later (Spoiler: OEMs still hate miners)   
    What the hell is this? I disagree with the sentiment that they hate them. That's a strong word, and in no way is it accurate to what was said in the video. OEMs also never suggested purchasing locally at retail outlets. That was a Gamers Nexus suggestion.
    Overall, your articles tone isn't at all what the video conveyed.
    You're doing a great disservice to the news section by posting bullshit like this.
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    atrash reacted to Trik'Stari in Itunes screws up and releases new Thor movie already   
    You don't need a marketing department to have a successful company. Look at the guy who invented Sriracha. He refuses to have marketing people, or raising prices over time.
    He also refuses to sell the company to people who only care about profit, and he's making a lot of money. All he wants to do is sell hot sauce to people who want hot sauce and he focuses on that. He doesn't even go after people for using the name Sriracha or his logo, calling it free advertising and constantly turns down lawyers offers to go after said people.
    And it friggin works.
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    atrash reacted to captain cactus in OnePlus "secure" checkout isn't so secure as it seems   
    Please, make some OnePlus news when something about them is actually secure and not dodgy as fuck because then it's actually news.
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    atrash reacted to dizmo in Activision Blizzard adds 312 new skins to Overwatch to pay for e-Sports by milking customers using Micro-transactions   
    Disagree 100% with this post.
    Just because they charge money for something does not make it anti consumer. They're additions to the game, and they have no effect on gameplay. 
    I think this is a totally fair way to do micro transactions. The fact they added 312 skins is frankly insane. 
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    atrash reacted to dizmo in What to do with this phone?   
    That's why I suggested it It just uses satellites, not carrier signals. It's what I use when I travel to the US.
  18. Informative
    atrash reacted to Ansger in French government to crack down on fake news - or freedom of speech?   
    I didn't read Macron's proposal but i think you are mistaken in some aspects. 
    The proposal is, I think, not aimed at censorship but rather at organized spreading of harmful fake information that is aimed specifically at undermining the core principles upon which the country is built. (democracy, tolerance, solidarity,...). I don't think the proposal's goal is to censor information that is not spread by a malicious organization. It is rather a response to Russian meddling in some elections and stuff like that. 
    Also, I didn't study French law, but I know the basics of it, and I studied different areas in European law. I can tell you that the proposal, if it wants to adhere to European law, is not aimed at censorship. It won't want to control what is said on the internet or anything else. 
    You might be worried about the government to implement regulation that can be missused later down the line (which is the main risk with information controlling regulation) but French's division of power and the European supervision are all very capable of keeping the French government in check when it comes to limiting personal freedoms. Heck even the ECHR has a say in the matter when personal freedoms are being limited.
    The much bigger threat is not France manipulating its people with the use of censorship. The bigger threat is other organizations manipulating te French people with the use of fake information. Don't be naive and think that every check on free speech is bad. There is also no free speech when everything else is drowned out by organised spreading of propaganda and "fake news". 
    I think the proposal is aimed more at dealing with this than with censuring internet content. 
    Just my 2 cents.
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    atrash reacted to Misanthrope in Man dies in a "swatting" prank   
    I mean, life in prison wouldn't be unreasonable imo for the prankster but honestly not before the Cop: regardless of politics cops are trigger happy fucking maniacs in the US with 0 fucking accountability.
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    atrash reacted to Valentyn in Apple could be subject to criminal charges in France over phone slowdowns   
    Issue is, when the battery in a car is degraded the car doesn't start. Same happened with some iPhones, and the Nexus 6P and other phones. Battery issues and device simply shuts off.

    It's a weird choice; keep the phone working; albeit slower; or let it die. 
    If Apple added a setting to pick between the two; which would the average user choose, before deciding they need to replace the battery?
    Apple also did tell people, in iOS 10.2.1 update notes, and on the support articles, and support app all of which are free. There's even a warning in the Battery section of settings. Which was added with the update that introduced this curfuffle.
    Could they have added more? Yes, and they are; the issue is the average consumer doesn't know anything, and doesn't read update notes, or information anyway. So even after the update how many will actually look into their Battery Section, or free support?


  21. Informative
    atrash reacted to DrMacintosh in Apple apologizes over battery fisasco, will offer $29 battery replacements for 1 year   
    What do their opinions mean to me? Nothing. 
    And eveeything you posted doesnt relate to planned obsolescence, it just makes their devices harder to repair. 
    You clearly don’t understand the definition of arbitrary nor do you really understand what this topic actually is about. Go read Apples statement on this.
    They reason is nobody uses macOS Server. Apple is a indipendent company and has every right to close down all operations tomorrow if they wanted, regardless of how easy it would be to continue staying in business. 
    Macs ship with the OS that was out at the time on manufactur. The newer hardware was not designed to run older versions of macOS so it does not. 
    That’s just a lie  Apple even sells Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapters! Not sure where you get your information buddy, but you should double check it and then take it with a grain of salt. 
    Not doing that opens a company up a lot more legal trouble than its worth. Apple offers the legal warranty and can go guarantee the product will make it past that, any electronics company that guarantees their products will last outside of the warranty period is simply lying to you. 
    Its not like anyone can actually know when a device will fail, it just happens. 
    Luckily however anyone thinks of me on this forum is of 0 consequence to anything. 
  22. Funny
    atrash reacted to 79wjd in Apple apologizes over battery fisasco, will offer $29 battery replacements for 1 year   
    So it's Apple's attempt to manipulate users into buying a new phone.....and yet this doesn't affect any of the Plus models.
  23. Agree
    atrash reacted to Hunter259 in Apple apologizes over battery fisasco, will offer $29 battery replacements for 1 year   
    Hey! Don't be a sensible smart human being. You should be screaming like everyone else that Apple is being a bad bad boy.
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    atrash reacted to Godlygamer23 in Apple apologizes over battery fisasco, will offer $29 battery replacements for 1 year   
    Personally, I think it's simply Apple's way of making their devices last longer and be more reliable than other devices. I know there are people that don't want their phones slowing down over time(I mean, who does?), but it's a much better alternative compared to your phone shutting off entirely, particularly since we generally need our phones to be, well.....PHONES. If there's an emergency, having our phones shut off in the middle of an important phone call is terrible, and Apple's method is best for dealing with battery degradation. 
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    atrash reacted to Mr.Meerkat in Apple does slow down your iPhone.....but its not what you think....   
    I'm pretty sure the typical support from companies such as LG, Samsung and Sony is 2 years/OS cycles (and slowly increasing to 3 years/cycles). Obviously that's still less than the 4 or 5 years/OS cycles iPhones get supported for but ya know, 1 year/cycle is a little of an underestimation .
    Isn't Apple throttling their phones in an effort to both prevent iPhones from randomly shutting down and to preserve the damaged battery so it dies a little slower? If that's the actual case, how is it anti-consumer if they're trying to make the current battery last longer?