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    CTR640 reacted to JeremyHry in Scammed on eBay   
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    CTR640 reacted to RejZoR in Alienware no longer shipping high end gaming PCs to certain US States, citing new power consumption regulations   
    Meanwhile miners burning literal coal to make power just to spin absolutely useless numbers that make money, but you can't have a high end gaming PC because it's "consuming too much power". Logic.
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    CTR640 reacted to Moonzy in Alienware no longer shipping high end gaming PCs to certain US States, citing new power consumption regulations   
    yikes, i guess this is good news if it push nvidia, AMD and intel to be less stupid with power hungry chips like those that they've been pushing out recently
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    CTR640 reacted to CerealExperimentsLain in When will 1440p become the new 1080p?   
    What defines a 'Standard Resolution For PC Gaming'?  PC games support a wide range of resolutions.  You don't even really hit a wall these days unless looking at alternate aspect ratios rather than resolutions.

    That's the beauty of PC Games.  720p monitor?  1080p?  1440p?  2160p?  Your game does all of them!  Pick the one you want!
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    CTR640 reacted to JeremyHry in Scammed on eBay   
    I have a plan to get my money back, so the image came all crumpled so I can claim that it came damaged to hopefully get my money back.
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    CTR640 reacted to Middcore in Scammed on eBay   
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    CTR640 reacted to rice guru in Louis vuitton speaker   
    unfortunately a lot of designer clothing brands especially brands like louis Vuitton lacks any subtlety cause people gotta flex their drip and subtle drip for hype brands are pretty rare. So in this case sound quality will take a major hit for the sake of logos
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    CTR640 got a reaction from KyberKylo77 in Can't really tell the difference between my Hyperx Cloud alphas and DT 990 Pros   
    The E10K is a beginner and budget device. It's as good as the onboard audiochip on the mobo. I had it and when I made the upgrade to Fiio K5 Pro, the difference is huge.
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    CTR640 got a reaction from KyberKylo77 in Open back headphones with really wide soundstage recommendations under $250?   
    Probably the Fidelio X2HR.
    Other headphones to consider:
    DT880 and Tygr 300R.
    These are that I own so that's why the list. But the widest? X2HR.
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    CTR640 reacted to Tigerleon in Open back headphones with really wide soundstage recommendations under $250?   
    Definitely. They are very comfortable as well, has probably the best build quality I've felt on a headphone so far.
    I said this in your other post but, the G5 or G6 from Sound Blaster are both very good DAC/amps.
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    CTR640 got a reaction from Tigerleon in Open back headphones with really wide soundstage recommendations under $250?   
    Probably the Fidelio X2HR.
    Other headphones to consider:
    DT880 and Tygr 300R.
    These are that I own so that's why the list. But the widest? X2HR.
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    CTR640 got a reaction from Wellwin Joseph in which is best in oled, amoled and qled?   
    Shit like that is the exact reason why I never go to any physical stores anymore except to look how it looks. For informations I'd search the webz. Physical stores always try to scam you.
    Yes, there are. But they are extremely expensive and you'd better save a lot of money by either buying LG 48" CX or 48" C1 or wait for 42" LG OLED. It's what I'm doing now. But there is something you have to know: the OLED panels used in oled monitors are JOLED. They are printed oled panels.
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    CTR640 reacted to decolon in RTX 3060 now selling for below MSRP in china following expected and unsurprising crypto crash   
    1. Cypto mining uses a lot of power -  this is a fact. Crypto mining in China used more energy than the entire country of Brazil. Gaming doesn't even come close because gamers don't keep their rigs drawing 200+ Watts of power 24/7. I don't see how stating this objective fact is ignorance.
    2. Bitcoin is not a real currency. Currency in economics is defined as a medium that is a) a store of value and b) a medium of trade. Bitcoin accomplishes neither ( I cannot use bitcoin to pay bills or buy groceries at walmart, furthermore its price volatility means it can't store value bc $50 of bitcoin today could be worth $25 in a couple of hours). In this case, it literally does not meet the definition of what a currency is. Once again a factually correct statement.
    3. "Too Volatile" and "A Bubble" - once again its price fluctuates wildly - literally the definition of volatile. You also concede that this is true, yet still claim anyone who says this is "ignorant" or "bullocks"
    4. Crypto miners have affected the supply of cards. Granted this is not 100% the reason for the retail shortage but is an exacerbating factor (Nvidia and AMD have both sold a bunch of their already low supply directly to mining groups, limiting the number available at retail)
    All 4 statements that you claimed were "ignorant" and "bullocks" are factual statements. Don't attack people just because you can't accept the facts.
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    CTR640 reacted to The Unknown Voice in RTX 3060 now selling for below MSRP in china following expected and unsurprising crypto crash   
    I think Santa would disagree with you on that one.....
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    CTR640 reacted to Blademaster91 in GPU prices going back to MSRP   
    I agree, even if someone doesn't game or create art they can still enjoy someone streaming a game, or painting or drawing.
    I don't see how crypto benefits anyone except those involved with it, and don't see the fun in it beyond finding stable overclocks, past that its about as fun as watching paint dry.
    Buying up GPU's by the pallet load, running them 24/7 with vram OC's that wouldn't be stable in any other load, then dusting them off and selling them as new as crypto is crashing, I'd consider that abuse, or a more appropriate term, misuse.
    Its ironic this thread about GPUs returning to MSRP turned into a mining discussion, when mining has been a contribution to GPUs being significantly inflated and the prices of GPU's going way up with the RTX 20 series, but I know the response to rising GPU prices is going to be "just get more money or just mine on your GPU".
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    CTR640 reacted to SolarNova in Questions regarding LG C1   
    Service remote
    OLED Motion Pro , under the Tru Motion settings menu.
    It is NOT tru Motion itself, that is motion smoothing interpolation.
    BFI is the Motion Pro setting.
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    CTR640 reacted to Stahlmann in Is getting a 144hz IPS panel over a 144hz TN panel worth it?   
    That's okay no one needs shoes. Monitor is more important.
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    CTR640 reacted to Stahlmann in IPS vs VA panel type   
    How often do you look at the monitor from the side? Viewing angles only come into play if you have big displays or when you have multiple people looking at the screen off-angle. Don't give this downside too much thought.
    Depends what you want. Nowadays IPS is probably the fastest technology. That being said, there are VA panels like the Samsung G7/G9 that are faster than even the best IPS monitors. But Typically IPS monitors are faster and have a bit wider color gamuts, but this comes at the expense of poor contrast, which results in them not being able to display deep blacks.
    VA on the other hand is capable of much deeper blacks, thus resulting in typically better image quality than IPS. That's the main reason why most LCD TVs are VA, not IPS. But many VAs have inherently slow response times coming from full black to dark greys. This is known as "dark smearing".
    Personally i'd prefer a good VA over a good IPS because if the better contrast. And as i don't play any competitive games i don't need every ms of response time.
    VA's have them aswell. Going anywhere from 144Hz to 240Hz.
    Then you simply didn't have a high-quality VA panel yet. VA's higher contrast and (in higher end models) equal color reproduction will always result in the better overall image. There is a huge difference between a monitor with 1000:1 contrast and one with 2500:1 contrast when using one in a darker room.
    Also HDR cerification on most monitors is pretty useless. They simply can't deliver anywhere close to the contrast that you need for HDR. In fact not even VA panels can deliver HDR without local dimming. For HDR you'll want at least 50.000:1 contrast, for which FALD (full-array-local-dimming) is required.
    And please don't tell me a HDR400 or even a edge-lit local dimming HDR600 or HDR1000 monitor is HDR. It simply isn't.
    And even in HDR, VA panels have a lot less blooming (which is an "artifact" introduced by FALD) because of the higher native contrast. There is a reason why ANY high-end LCD TV uses a VA panel, not IPS. TV's are all about picture quality. And here VA is simply superior.
    I also have a comparison out of my own recent experience. I used a LG 27GN950 for a while now, which is a great 4K IPS monitor. Now i have a Asus PG35VQ, which is a great VA monitor. The LG one can't even come close the the VA's image quality even if you're not looking at HDR.
    TLDR: If you want the best allrounder, get a good IPS monitor. If you simply want the best picture and are ready to sacrafice a bit of responsiveness, then get a good VA monitor.
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    CTR640 got a reaction from Mel0nMan in Casablanca Commercial Court Receives Bribery Lawsuit Against Intel   
    Those scums never learn and they refuse to learn. Nothing suprising.
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    CTR640 reacted to Tigerleon in Thinking of buying the Odyssey G7.   
    I personally don't like IPS monitors for several reasons, IPS glow, bad contrast and not very immersive nor needed for any work that requires super accurate colors.
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    CTR640 reacted to Stahlmann in Looking for a 65" tv to use as pc monitor   
    I also noticed that with my C9. 1440p looks almost as good as native 4K, but on the 4K monitor i had (LG 27GN950) 1440p looked like hot garbage. But i was just thinking it's because TV's have better upscaling algorythms. I never thought this is an OLED thing.
    However i did read a lot about the reviews on the Nano TVs from LG and it seems they have pretty horrible local dimming across the board.
    That's the main reason why i'd not get one. But they're a lot more budget friendly than QLED TV's.
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    CTR640 reacted to jones177 in Looking for a 65" tv to use as pc monitor   
    I am using an LG 49" Nano 85 now as a monitor and there are larger versions like the 65NANO90UPA https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/1fae2681. 
    Look for 120hz, HDMI 2.2 and Freesync Premium. 
    I use it because Chrome burnt in after 4900 hours on my LG OLED. Now I just use the OLEDs for gaming and TV content.
    The NanoCells are better monitors than they are TVs. I got mine for $500 last black Friday and it is the best cheap monitor I have ever owned. 
    I mention Freesync Premium because I own 3 Freesync monitors and I don't like it with NVidia GPUs but Freesync Premium is as good as G-sync Compatible going by NVidia's pendulum test.
    As a TV they don't compare at all to the OLEDs but as a monitor they are very close. My only issue with it is the same with most modern 4k monitors and that is 1440p does not look great on them. On the OLEDs 1440p looks perfect. 
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    CTR640 got a reaction from Stahlmann in is VA contrast THAT much better than IPS?   
    Lol, look at all the replies pissing pn VA.
    I once had an IPS monitor and it's a awful piece of shit. And no, it was not a cheap one. It was Asus MX279H and the blacks is very much grey.
    Since then, I've never bothered with that type of panel.
    I value blacks so either VA or OLED. But the biggest issue with LED is: backlight bleedings. I have zero-tolerance for that shit.
    Fortunately my current VA monitor doesn't have that, also no smearing.
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    CTR640 reacted to Stahlmann in is VA contrast THAT much better than IPS?   
    Agreed, most people bash on VA but realistically most of them (if ever) used either old VAs or budget ones. Good VAs can be better than IPS.
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    CTR640 reacted to pythonmegapixel in What's exactly the difference between wireless and cable? should i bother getting wireless?   
    Nope... all of the AirPods look like a broken-off end of an electric toothbrush to me.
    I just don't find their appearance attractive at all.