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    Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
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    Zalman R1
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  1. I need to get a decent camera until next week and my budget is under 400$. The camera will be used for traveling and will be on like 6 hours a day, hooked up to an external battery if needed. Should be light and durable. I know about cameras as much as Google taught me in the past few days, so any comment would be appreciated. I have chosen this one: LINK (not exact one, my local shop has the FZ82 for 320$ price). As far as I looked quality comparisons on youtube, I liked this one the most, because of the zoom and sharp image. Although other options would be appreciated too, since it does real
  2. I ordered the cheapest sj cam with "4k support". I will test it, compare the quality with my phone, and post a video here. Then I'll probably return it. I have time for it, so should be a fun project.
  3. I wanna order that chinese camera now just to write a review myself and get a refund later . Anyway my phone has a similar camera to the iPhone 6s and I don't enjoy the quality of the video while watching it on a wide screen. I don't need a large professional camera, only a small one for traveling, but I'm not sure if it's worth spending money to buy a go pro
  4. Those auctions always ends with double price, so you can find it "buy now" for that price. Anyway, is that chinese camera really that bad? (not talking about interface or stuff like that, only sensor quality)
  5. We are going on a trip soon and I need a camera like the gopro. I want to spend as little as possible for it, so I'm considering something like this: I can't really find a legit quality example, since every review shows different. Maybe the old, used go pro for the same price would still beat it? Can you recommend something similar for me or I should look for a used branded camera like sony action cam? P.S. My phone has a 13mp camera with 4k @ 29fps support and my goal is a lot better quality than that.
  6. On my old cheap router I was able to torrent stuff at 12Mib/s while watching a youtube video in 720p. Now best I can do is to download at 500Kib/s while watching youtube at 420p. How's that a thing?
  7. Bought this router: RT-N14U Everything works perfectly except this thing: Then it's off - I can use internet for one thing at a time (For example if I'm downloading something, I can't browse web, because then wifi crashes) Then it's on - I can't set it up correctly: On "AUTO" wifi is slow in general; On custom settings (Torrents - highest priority; Web - med.; Other - low) Everything works stable, but too slow; Everything on high - everything crashes again... What should I do, to setup everything correctly? On my old router everything went fine after only a basic setu
  8. This isn't an advertisement or something, but if you are bored and wanna chat about tech or something similar, join our discord server: https://discord.gg/g3Zvucw
  9. Comments like these makes me laught, because I live in a country where you can torrent windows 7 ultimate, burn it into dvd's and sell them, while your BluRay movie collection is being downloaded. Nobody gives a flying fu*k.
  10. Can you send me a link to that discord server ?
  11. (I'm sorry if this picture fills half of the thread) Recently I switched classes and now I'm pretending that I have no idea how those big cpu boxes work.
  12. Somebody just wrote here that samsung isn't the only android phone brand, can you believe this idio...