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  1. You can't. You have non-overclockable CPU on a non-overclockable motherboard.
  2. WereCat

    Haven't watched a movie in a pretty damn long t…

    Ah, haven't really watched anything lately except Mandalorian Maybe Upgrade?
  3. WereCat

    Haven't watched a movie in a pretty damn long t…

    crow https://www.baobabstudios.com/crow-the-legend
  4. CPU does not need drivers. CPU need the motherboard tonsupport it so if the board already ships with the BIOS version that supports your CPU, it's fine. After installing Windows you will install chipset drivers for your motherboard, not the CPU.
  5. I said it as a joke since most people stick magnets on their fridge doors.
  6. I don't see an issue with this. Just don't put that near your devices that keep you alive? Don't stand near the fridge doors as well then.
  7. voicemeeter https://vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/index.htm you can use it as a virtual mixer where you split your game audio, discord audio, music audio and mic into a separate channels. In OBS you then only select the game audio track and rest wont be recorded. I won't tell you exactly how to do it but just search for tutorials, there are plenty on YT.
  8. Ked su ostatne v pohode tak by som to nejak neriesil. Predpokladam ze to ukazuje hotspoty niektorych VRM co pri tychto teplotach je ok.
  9. What cooler? Ktory chladic pouzivas? VRM teploty pod 100°C su fajn, niektore VRM zvladnu bez problemov do 125°C.
  10. yeah, I remember that on my old HD 3870 with a whooping 512MB!!!
  11. I said used. Something like craigslist. I I'm from Slovakia and I've seen them go regularly for about that price, both 4GB and 8GB versions. (but in € instead of $) EDIT: I've seen them go for that kind of price last year after checking them out every few months or so... They definitely went up in price because of mining craze again... scratch that then, sorry for old info. Now the 570 4GB seems to start at €100 while in November I've seen multiple 580 8GB go for €80.
  12. No idea. Honestly, get an used RX470/480/570/580... they go for around $50 to $80 and are quite good for the price, especially as a placeholder card.
  13. Your temps are fine. AIO would do a bit better when mounted on top but not by much. It would likely lower your GPU temps more than CPU temps though. But I still don't see any issues with your temps.
  14. Yes, SATA can give you more than enough power for that. The exact max amount depends on your PSU. Normal case fans don't use much power anyway.
  15. If 10-keyless keyboard are better for your posture because they are more narrow so that you can have your right hand more to the left then why don't they make keyboards with NUM keys on the left side? I see absolutely no reason why that shouldn't be a thing. You still get NUM keys if you need them and you benefit from better posture as well.


    This way you also can use your left hand to use the NUM keys and I think it would be also more comfortable since it would be closer for your keyboard hand instead of using your right hand for the NUM keys.

  16. the only advantage from that is that if you reinstall your OS you can keep the games on your other drive and dont have to install them again if you move the disk to other PC or if your main SSD fails
  17. 5600X and use the NVENC encoder on your graphics card to stream/capture.
  18. Graphics card issue. It's likely dying or an extremely unstable OC. If you have not overclocked I recommend sending it for RMA if it's still under the warranty. If not, you can try underclocking it, especially the VRAM. May not work though.
    1. Levent


      It's funny in a way that it shows how good the origin dialogue is.