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  1. Sounds good ^^, thanks
  2. Ah, do you know what it is though?
  3. All this discussion about Samsung touchwiz. Could anyone explain what it actually is?
  4. Wow, thanks a lot for that in-depth commentary. I guess I will go with the S7 edge then .
  5. Thanks for the advice, I will try out the S7 Edge and vanilla S7 in a retail store to see which one is most comfortable for me.
  6. iPhone can be nice for people who just want a phone that does all the basic things that they expect. I see it like this: iPhone is one trick pony and android is more like a jack of all trades
  7. Do you actively use the 'edge' on the S7 Edge? To me it seems rather arbitrary.
  8. I like the Oneplus three for its big screen and the price is certainly nice, but I live in Hong Kong where it is quite humid, and am worried that it will degrade the Oneplus's performance.
  9. Hi! I currently have a very crappy no-name android smart phone, that does not function well (e.g. touchscreen will try to guess what I want by doing things before I press it). Thus I am looking for a new phone, luckily for me I have +/- an unlimited budget. The only real things I care about are: speed, aesthetics, good screen. The phones that I currently have been looking at are the Samsung galaxy s7 and the oneplus three. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, AIO
  10. AIO

    Looking for a Name

    Thanks a lot for the quick reply
  11. Hello, I unfortunate forgot the name of a tech-you tube, who I'm pretty sure does podcasts, he is American, does interviews, has black hair, sits a desk when talking facing the camera with books on the desk. I am sorry for the vague description but this is all my memory could muster. If anyone has the slightest idea of who I am talking about please reply and thanks in advance
  12. AIO

    Please help

    Hi there! I am a student and have a school project with programming, and there is a little thing that is really bothering me, and have no idea how to solve. I have made a forum (using google) which collects reusults and based on said results sends a special email. To do this I used the script editor of excel, which seems to be a rip off of html and java. My problem is rather simple, the opening '{' does want to close with the ending '}'. I have checked, and have no open '{}'. It is willing to close till this paragrpah: message = message + "<br/><br/> Regards
  13. Hi! I am planning on making a upgrade on my friends rig, and was wondering to what extent a i5-3350p would bottleneck a 970? Thanks in advance ^^