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  1. Did I measure incorrectly. I'm a XL in glove size I have big hands
  2. 13.97 cm middle finger to palm. 10.16 cm pinky to thumb.
  3. From middle finger tip to middle of Palm 5 1/2 inches. Pinky to thumb 4 inches. I'm more of a palm person with arm moving instead of wrist aiming.
  4. Currently just floating around with, Escape from Tarkov, Squad, DCS World, League of Legends, other sim related games. So mix of FPS,Moba,Sims. If everyone here has had good luck recently with Logitech I will take a look then. I really just like Mechanical keyboards and a good weighted mouse.. Plus I'd rather stick to one brand because I'd rather not have 500 different software's installed for each peripheral.
  5. Sorry didn't see your reply first, I'm looking for a new mouse and keyboard!
  6. If you have a list of products you recommend I'd more then appreciate it. I'd just not like to have 4 different softwares for my peripherals is all.
  7. Long story short, since 2011 I've only used razer products.. But after Terrible support and products, I've decided I need a change... I was looking into Corsair specifically, can anyone provide me with their experiences with corsair? Or maybe give other suggestions? I really appreciate it! Edit: I'm looking for a Mouse and keyboard specifically.
  8. I mean, you kind of answered this yourself. 1440P is the way to go. imo. Isn't there 1440p 120hz?
  9. To be fair, I may be bias.. But I've been enjoying the Feenix Nascita.. For a major reason because I have large hands, It just fits perfectly for me.. http://www.feenixcollection.com/nascita.html
  10. I mean I don't why not. Some of them in fact get past the polls.. If I remember correct there was the 1080 on sale there.
  11. Well guys im in a bit of a pickle. Im stuck on windows resume loader. And I dont have a keyboard because mine broke about a hour ago. Is there anyway to bypass this? I just took my cmos battery out for a minute. And that didnt work. Any suggestions?
  12. Just the ending.. I tried watching it again. I just thought that it was too short. Any idea on a season 2?
  13. That saying Fate/Stay confused the crap out of me.. :unsure:
  14. This is awesome.. I remember my s4.. So MUCH crap