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  1. I'm looking for a wide angle lense that would fit on a MFT mount. Not sure what's good and what's not. I basically just got a camera just to play around (G7). I don't want to have adapters. Nothing too crazy expensive so nothing over $150USD
  2. Is it just plug n play? Yeah trying to ditch the laptop because I'm going to be on the move a lot
  3. Hello, looking for something that could read a SD card and doesn't require a power brick. A portable HDD.
  4. Hey I was looking from upgrading from my g7 to a gh5. I mainly use the camera for video so the 4k60 would be really nice. I was wondering if it's recommended to get an external recorder or it's fine with sd cards. I'm trying to record at the highest settings on the gh5 w/ 4k. If I should get an external recorder, what should I get and how do they work (never used one).
  5. So I have a budget of a used 1060 6gb or new 1060 3gb. Which should I get for 144hz 1080p? Only really playing esports stuff like RL, OW, LoL, CSGO, etc.
  6. Does it run smoothly aka higher than 144hz on 1080p? I don't want frames to be lower than 144hz pref highest settings (I like my eye candy and I know most pros don't play on highest settings) Playing esports titles like csgo, overwatch, lol, etc. No real AAA titles.
  7. Not quite sure how this forum works anymore with formatting good looking posts.
  8. 15% off with code: LABORDAY17 Works on everything but refurbs. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/gaming-keyboards?utm_content=Magento&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=labor_day.jpg&utm_campaign=Labor Day Weekend Sale - Get 15% Off All Keyboards%2C Mice%2C Mouse Pads and Headsets
  9. Hey so if my motherboard bios isn't up to date and i install a new cpu (for example: a z170 board (not updated bios) with a 7700k) will the motherboard lights light up? I'm not sure what's happening rn. I bought a x99 deluxe because my x99 pro gaming i7 is on rma. The motherboard lights don't light up but I'm not sure if the bios is up to date or not. Or is my cpu bork? I don't have another cpu to test The build: 6800k msi gtx 1080 gaming z 4x8 3200mhz g skill trident z evga g1 750w and evga p2 850w. I think I smelled some smoke before with my asrock board, how do
  10. Nothing really would happen unless it's a bad psu. The number on your psu is the maximum watts it can go up to, won't always stay there.
  11. 100% legit no sarcarm there. But don't forget tax. Usually just save a few bucks. They have store cities you can find it on their website.
  12. Do I need a visa to visit Hong Kong and mainland China now? If I need a visa, is it just one (Chinese visa) that I need? Not sure since Trump got into office. I'm in the US.
  13. will I need to resolder them or something?
  14. I need me some LED Strips for a display case so it needs to be externally powered (not powered by a pc and works without it being plugged into a mobo). These strips must be detachable like the nzxt hue+ strips. One solid colour is fine preferably red, white or blue. RGB is fine too as long as I can set it to one colour. Can be adhesive, magnetic or both. Cost isn't an issue, just has to be available in the US. Thanks.
  15. I'm certain you bought stuff, do you know any laws about bringing certain items onto planes?
  16. I see (in animus) guys wear yukatas to festivals and such. Kimono to weddings and such
  17. So for festivals I would wear a kimono