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  1. Agree
    fuzz0r reacted to Tegneren in PC won't recognize RAM > 32GB   
    I cant find that RAM set on the QVL for your motherboard, so it might be that that specific set is not working for that motherboard.
    The QVL however does not mean only the listed sets work, only that those specific sets are proven to work properly.
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    fuzz0r reacted to Tegneren in PC won't recognize RAM > 32GB   
    I think your'e looking at the wrong specs
    from this page: https://www.asus.com/Commercial-Servers-Workstations/WS-Z390-PRO/specifications/

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    fuzz0r reacted to nbrowser in My brand new pc not showing any display even for the first time!!!   
    Do you have a graphics card?
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from DaneschM in No Display   
    What does the manual say about 5-6 beeps?
    It could easily be RAM, but to make sure I'd check the manual again. 🙂
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    fuzz0r reacted to bmx6454 in Bios reset and no signal   
    i can't tell from the title if you did or not yet, but if not, try clearing the cmos.
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    fuzz0r reacted to Slottr in What do you think?   
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    fuzz0r reacted to whm1974 in I need a better graphics card to run blender   
    Good Luck... Very few vendors have any dGPUs in stock. If they do their pricing is way over what it would normally be.
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from FallCheetah7373 in Should I keep deep sleep enabled in my hp bios? It greys out hyperthread so I don't know if it disables it or what?   
    Probably not a lot in Minecraft.
    It could, however,  change some multitasking effeiciency.
    If you've got hibernation turned off in windows, I see no reason to have it turned on in BIOS.
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    fuzz0r reacted to waterjug in light linux distro to replace windows   
    In the past I've used lubuntu, most similar to ubuntu, probably the closest linux distro to windows.
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from Mike. in Offline / Online a disk in Disk management W10   
    Where are you clicking?

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    fuzz0r got a reaction from Canada Man in Is having dead pixels from a new monitor considered acceptable?   
    I. personally, wouldn't accept a single dead pixel on a new monitor.
  12. Agree
    fuzz0r reacted to DoctorNick in Anne pro 2   
    From google I can only find DZ60 PCB. But looking at the keyboard it looks pretty generic. Idk alot about custom keyboards, but I would imagine all 60% mechanical PCB's would work
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from DoctorNick in Anne pro 2   
    Of course?
    But everything has to align, USB plug and dimensions have to be perfect for it to work.
  14. Agree
    fuzz0r reacted to FakeKGB in Can't install windows   
    It is 64-bit, but your motherboard doesn't have Windows 10 drivers.
    What you could do is install Windows 8.1 64-bit to use all of your 8GB of RAM, since 32-bit OS's will limit you to 3.5GB of RAM.
  15. Agree
    fuzz0r got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Uninstalling GPU to run internal intel iGPU   
    I don't actually know if you need to reset CMOS to make it work.
    But yeah the procedure you described should work.
  16. Agree
    fuzz0r got a reaction from SorryClaire in My clock speeds have dropped to 300 mhz while playing a game help!!   
    The first thing I'd do would probably be DDU the old drivers, and install the freshest ones from nvidia website.
    IF that doesn't help, and you still have artifacting + it won't go above 300mhz you've probably got a card that's dying.
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    fuzz0r reacted to The_Vaccine in Help please   
    its a scam message
    do not click it. block the number and forget about it
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    fuzz0r reacted to GameTec_live in Problems after debloating Win10   
    Backup and fresh install windiows?
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from Ligonsker in 5 month old iPhone 11 Pro Max health at 93%   
    It kind of depends on how it's used and charged. Possibly?
    I kind of doubt it though. I don't think it should be quite that fast.
  20. Funny
    fuzz0r got a reaction from PCTechBoi in full desk mousepad cleaning?   
    I usually use a wet cloth to clean mine.
  21. Agree
    fuzz0r reacted to Radium_Angel in why don't you make a printer review   
    In my professional experience, there's no point.
    Printers come in two flavours:
    Cheap and junky
    Enterprise-level and crazy expensive.
    It really doesn't matter what you buy if you are dropping less than 500$ for a printer.
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from rickeo in Windows doesnt update   
    What have you tried?
    That would help us help you.
    For example the first hit on google shows this: CLICKY.
  23. Agree
    fuzz0r got a reaction from kirashi in Mozilla issue   
    Is your time and date set correctly?
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from V3noe in Drives question   
    Unless you format  it or delete stuff from there. Yes it will still be where you placed it.
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    fuzz0r got a reaction from MarvintheParrot in HIGH CPU TEMPS   
    I don't honestly know, maybe?
    I would try to measure with Ryzen Master just to check that they are correct.